A Quick Guide for Users for Recording GoToMeeting

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GoToMeeting is an online video conference service which is primarily used by businessmen and other professionals. This service provides real-time voice and video chat over the internet, which helps people meet regardless of their location. Online meetings such as with GoToMeeting provides many advantages. Aside from the fact that it saves you from traveling long distance, it also allows two or more people to share ideas together. Another great way to utilize GoToMeeting, is by recording the entire meeting if you want to take down notes. Recording a meeting is far more efficient than a live one, because you will be able to focus on the topic without getting distracted with taking down notes.

For starters, it is safe to know that GoToMeeting did not have a recording feature in its earlier versions. However, due to consumer demands, it added the said feature in its latest update. On the other hand, it doesn’t have other features like being able to add notes and other essential options. With that being said, we have listed down some great recording software that can provide more features. Continue reading below to see the 4 most recommended tools that you can use to record GoToMeeting videos.

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Use the Built-in GoToMeeting Cloud Recorder

Compatibility: Supports all major web-browsers like Google Chrome and Safari

Distinctive Feature: GoToMeeting Cloud recorder can automatically transcribe the entire contents of the meeting. This feature will surely save enormous amount of time for you, because you won’t have spend time listening to the conversation.

As mentioned above, recording GoToMeeting conference is possible even without the using a separate software. This is one of the prized feature of GoToMeeting, which enables users to pre-record their participation to the meeting. This feature can aid people from different locations who can’t personally meet to set an actual live meeting. Aside from that, it saves you the hassle of installing other software on your computer. GoToMeeting recorder can even work from a mobile device which is convenient if you are out of on the road. Additionally, it can provide videos of the meetings in high resolution, with quality of up to 1080p. Another great thing about GoToMeeting recorder is the “Schedule” option. This will allow you to set a date and time to hold a recorded meeting with your peers. The videos that you record can be saved in MP4, WMV, and MOV formats. Such a convenient way to keep track of your important meetings, without being bothered to take notes.

User Guide

  • Log-in into you GoToMeeting account, and from the home-screen, click the “Account Center” option and then click “User Settings.” From there, grant your colleagues the permission to use the “Cloud Recording” feature.
  • add users setting

  • Next, click the “Record Meetings” option and then select “Cloud Recording” and hit “Save.”
  • save record settings

  • To start recording the a video, go to the main screen of GoToMeeting and then click the “Record” button. Start the meeting and then end the recording process once the meeting ends.
  • start recording

Record GoToMeeting on Win/Mac Using Screen Grabber Pro

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Distinctive Feature: A great reason to choose Screen Grabber Pro over other recorders, is because of its “Task Scheduler” feature. You can utilize this feature whenever there is a meeting, but you can’t be physically present at the time. This is because the Task Scheduler feature can automatically start recording even when you are not around. All you need to do is provide the date and time of the meeting.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a viable alternative GoToMeeting recording software for Windows and Mac. The tool is a robust screen recorder that is even capable of adding annotation while recording is in progress. The tool has a one-click upload button, that you can use to share the video online. Screen Grabber Pro can produce videos in various formats like MP4, MOV, WMV and AVI. Aside from that, it can record the video with the same quality as with the source. Good audio quality is also one of the great things about Screen Grabber Pro. Not only can you get videos of the GoToMeeting in high-resolution, but also record the entire conversation clearly.

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Step1 Launch Screen Grabber Pro on the Computer

Download the installer on your computer, and then launch it on the computer afterwards. After that, launch it immediately and the setup wizard will appear. Follow the instructions that will be provided by the wizard to properly install the tool, and the main-interface will appear after that.

install screen grabber pro

Step2 Configure the Audio and Video Settings

Before starting the GoToMeeting conference, you can first configure the audio and video settings. To do so, you can click the “three lateral bar” button from the main-interface, and then select the “Settings” button. From the Settings panel, choose the options that you want to configure by clicking their respective buttons.

configure recording settings

Step3 Start Recording the GoToMeeting Conference

Once all is set, you can now start the recording process. To begin, launch the GoToMeeting website, and then switch back to the tool. From there, click the “Record” button and then choose which recording mode to use. After that, the recording toolbar will appear where different options can be used while recording. You can add annotations by clicking the “Pen” icon and add the editing panel will appear. To end the recording process, click the “Stop” button and the video will be then saved on the computer.

gotomeeting record

Step4 Watch the Recorded GoToMeeting Video

To watch the video that you just recorded, right-click on it from the “Preview Panel” and then click the “Preview” button. At the same time, you can click the “Upload” button if you want to immediately upload it online.

preview video


  • You can capture clear screenshots of the meeting using Screen Grabber Pro.
  • Recording the entire conversation as an audio file is also possible with Screen Grabber Pro.
  • Upload the videos online with the one-click upload button.


