How to Record a WebEx Meeting with High Quality

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How to Record a WebEx Meeting with High Quality

Wondering how to record WebEx meeting? AceThinekr Screen Grabber Pro, one of the best WebEx video recorders, now makes it easy to capture online meetings and conferences from WebEx. You can also use the recommended free online recorder and WebEx built-in recorder to get the recording work done.

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WebEx is a popular online platform that allows companies and individuals to run professional meetings and conferences. This convenient communication method results in smoother negotiations and more transparency of project processes, which help to lead more success and profit for business runners. Sometimes it’s necessary to record WebEx meeting to keep a record of everything each party says and what decisions are made so there can be no questions in the future. This is especially true if multiple meetings are being held at once. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to record a WebEx meeting as WebEx itself offers a built-in WebEx recorder already. But due to its limitations, people are still looking for better ways to save WebEx sessions. Don’t worry! Here are the top solutions that makes WebEx recording as easy an A-B-C.

Record WebEx Using the Built-in Recorder

webex built-in recorder

If you don’t want to use a third-party application, you can just make recordings from WebEx with the built-in recorder. You can simply follow these steps to capture WebEx sessions with it:

  • 1. On the Meeting window, press the Recorder icon to begin.
  • 2. A user interface will then pop up. You can then click the Record button and the program will start capturing everything that goes on in the meeting.
  • 3. The various control panel buttons can make changes to the video and audio recording process while it is under way.
  • 4. After the WebEx meeting has been recorded, the file will automatically save to your hard drive.

However, the built-in WebEx recorder falls short of perfection with a few basic traits. It is possible to tweak the recording process and output file but this takes time and expertise that you may not have. If the program is not using default settings, problems can arise that might delay the recording of important meetings. It is not very professional to pause in the middle of a video conference to adjust settings. If you want to easily record WebEx video with flexible settings, you will need to turn to other solutions.

Record WebEx Meeting with Free Online Screen Recorder

Free Online Screen Recorder is a great free and easy-to-use web-based option for WebEx meeting recording. Different recording modes like Full Screen and Region are provided to suit your capturing needs. You can even record your webcam. Before recording WebEx, you can select to customize the recording settings so as to get a better overall effect. While the recording is going on, you can add texts, blocks of content and various small graphics like arrows or lines to clarify the video content for viewers. Last but not least, different output formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. are available, which means that you can play and share the screencast almost anywhere you prefer. You can follow the steps below to use it.

Step1 Launch free screen recorder app

Visit its homepage and click Start and then the recording interface will show up. (If it’s the first time you use it, you will need to install a launcher.)

online screen recorder start

Step2 Set the recording preferences

You can then select the recording settings like keyboard shortcuts and output video format. At the same time, choose the sound source and pick to record full screen or region. For WebEx recording, here Region is recommended. So if you want to record WebEx with audio, don’t miss this free app.

choose audio input

Step3 Start the Webex meeting and record it

When the WebEx meeting begins, click REC to begin the WebEx meeting capturing. When you want to stop the recording, simply press Pause > green tick > to save it as a video file.

Capture WebEx Session with Screen Grabber Pro

sgb cover

Screen Recorder offers much more features when you need to record a WebEx meeting. With it, you can record WebEx along with audio from computer system, microphone or both simultaneously. You can choose to record the full screen, just capture a particular part, capture from your webcam or even record around the mouse cursor. Real-time editing features are also provided, letting you annotate your recording by adding lines, texts, highlights, etc. Moreover, you can save the recording to a number of formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 and more. After the recording, you can upload it to YouTube and FTP immediately through the built-in uploader. Though it’s powerful and versatile, it comes with an user-friendly interface so you can record meeting from WebEx with ease.

Step1 Set up Screen Grabber Pro

Get a suitable version of the screen recorder and then follow the wizard to have it successfully installed. After that, launch the program.

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Step2 Configure the recording settings

You can then configure the settings like the output format, destination folder, audio input, recording method, etc. according to your needs.

sgp step 2

Step3 Start the Webex meeting recording

Lastly, you can start the WebEx meeting and click Start to start capture what you need. When you want to stop the capturing, click Stop and the program will start to process the recording.

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One great feature that is worth mentioning is the Task Scheduler: you can preset the recording with the start time and duration. In this way, you can record and save WebEx video on your computer even when you’re not in front of the computer. You can click Settings > Task Scheduler to create a recording task ahead. In the Task Scheduler window, enter the recording name, set the start time and duration according to your needs and select a recording mode. When all the settings are done, click Create and then OK to save the task.

sgp step 3

This is especially useful when you have a scheduled meeting. You can then just turn off interruptions like email, chat, etc. and wait for the program to automatically. Why not get this WebEx meeting recorder right now and start making WebEx recordings with no hassles?


Among the 3 WebEx record meeting tools, Screen Grabber Pro is the most valuable one as it offers almost all the features you need for a great WebEx session recording and provides a handy way for all kinds of capturing. For the WebEx built-in recorder, as it only works for WebEx and the settings are relatively hard to recognize, it’s not strongly recommended. If you often record online meetings, the desktop screen recorder won’t let you down. If you just occasionally record video, you can just use the free online one.

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