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GoToWebinar is a professional service tool that allows users to have an online webinar conveniently. There might be circumstances where the job is to be done at the time of absenteeism remotely from home. The webinar is the best service that conducts the online webinar as it provides a fast and secure connection between the parties. The webinar is fabulous in the sense that you can record the whole web seminar, and then keep it for future reference. The webinar is best for the productive outcome of any business industry — high-end features provided by the service bound people to love GoToWebinar. The recording is super easy with GoToWebinar; it offers extraordinary video quality and dense, portable files. The ways to get a copy of the webinar if you miss it are as follows.

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GoToWebinar inbuilt recorder

The GoToWebinar service itself has a built-in recording tool. The recording allows anyone who is attending or hosting record it Live. It is productive for all parties to record the live webinar during the conference. The built-in recorder can record everything going on the screen. Attendants, Pools, questions, counter-question, filed agendas, graphical texts and icons, arrows, and so on can record with the GoToWebinar recording tool. Capturing the whole bunch of activities helps a lot while reviewing them and correcting errors. For how to record GoToWebinar begin with following simple steps.


User guide

  • Open the GoToWebinar service desktop application.
  • At the rightmost panel, the recorder is available; first, you would like to set all video quality requirements for you like format, video quality, and all.
  • Then, hit the “Start Recording” button located at the same position (Rightmost panel) of the application screen. Then visit the webinar conference to record the webinar online.
  • There is also an option available to record the presenter’s face, to enable face camera from web camera. Click on “Show Webcams” to begin, and you can also tweak with webcam settings from the setting tab.
  • It is the way you can record webinar with the built-in recording tool, to stop the service after conference end, click on the “Stop” button to halt.


Screen Grabber Pro – simple and reliable screen recorder

Screen Grabber Pro software developed by AceThinker helps everyone capture all the activities running on the screen, including, Screencast videos, Screenshots. It is a powerful tool available for Windows and Mac Pc. When it comes to recording any webinars, Screen Grabber Pro comes at the prior list.

Step1 Download and install the Screen Grabber Pro

Download and install Screen Grabber Pro from here, Screen Grabber Pro.

Try it for Free

Free Download

win xp win7810

Secure Download

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OS X 10.10

Secure Download


Step2 Start screen recording

Open the executable file, and then you will see a pop-up at the top of the desktop screen, Click on “Start” to begin the process. You can also play hotkeys, Press F6 to Pause, Press F10 to finish the entire recording.


Step3 Save the recorded video

Once done, click “Stop” on the floating bubble or press F10, then select a location to save the recording.


Extra features: Task Scheduler Task scheduler comes handy when you need to record webinars on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Screen Grabber Pro will automatically start capturing ongoing events and monitoring activities at the conference during absenteeism while the event happens. Knowing simple setting tweaks on setting task scheduler will help you auto record webinars, below are the steps to set task scheduler in Screen Grabber Pro.

Step1 Detect Task scheduler

Task Scheduler tab located at the rightmost hand side of the application screen.


Step2 Make new task Schedule

A new window to add a new task schedule will appear after hitting the “Task Schedule” tab. To create a task, fill the scheduler requirements like name, start date, duration, record screen, stop time, and many more. Play with another setting like repeat recording, and repeat times shut down the computer when the task finishes if necessary.


Step3 Create a task

After all the settings, click on the “Create” button for timetable recording.


AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a valuable yet powerful software that covers all the needs to record and capture ongoing events like Webinars. Features of Screen Grabber pro include:

Key Features:

  • Record entire screen
  • Taking screenshots
  • Editing recordings
  • Built-in player
  • FTP uploader
  • Highlight capturing
  • Audio capture
  • Mouse pointer capture
Another solution for recording meeting on Android

Everything is mobile these days, and mobile phones are being powerful day by day. They can edit, record webinars on Android, play HD games, which were not possible some years ago. On the contrariety, hosting, attending, recording webinars on mobile phones, Android or iOS has been emerging due to flexibility.


ClickMeeting is a web-based webinar solution designed for Android phones. It is suitable for the organization of any size. It allows attendees and hosts to learn statics from graphs, surveys, and analyze them. ClickMeeting is also advantageous to teachers, consultants for mobile webinar solutions.


User guide

  • Download the app from Google Play Store, Download here; ClickMeeting app.
  • Create an account if you have not created it before.
  • There will be an option to choose; “I’m attendee” and “I’m a host,” click the option you would like.
  • I’m an attendee tab that will lead you to the page shown below where you have to enter event ID to attend it. Ask your host for the event ID, and it is generally of length 9-digits.
  • If you click on, I’m a host. You need to log in to your account and create an event.


Key Features:

  • ClickMeeting offers interface customization, waiting room, presentation, whiteboard, monetization to hosts.
  • ClickMeeting allows engagement to the webinar before the seminar starts.
  • You can go live on social media like Facebook, YouTube, for mass audiences.
  • Unlimited recording of webinars
  • Multi-user login to the same webinar
  • Allowed to compose automated webinar timeline
  • Paypal integration service for paid webinars
  • View all past and upcoming webinars on timeline view with essential pieces of information.

Free Trial/Pro

  • 30 Days free trial while creating an account
  • Plans and pricing vary according to your needs. You can create attendees ranging from 10 to 1000 in ClickMeeting.


  • Suitable for the organization of any size
  • Reliable webinars hosting service with multimedia support
  • Online courses and training conclave available
  • Acceptable for huge online events
  • Product demos and marketing


  • The application sometimes maybe a un-functional user interface
  • Has lots of potentials to be better but fails to be stable while conducting webinars
  • People rely less on the application, and the doubt is; seminars may be exposed to the security threat


In this global economy, there is enormous competition among business companies as well as marketing vendors. The way to communicate between employees needs a huge leap forward; an online seminar called webinars introduced to fill the gap. Above mentioned services are the best-known tools and services designed to generate events through the internet; they also support to record a webinar.

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