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Ways to Record Live Meeting

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Ways to Record Live Meeting

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Gone are the days when officials from all over the country (in some cases, from other countries as well) had to travel to a single location for a meeting. Now, it is possible to have meetings with your partners and employees from all over the globe without any of them having to travel to a special location. This is the power of live meetings-, one of the many boons of the internet.

An online meeting, or webinar, as it is known on the internet, is a cost-effective and convenient way of holding a meeting, having a seminar or just for interacting with various people without any limitations of the geographical location. With this advancement, you get a number of other helpful add-ons to your live meetings. One of them is the ability to record the entire meeting- every second of it with all the participants and audience. Let us go ahead and see some of the best ways to record meetings online.

Microsoft Built-In Screen Recorder


One of the easiest and hassle-free ways that you can use for recording webinar is the Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business). It comes with a recorder that gives you a range of other features, including recording all activities that go on in it, in the form of an HFP or High Fidelity Presentation file. You can also record a panoramic video, which would record the webcam of all the attendees.

Once the meeting is initiated, you should check the video pane as well as the audio options to ensure that everything is working as desired. Then, click on “More Options” and then “Start Recording”. This will activate the recording toolbar. Once the configuration is complete, use the options provided by toolbar at the bottom of meeting, you’re able to access “Pause”, “Resume” and “Stop”. Clicking “Stop Recording” will save the file once the meeting concludes. This recording tool is limited to MS Lync and also goes way to simple. If you are looking for a more versatile and comprehensive tool for recording just any online meetings, then the next method may just be the right thing for you.


Screen Recorder Online App

free online screen recorder

It is a web screen recording utility, compatible with both Windows and Mac PCs, as opposed to the first method. It can be used to capture video as well as audio on Mac and Windows Computers, regardless of the tool that you are using or any other compatibility issues. It has a one-click recording option that lets you begin the process without any complications.

Unlike other tools, you do not have any size/time limits with the free online recorder, which is probably the best thing about it. It is completely free, with no hidden costs or charges. For making a complete recording, it supports recording via WebCam as well. You can record more than one video at the same time, which is extremely helpful while recording a webinar/live meeting.

To begin recording, first go to free online recorder page. You should visit the site and perform setup prior to the meeting. Once you are on the website, click on the tab that says “Start Recording” to view the options. Select the microphone and system sound in the audio input options. You can also change the other settings as per your requirements, including full screen recording or any particular portion of your screen.

launch recorder online

Once you have configured all the options, click the REC button when the meeting begins and it will do the rest for you. To highlight a part or add annotations, click on the edit bar to do what you need. When you’re done with the meeting, click Stop to end and save the recording to your hard disk.

There is a desktop version of this free online screen recorder – Screen Grabber Pro. Apart from all the features provided by the online version, the pro desktop one even allows you to schedule a recording: you just have to present the start time, the region to be recorded and then end time. When it’s the scheduled time, the tool will start the recording automatically. You can download Screen Grabber Pro by clicking the button below.

Try It Free

QuickTime Screen Recording Utility for Mac

quicktime recorder

For Mac users, the Quick Time Player is an excellent way to record the entire computer screen or a part of it. Users have the option of recording a narration as well, which is helpful when you are recording a live meeting. It lets you record the entire screen or a part of it (including particular windows). QuickTime Player is available free with Mac computers, so you do not need to download/install any special utility. The screen recording utility is built-into the player.

For using this tool, you have to click on the icon that looks like a camera on the menu and select from the snapshot or the screen recorder. Screenshots will be completed in one click. Screen recordings would require configuration with some additional settings like the audio and the cursor before you start the recording. When the recording is complete, you could find the media files easily in the output directory selected by you. These files could also be delivered through the internet, quite easily.

quick-time-recorder-customTo make use of this tool, go to the File option in the QuickTime Player, and select “New Screen Recording”. Select “Microphone” as the input audio source to record your voice as well. You can select from Medium or High Quality for the recording. Modify the location (if required) where the recorded file is to be saved. Select the particular portion of the screen that you want to record, or go with the entire screen if that is your preference. Arrange the various windows the way you need, and then click on the Record button. Click on the Stop Button or use the Command+ Ctrl+ Esc combination to stop the recording. With just these simple options, your meeting will be recorded as per your preferences.

And with just that, your meeting will be recorded

With that, you now know about three different ways to record your webinars and online meetings without any hassle. You will notice that we have included tools that do not require you to download and install any special software. For those that do not have a lot of time to go through lengthy setups and installations, these tools should serve as the right way for recording their meetings.

These were just 3 of some the best tools that the market has to offer for recording a meeting. However, all three of these are free- so you can chose whatever tool that you want to use and get started with recording your meetings in just a few minutes!

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