How to Record a Webinar on PC or Mac

Last updated on March 25, 2019 by AceThinker
record webinarWebinars, or online seminars, have become a popular way for people to conduct meetings or conferences even when they are away from each other. Millions of online webinars are hosted everyday around the world. One concern is that once a webinar is over, it's often not available for watching later. However, there are many occasions when you need to record a webinar. For instance, you want to replay the webinar for those who are interested in your service but couldn't attend the live meeting. Or you want to record webinar for making a stand-along product either for training or giveaway. Don't know how to record a webinar? Don't worry! Just follow it here to record live webinars and save them on your hard drive as video files in clicks!

Best Way to Record Webinar on PC/Mac

record webinar The best solution to record a webinar is to use a webinar recording software. A reliable webinar recorder called Screen Grabber Pro from AceThinker is recommended as a decent tool to help you record online live webinars. With it, you can capture video conferences in high quality video and upload them to YouTube or FTP instantly for sharing with the world. More than that, it allows you to save videos in various popular formats to suit different platforms and devices so you can watch and share the recorded webinar anytime and anywhere. Supported output formats include AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MOV, GIF, etc. The webcam recording and real-time editing feature also help to make your webinar feel instructive and live. red-download-btn-winbutton mac When recording a webinar, you may thinking of being able to record it automatically, right? As you're busy when the session begins, or the webinar starts too early or late. Luckily, Screen Grabber Pro provides a Task Scheduler feature that lets you record webinars automatically by planning ahead. With this function, you can easily record anything on your computer screen when you're not in front of the computer. It's especially useful for recording scheduled meeting. To create a scheduling recording task, simply click Settings > Task Scheduler and then set the task name, start time, duration, etc. In the pop-up Task Scheduler window. You can also select the recording area, sound and so on as you like. When all the settings are OK, click Create and the recording task will be on the list. When it comes to the appointed time, the program will start to keep track of everything that happens in your webinar meetings. configure date of task scheduler

Free Online Solution for Webinar Recording

free screen recorder If you don't want to install any program on your computer to record a webinar for free, you can turn to some online screen recorders. AceThinker Free Screen Recorder is such a web-based free screen capturing program that grants you the ability to record anything on your computer screen including those webinar sessions. It also allows you to record webcam for a picture-in-picture effect. Aside from recording screen, this free online app comes with some basic editing features that lets you annotate your video in real time.

Alternative Methods to Record Live Webinar

1. Use CamStudio to Record a Webinar on Windows

camstudio recorder CamStudio is a simple free screen recorder for Windows users. With it, you can record screen in different modes, including Full Screen, Region and Window. After the video has been recorded, you can add some simple effects like the annotation bubbles. One thing that needs to mention is that CamStudio offers tutorials and videos about its usage. With the detailed guidance, you can learn quickly how to record webinar on PC. Though CamStudio doesn't have many advanced features, it's still considered as a great webinar recording program for its high output video quality.

2. Record Webinar with Screenflow on Mac

camstudio recorder Screenflow is one of the top screen recording tools for Mac users to record live webinar sessions on Mac. It allows you to record desktop screen, webcam video and even iOS screen. But you can only record the entire screen when recording webinar. If you just want to record a specified region, it won't work. Screenflow provides many editing features. When the recording finishes, you can trim the video, crop it, add transitions, insert texts, add filters and many more to enhance the overall video.

3. Record a Webinar with Screencast-o-matic on Windows/Mac

screen o matic Screencast-o-matic is another recommended program to record live webinar. It runs on your browser after you install a small application. You can visit their site to login in and start recording your screen. It allows you to record specific regions and webcam. During the recording process, you are free to zoom and draw. After the recording, you can then edit the video like resizing, adding images, etc. But some elements are fixed and you can't change them for a better effect, such as the mouse cursor. If you don't pay for a membership, you can record up to 15 minutes.

Tips for Recording Online Webinar

1. Some past webinars will be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube. Before starting to record a webinar with third-party applications, you can ask the person who is in charge of the webinar whether there will be an online recording after it's over. 2. No matter which webinar recording program you're using, you'd better test it before the actual webinar starts to make sure everything is working correctly. This practice is quite important as you can get familiar with the recording and also ensure everything will be OK when it's time to record a online live webinar session. 3. You can think about how much of the screen you want to show and what you wish to include in the final video before recording a live webinar. For example, if you want to include the chat box, then you shouldn't display the video presentation in full screen. The beforehand thoughts will help to make the recording process smooth and get exactly what you need. 4. During the recording process of a webinar, you need to make sure that the notifications on your computer have been turned off. Otherwise, the notification sounds, pop-up windows may destroy your webinar recording.


Last updated on March 25, 2019

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