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It is a simple, versatile and highly intuitive screen recording tool to help you convert screen to GIF or other video formats online for free.

Record Audio and Video Simultaneously

The tool allows you to record both video and audio at the same time. This is possible because the tool allows the audio input to be changed according to the preference of the user. Also, aside from being able to record system sound, you can also use an external microphone and add it to the video recording. The built-in microphone of a webcam can also be used to capture what the webcam sees simultaneously. Also, people can export screencast from their PC to add to the recording and later on save on their desired format like GIF and MP4.

record video along with audio

Record Entire Screen Or Only a Part

The tool offers various recording modes, and among them are the Full Screen and Region modes. The first covers the entire screen area, and is best suited for making instructional materials. The latter is best suited for recording screencast and then saving them on different formats. The screencast can also be saved as GIF files to upload on different social networking sites.

select the recording area

Make Real-Time Annotations

To add more spice to your videos, the tool is equipped with a built-in video editor. This way, the user can make real-time enhancements during the recording like adding lines, texts, arrows, circles, highlights, etc. to the GIF video.

Unlimited Recording

GIFs are usually two to three seconds short videos, that plays in a loop. This is another great thing about the tool, because there is no limit to the time that you can record. That is why it is a great way to get long videos like screencasts and save them as GIF in high-quality.


Play the Screencast Anywhere

The tool can produce high-quality video recordings in GIF and also MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. These are major video formats that are supported by majority of handheld devices which makes the videos recorded with the tool portable. Watch the videos anywhere you go by transferring them on your tablet, or smartphone. This is just one of the many advantages of recording screencast and then saving them as GIF.

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Record Anything From Your Computer to Animated GIF

Educational Use
Educational Use
Record instructional videos and even game walkthroughs and then add annotations to make it more comprehensive from any desktop and automatically save them in GIF format.
Entertainment Use
Entertainment Use
Record movies, series and even live-streaming events and then add real-time annotations. You can even create a gameplay video that can be uploaded into YouTube.
Business Use
Business Use
Create video tutorials for different products and software. You can also record online meetings, conference and webinars to watch at a later date and time to get more information.

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  • select region to record
  • annotate the recording
  • save recording as GIF

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    Technology Officer
    Las Vegas, USA

    Simple Screen Recording

    It has helped me do so much more than just simple screen recordings! I am now able to make excellent video tutorials for my classes, and it takes me less time than before with even more features.

    Montreal, Canada

    Simple and Productive

    Recording my screen is no more a hassle - it is a simple and highly productive part of my work. I just need to run the software and it automatically does the rest and gives me the best quality video.

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