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WebEx allows companies and individuals to run professional meetings from a convenient online platform. This allows for smoother negotiations and more transparency of project processes which lead to more success and profit. Recording a WebEx meeting needs to be done to keep a record of everything each party says and what decisions are made so there can be no questions in the future. This is especially true if multiple meetings are being held at once. Businesses and professional individuals who organize and conduct meetings with customers, clients or partners need a simple and budget-friendly way to record and save them. A lot of trial and error frequently goes into determining which program or system works best when it comes to creating high-quality recordings of WebEx meetings.

The WebEx Built-In Recording System for Basic Needs

webex built-in recorder
2 - 4 mins
WebEx Only

Companies who do not wish to use a third-party application could make do with the WebEx built in recorder for capturing and saving meetings. Simply follow these steps to use it:

1. On the Meeting window, press the Recorder icon to begin.

2. A user interface will pop up. Click the Record button and the program will start capturing everything that goes on in the meeting.

3. The various control panel buttons can make changes to the video and audio recording process while it is under way.

4. After the WebEx meeting has been recorded, the file will automatically save to your hard drive.

Although the built-in system is simple to use, it falls short of perfection with a few basic traits. It is possible to tweak the recording process and output file but this takes time and expertise that you may not have. If the program is not using default settings, problems can arise that might delay the recording of important meetings. It is not very professional to pause in the middle of a video conference to adjust settings.

Screen Capture Pro Records WebEx Meetings Conveniently

2-4 Mins

Screen Capture Pro application offers a desktop version, it has a high degree of convenience when it comes to recording anything that happens on your computer screen including WebEx meetings. Besides the ease and speed of use, this recording program has many other features and functions that can greatly benefit businesses and professional people no matter what their industry or interest. You may take a free trial from below and also read through the key features after the jump.

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1. Screen Capture Pro records video and audio at the same time. This is especially useful for social and professional meetings, tutorial videos and demonstrations of new design or development products.


2. This single program lets you record, edit, convert and share any audio or video files with the best quality. Complete integration and synchronization with most popular Webcams are included standard in the program. It allows you to meld two different video feeds, such as a screen capture and a Webcam shot of you explaining what is on the screen.


3. Simple yet powerful screenshot capture capabilities help you save still shots whenever necessary.All videos can be edited in real time during the recording process or after by adding text, blocks of content and various small graphics like arrows or lines to clarify the video content for viewers.

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4. Other editing options include trimming, cropping, adding watermarks and title pages or captions and adjusting the color contrast and volume of the audio. Also, the video and audio files can be converted to many different types of formats depending on your personal or professional needs.

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