Top 8 Audio and Sound Recording Apps for Android

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Applications that support voice recording can be useful for recording meetings, lectures, public events, ideas, random thoughts, and so on. You can also use these video recording apps for fun, for instance, to record your conversation if you are the type that sleep talk. Voice recorders are already in-built with most Android devices. Although this app is nice, they lack important features. On Play Store, you will find different voice recording applications to download, and you may find it difficult to select the best one. Well, selecting the perfect video recorder for your device is dependent on the type of features you need. To ease your search for the best video recorder, read this post to discover the best 8 voice recorder apps for Android.

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Voice Recorder

icon-voice-recorder-splend-appVoice Recorder is a great voice recorder app Android by Splend apps, and it has two versions – almost identical in usage – on Google Play Store. The only way to differentiate both versions is through a solitary UI element that responds to incoming audio. The app is unique because it’s capable of adjusting recording type and recording quality. You can choose to record in MP3, AAc (m4a.mp4), AMR (3gp), and high-quality PCM (or wav). You can adjust the bitrate for MP3 from 32kbps to 320 kbps. You can also adjust if you want mono or stereo recording (if your device supports this feature). This app offers users an experimental call recorder, and you can use it to record sound even if your screen is off (the notification LED stays on during record sessions). The sound you recorded still has the same function as any other sound file on your android device you can even use it as a notification tone on your device.


Smart Voice Recorder

icon-smart-voice-recorderYou can use this best voice recorder app for Android for a long period – it was created for this purpose, according to the developers. Smart Voice Recorder comes with a silence removal option, which detects silence periods automatically and deletes them, offering you better listening experience. This device is that smart; you can use it to record what you say while asleep, or you can use it to record a babysitter or maid you just hired for the first time (being a detective). How long this app will continue to record sounds is dependent on the free space you have on your device, and it has the ability to work in the background even when your screen is locked. The app has a friendly interface, so using it will not be a problem.


Easy Voice Recorder

icon-easy-voice-recorderWith Easy Voice Recorder, you can record your audio at ease, anytime and anywhere. You can use this voice recorder Android record audio in the background, even if your display is off. This app supports different file formats like high-quality PCM and space-saving AMR, WAV, and MP3, among others. It also offers some useful shortcuts and widgets that allow instant recording. You can count on this app to record audio at your convenience.


Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

icon-hi-qThis app is one of the strongest and reliable sound recorder Android that you can think of. Voice recording is done in MP3 format, which makes the file compatible with almost anything. Once you are done recording, you can upload it straight to Dropbox. Hi-Q also features useful widgets, support transfer via Wi-Fi, select the mic you want to record with (if you have more than one), and so on. For more features, you will have to use the paid version of this app. The only set-back about this app is that you cannot use it to record phone calls.


Titanium Recorder

icon-titanium-recorderThis is another application you can use record audio Android for free. The best feature of this app is that it does not support ads. You can use Titanium Recorder to record audio in high quality using 8-bit and 16-bit configurations. You can also save sounds in formats like 3GP, ACC, or MP3 in order to save space on your device. The app’s interface is simple and beautiful; it offers an easy-to-use file manager, which you can use to edit file name and share your recordings with others. Just like the apps mentioned above, you can use this app in the background to record sound even if your device is locked or you are operating a different application. There is no problem with this app, although some users have complained about certain issues related to specific Android devices.



icon-lecturenotesLectureNotes is one of the best audio recording app for Android for students in colleges. It performs a lot of functions; you can use it to take notes, organize the notes taken, and use it when doing your assignment later. Normally, you can’t use the app to record until you pay 1.99 USD to add the recording function. In addition, you can use this app to record audio when using the default LectureNotes application, offering users a 2-in-1 function, which allows them take notes and record sounds. Also, you can activate a function that allows you record video, this plugin cost 1.99 USD. If you are concerned about the sound recording and you want a lightweight recorder, you don’t need the video record function.


Otter Voice Notes

icon-otter-voice-recorderThis Otter Voice Notes is very suitable for professionals. Most of the features it offers are ideal for business meetings and other important matters. It supports basic functions like recording, playback, and sharing. The app also offers cloud storage, transcription service, cross-platform support files like pictures. Using the free version of this app offers you 600 minutes of transcription every month. With the premium version, you get more than 6000 minutes of transcription. Students and lecturers who are interested in the premium subscription are given a discount of 2.99 USD per month. Otter Vice Notes is powerful and reliable, but if you don’t need features like transcription, cloud storage, and other advanced features, then you can settle for any of the simple voice recorders listed in this post.



icon-parrotParrot is very beautiful and is packed with lots of exciting features. This best voice recorder app for Android is fun to use, all thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can record with the mic, speaker or Bluetooth on the free version of this app. This app supports Android wear, and it shows calendar style icons on sounds recorded to help you know the date the recording was done. You can remove background noise and echo. You can also use it to control gain in situations you need more power. Just like other voice recorders listed above, Parrot can be used to record sounds in different recording formats. When recording, the app and pause and start automatically, depending on the threshold of the sound to skip silence parts when recording.


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