How to Record GoToWebinar Session

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How to Record GoToWebinar Session

Attending an important GoToWebinar session and don’t want to miss anything? Now you can easily record and capture the meeting so that you can review everything that has been discussed in the meeting with the professional webinar recorder – Screen Grabber Pro. Other ways are also illustrated. You can read on and find the one that best suits you.

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If you want to host a professional quality webinar on the internet, GoToWebinar may be the perfect solution for you. It offers ultimate security and convenience for groups of people who need to share ideas, communicate and brainstorm together. No matter you’re an attendee or a guest, sometimes you may need to record GoToWebinar to save the important sessions for future reference or share it with people who are absent from the meeting. Luckily, there are many solutions for GoToWebinar recording nowadays and the following are the top 3 methods. Just check to get the best way for you and save GoToWebinar sessions within a few mouse clicks!

Record GoToWebinar with the Built-in Recorder

The GoToWebinar program itself has recording capabilities for anyone who is running the webinar or viewing it live. It can be highly beneficial to have a recorded file of everything that goes on during the conference. Whoever is running the webinar can ask the attendees questions, run polls, highlight text, add graphical patterns and icons such as arrows and shapes to make things easier to understand. All of these on-the-spot changes can be recorded with GoToWebinar’s specialized application. Simply follow these steps:

Step1 Go to GoToWebinar

Navigate to the GoToWebinar website or open the desktop program and begin your session with the group you are presenting to.

record gotowebinar

Step2 Adjust the settings

Adjust the video and audio settings before you begin recording. This is also the perfect time to choose whatever file format you want the video to be saved in.

Step3 Start to record GoToWebinar

Press the Start Recording button at the beginning of the webinar conference. When you are done, simply press Stop. The video will be saved automatically.

Capture GoToWebinar with Free Screen Recorder Online

Though there is a built-in recorder for the GoToWebinar recording, many users want to find a more decent and featured solution to capture GotoWebinar sessions as the built-in one has too many limitations. When it comes to recording GotoWebinar online for free, the Free Screen Recorder Online from AceThinker can be your first option. With it, you can get high definition video output in multiple file formats. And it also allows you to choose the recording mode, audio input and even annotates the screen in real time. Read on to learn how to use this free web-based service to capture GoToWebinar video.

Step1 Open the AceThinker website

After your GoToWebinar meeting window is ready, you can go to the official website of Free Online Screen Recorder and click “Start” to activate the application.


Step2 Set recording preferences to your need

Once you open the toolbar, you can then set the recording such as the preferred output video format, audio input source, recording mode, etc. For GoToWebinar recording, the Region is recommended for recording mode where you must highlight the area around the webinar window to be recorded.

Record GoToWebinar Session online

Step3 Start and attend your GoToWebinar meeting with recording

When the GoToWebinar meeting begins, just click the “REC” icon to initiate the recording. When the webinar is finished or you want to stop the recording at a point, end it and save the screencast to your computer instantly. This also saves the video file in whatever output folder you specify as the default one. You can click your right mouse button on the name of the item you just recorded and select various abilities from this menu. These include playback, conversion and opening the save location, among others.

Record GoToWebinar

If you’re looking further into task scheduler for arranging your screencast in prior to the meeting, or if you need a file manager to organize the recorded GoToWebinar sessions, you can get the pro version of this screen recorder – Screen Grabber Pro. With this professional screen recorder for Windows/Mac, you can record any activity on your computer screen during the GoToWebinar session, including the file shared by participants. The great task scheduler feature makes it possible to record video from GoToWebinar even when you’re away from the computer.

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Utilize CamStudio to Record GoToWebinar Meeting for Free

Another tool that can help you record GoToWebinar sessions is CamStudio, a free screen recording software that allows you to capture any on-screen activity, of course including the GoToWebinar meetings. You can save the recorded video in HD AVI or create SWF files for sharing and embedding online. Moreover, a simple editor is offered, letting you add text, shapes, etc. annotations in real time during the recording. Check the steps below to keep a copy of GoToWebinar session with CamStudio.

Step1 Set up the program

Download, install and launch the CamStudio program. The user interface will appear on your screen.

run camstudio recorder

Step2 Record What You Need

Now open the GoToMeeting session. It’s recommended that you select Region as the recording way and set the recording area with mouse drags. When all are done, click Start Recording to begin.

select recording area

In the end, click the Pause button and then the check icon to stop and save the recorded video. You can then preview the video and save it in the format you prefer.


If you just need to make a copy of the Webinar session without caring much about the video quality and format, you can simply use the built-in recorder to capture the video. If you want to save the video in high quality and any preferred format, you can try the second and the third methods. In general, the second option is recommended as the first choice because the functions are versatile enough to meet all your GoToWebinar video recording requirements.

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