How to Easily Record Lync Meeting

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How to Easily Record Lync Meeting

Lync is a popular video conferencing program, especially for business communications. In case you need to record meeting Lync, we have talked about different ways to capture Lync meeting for references or viewing in the future: the built-in recorder and the more professional Screen Recorder Pro. You can try and follow the detailed steps below.

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Lync is a popular application for professionals to hold meetings for employees, customers, clients, business associates, etc. It is also an excellent platform for individuals to make video calls and send instant messages. Compared with Skype, Lync offers a more corporate and polished option for video communication. If you’re a business runner, sometimes you may need to record Lync meeting to remember the important points or to show people who missed the meeting for some reason. Don’t worry as you’re not alone! Many people are looking for the Microsoft Lync meeting recording solutions. What’s the best way to record a Lync meeting? Now you can have a look at the following workable methods.

Review of Apps

Desktop Software to Capture Lync Meetings on Mac/Windows

Screen Grabber Pro is a professional program that lets you record anything displayed on your computer screen with audio simultaneously. It features the ability to record videos in flexible ways like Full Screen, Region, and Webcam. Besides, it enables you to add texts, lines, highlights, etc. while the recording is going on to annotate and enhance the recording instantly. Moreover, this Lync screen recorder offers a built-in converter that allows you to convert the recorded videos to various video/audio formats for playing anywhere. This software is also available for both Windows and Mac devices. You can now get the program and follow the user-friendly interface to get all the recording work done within a few clicks!

Step1 Download and Install the App

Click any of the “Download” buttons below according to your operating systems. Install and run the program on your device and choose the audio input mode from None, System Sound, Microphone, or Both System sound and microphone. Then select the desired recording mode from Region, Full Screen, or Web Camera.

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Step2 Begin the Lync Meeting and Start the Recording

Now you can launch Lync to begin your meeting and click the Record button to start the Lync meeting recording on Mac. During the recording, you can use the built-in tools to annotate your screen in real-time.

annotate when recording mac screen

Step3 Save Your Lync Meeting

If you want to finalize the recording, click the Stop button, and the recorded video will be shown in the file list on the main interface. That’s it! The Lync meeting recording is done! Generally, the video is saved in the MOV format. If needed, you can choose the video files and click the Convert button from the menu to convert them into AVI, MP4, MOV, etc as you want.

task list of screen grabber pro mac

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Lync Built-in Recorder

First, let us review the built-in recorder for Lync that can capture the entire conversation, instant messaging, app sharing, and others. Besides, users can save the Lync recording in WMV format and is available to share for others. Additionally, it also allows users to select the type of content they want to include in the record. Moreover, it lets the users even to pause or stop the recording whenever they want. However, the drawback of using the built-in recorder for Lync is that it is not enabled by default. Also, it lacks other essential functions, like adding texts or annotations to make the recording better. Below, let us explore the steps on how to capture the Lync meeting using its built-in recorder.

User Guide

  • First, visit this link to download Lync into your device. Follow and run the installation wizard after downloading.
  • Once done, launch the software into your device. Sign in using your account once installed.
  • Start the meeting by inviting any participant you wish to join. Once the conversation begins, click the “More options” button then select “Start Recording”.
  • Once the recording starts, a toolbar will show below so users can either pause, resume, stop the recording.
  • To save it, click the “Stop Recording” button then rename the file as you want.

record meeting

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

If you don’t want to install a program for Lync recording, you can give Free Online Screen Recorder a try. It’s a free web-based screen capture that allows you to record all the activities that happen on your computer screen along with audio in high quality. This well-liked program enables you to record in many different modes and formats so you can create precisely the project you want. You can choose full or partial screen areas, record a certain distance around your mouse and grab video from the webcam as well. It also lets you take still screenshots and add text and graphical annotations while the recording is going on. You can follow the simple steps below to use this free screen recorder to record a Lync meeting.

Step1 Activate the Free Screen Recorder

To begin, visit the official website of the tool. Then, click the “Start Recording” button below to launch the Free Screen Recorder tool. Wait for few minutes until it is appropriately analyzed then the tool will open in your screen automatically.

access tool

Step2 Confirm the Recording Settings

After the recorder shows up, you can make the recording settings before you start. Click the gear-like icon to set the video format, output directory, keyboard shortcuts, etc. At the same time, click the audio icon to choose the audio input source.

record meeting lync

Step3 Start Your Lync Meeting and Record It

When all the settings are done, open Lync, and start your meeting. You can then customize the recording area and click the red REC button to begin recording the Lync session from your computer screen. Once done, click the “Stop” button to save the recording. After that, preview the recorded Lync meeting and save it to the desired directory for viewing later.

record lync meeting


Above are 3 effective methods for recording Lync conversations and meetings. You can choose the one you prefer to capture your Lync meeting for viewing later. Microsoft itself offers an easy way to capture Lync meetings. However, the functions are quite limited. If you don’t need extra features besides simple recording, you can use the default options. However, if you need more advanced options for recording like the recording area, input sources, real-time editing, etc., you can turn to the other 2 ones. Generally, the desktop recorder is recommended as it works more stable.

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