  • The trial versions only allow a maximum of 3 minutes recording.
  • Watermark is placed to the every output videos under the trial version.
Free GoToMeeting Desktop Recorder – OBS Studio

Compatiblity: Windows, Mac and Linux

Distinctive Feature: OBS Studio offers different video input filters that can enhance a video. It also has a powerful audio mixer that can produce a professional quality video with audio. This is perfect those who makes a living out of creating online contents, such as vloggers and other multimedia professionals.

OBS Studio is one of the most popular screen recorder today. This is because the tool is capable of recording the screen activities, and streaming it online. The tool is built with a powerful audio mixer, making it an excellent for GoToMeeting recording purposes. The tool also has a lot of video source filters that you can apply to the recording. As a GoToMeeting recorder, OBS Studio definitely fits the bill because it records the entire screen area together with the audio. The tool runs in the background without slowing down the computer performance. Overall, OBS Studio is a suitable choice for recording GoToMeeting conversations.

User Guide

  • Install OBS Studio on your computer, and then launch it immediately.
  • To start recording the screen area, click the “Plus” icon from the “Scenes” column. After that, click another “Plus” icon, this time under the “Sources” icon. Select “Display Capture” from choices and the desktop will reflect on the preview panel. Hit the “Start Recording” button to initiate recording process.
  • setup obs

  • Minimize the OBS Studio window and then open GoToMeeting on your web-browser. Start the conversation as the screen is being recorded.
  • Once done, switch back to OBS Studio and then click the “Stop Recording” button and the video will be saved on your computer.
User Guide on Recording with Bandicam

Platform: Windows Only

Distinctive Feature: Bandicam has a dedicated game recording option that provides optimum performance. It allows users to add real-time drawings while recording. Also, the HDMI recorder is what sets it apart from other recorders, because it can record the screen of other devices via HDMI cable.

Bandicam is a heavy-duty game recorder trusted by game streamers around the world. The tool has various recording features such as screen recording, game recording and the unique HDMI recorder. Many game streamers nowadays benefit from using Bandicam, because it is one the easiest tool that you can use and can record up to 60 FPS. Aside from that it provides videos in various formats like AVI and MPEG. Similarly, the tool can record GoToMeeting videos in the same manner which makes it a versatile choice. Technically, you won’t need to change anything from the settings of Bandicam as it is preconfigured. You can get clear GoToMeeting videos with high-quality audio output, which is essential on any conversation. The videos produced are also compressed to the smallest file size possible without affecting the quality.

User Guide

  • Install Bandicam by downloading its installer and then launch it on the computer. Open the GoToMeeting window, and then launch Bandicam. From the main-interface, click the drop-down button and then select the recording mode. For this example, you can click “Select a recording area,” and then choose the part of the screen that you want to include to the recording.
  • bandicam region mode

  • Drag the recording frame to cover the GoToMeeting window, and then hit the “Record” button.
  • region window

  • To finish recording hit the “Stop” button from the toolbar and the video will be then saved on your PC.
  • To locate the recorded video, click the “Menu” button from the recording window and then click “Open output folder.”
  • locate the video

What Makes a Good Screen Recorder?

Choosing a screen recorder can be influenced by many factors. Some users prefer screen recorders alone, while others look for screen recorders with audio. In general, the basis of choosing the right screen recorder falls on what purpose its going be used for. However, this can’t be the case all the time, as reflected on the tools mentioned above. Here are some things that you should consider when choosing the right screen recorder for you.


Factors to consider

  • Recording Quality: The most critical factor that you should always consider in choosing a screen recorder, is always the recording quality. There quite a few recorders that can capture videos in various resolutions, resulting in different video qualities. It is highly-recommended to go for recorders that provides regional recording where you can select part of the screen to record.
  • Price: Paid recorders will surely provide more features, and will give unlimited recording time. However, you must always check if the price of a software is justified by its premium features. On the other hand, there are free screen recorders with limited functions. For casual users of screen recorders, they can be satisfied with the basic screen recording features and some added bonus features. As the saying goes “You get what you for,” although in the case of the latter you haven’t paid for anything.
  • Webcam Recording Option: Webcameras are essential parts of a computer system. This is a reason why if you choose a screen recorder, you must check if it supports webcam recording. Also, see if you can include the webcam footage into the actual desktop video.

screen grabber pro

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