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There have been a significant change and revolution in music streaming with a lot of music application and services available for music lovers. One of the best and famous music streaming platforms across the globe is Spotify. The popularity Spotify has gained over the years supersedes other streaming applications. This streaming service is available for different platforms, and you can use it to listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, know about songs released by artists you live, or create a personal playlist. You can count on Spotify for a personalized music experience free of charge. Plus, you can pay for a premium subscription so you can access the advanced features this app has to offer. The premium version of Spotify, for instance, allows users to listen to unlimited music, download music for offline play, access curated playlist, and much more. There are other incredible music applications besides Spotify you can use to stream music online. To discover these Spotify alternatives, read this post thoroughly.

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YouTube Music

Most of the apps in this post do not measure up to Spotify, but there are excellent alternatives to try out. YouTube Music, a new music application from YouTube, has the potential to overthrow the leading streaming service of the world. YouTube Music offers almost the same music available on Spotify, and it makes use of AI in tailoring your playlist to the things you like automatically. And the exciting part about this app is that Google owns it. One of our favorite features about this app is that you can access all YouTube version of any song you like, including music covers by other artists and amateurs. The free version of this app supports ads, and that should not be a problem. The app also has a browser-based version. YouTube Music offers a lot of exciting features, and it is a good Spotify alternative.





Deezer is almost identical to Spotify; it’s more of a Spotify clone. It offers a vast music library, on-demand radio, and other exciting features. Upon signing up with Deezer for the first time, you will have to create a listening profile by choosing your favorite artists and genres. Based on the choices you make, different playlists will be suggested for you. Don’t expect a perfect playlist, but it will still create a private playlist (titled ‘flow’), which contains songs Deezer thinks you will love. If you don’t fancy creating an account with Google or Apple’s services, then you can count on Deezer as a Spotify alternative.





Soundcloud was founded in 2007, and it has a collection of more than 130 million songs, remixes, podcasts, and covers. You can use this platform to share your songs with other Soundcloud users. Soundcloud offers users a platform to share sounds, listen to songs recently released by the artist before they become accessible, give feedback, and also become a member of a large community of music-lovers. If you are searching for new songs and rap music, Soundcloud is a good Spotify alternative you can count. Soundcloud, however, needs to improve its original classical music collection. Most of these songs come in covers, and they hardly turn out to be helpful. For artist hoping to build or increase their fan base, you will benefit more when you get your songs on music platforms like Spotify and iTunes.


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Pandora is one of the oldest and most popular music streaming platforms. Although this platform, which has been operating since 2002, is one of the pioneers of the streaming industry, it currently has about 75 million active users. Pandora offers one of the biggest music libraries; however, they are available in the form of radio stations, which is a good thing. If not for the Mac Miller station, I won’t have discovered most of the good rappers I know. Pandora’s free plan limits how you skip songs, and it supports ads between songs and the playback screen – I did not like this at all. You can go for the monthly sub, which offers unlimited replays and skips, high-quality audio, and no ads; this plan costs $4.99 per month (with a free trial of 30 days). The unfortunate thing here is that Pandora is location restricted; only people in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States have access to this streaming platform due to DMCA regulations.


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Tidal is a music streaming service owned by Jay-Z, a famous rapper. This subscription-based streaming service combines high fidelity music videos and lossless audio along with curated editorial. Tidal takes pride in offering its users the highest music quality possible and also provide the highest percentage of royalties to songwriters and music artists, a feature you will hardly find in other music streaming platform. There is also Tidal X experience, a feature that connects listeners to an artist they fancy. At the moment, Tidal has up to 50 million tracks, a library with 130 thousand music videos, and more than 3 million active subscribers – quite low compared to its rivals. Music lovers who don’t have a problem paying for improved quality will find Tidal interesting.


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Apple Music

Apple Music is a popular music streaming platform. It features one of the largest music libraries with more than 30 million music available for users. Apple Music is a clean platform, personalized to fit the user’s taste – you will be asked to enter music you like, favorite genres and artists, and the platform tries to offer a music experience based on your taste. They can also suggest a public playlist that may be interesting to you. For instance, if you pick country music as your favorite, Apple Music will offer you a “Driving” playlist occasionally alongside upbeat country sounds that you might like. The experience this platform provides is fantastic. Apple Music is a paid platform, it offers a free trial for one month, but you will need to pay 10 USD every month after the trial period to continue usage. When you subscribe to Apple Music, you will have access to lots of exciting features, like downloading playlists to listen offline.


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BandCamp is a music streaming platform for artists, music lovers, and labels. You get to meet new artists and support them on this platform. Users can create a BandCamp account as an artist, fan, or name and use this platform to discover new songs and artists. You can support your favorite artists or bands via gift cards. They also run blogs with trending artists and musings across the indie music world. If you are interested in discovering artists that are yet to be known and you want to support your favorite artist, you can use this excellent service.




Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music streaming platform like Spotify, it is available in 63 countries, and it has a vast music library (more than 40 million songs) from different countries and genres across the globe. You will be quite familiar with Google’s subscription plans if you are familiar with Spotify. The standard account costs 10 USD per month, while the family account costs 14.99 USD per month. The standard account offers a single person unlimited access, while the family account can be shared with six members. You can also use Google Play Music to listen to songs on your device. You can also upload the songs you like (about 50,000) on this platform and stream as you go about your day to day activities. You don’t have to trouble yourself about storage when you upload your songs.




Amazon Prime Music

You can use this popular music streaming service to listen to your favorite songs. Amazon Prime Music is incredible and a good Spotify alternative. It offers a straightforward interface, so you can easily search for music and listen to them at leisure. This platform has over 50 million songs in its library, and you can also listen to newly released music. Amazon Prime Music has tons of playlists and stations with music collections. It offers a fantastic listening experience ideal for any mood or situation you find yourself. Users can also download music for offline play on this platform; this feature allows users to listen to their favorite tracks when there is no internet connection.


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Gaana used to be the leading music streaming service in India until it was dethroned by JioSaavn, which is now the most prominent music streaming platform in the country formed by merging Jio. Saavn and Jio Music. I am a big fan of Spotify, but after using JioSaavn for one week, I can recommend this service as an alternative to Spotify. The interface is fantastic, and the music recommendation is quite impressive. JioSaavn claims to have a library with more than 50 million songs across Bollywood, Hindi, English, independent artists, and various regional languages like Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, and so on. JioSaavn offers access to radio stations, curated playlists, exclusive podcasts, ad-laden unlimited playback, and more without paying a dime.


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The last solution that works like Spotify is AccuRadio. Like the other sites mentioned above, users can access thousands of songs without breaking a sweat. One good thing about this music streaming platform is that it features different trending categories and updates this list almost every week. Additionally, users can browse different songs according to their genres. It also showcases a section for old and classical music. Aside from that, users can listen to these awesome songs all for free. Unlike Spotify, users would not also need to pay for a premium service before then can skip songs in unlimited. Lastly, it features a “Top 40” section so users can check the trending and hottest music played for the day.

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AceThinker Music Recorder

It’s fun to listen to different songs online. But there are times when the Internet connection is not working, and there is no way to listen to the songs you like. If this is the case, you can just record your favorite songs from a music streaming site so that you can save them on your device and listen to them anytime. Acethinker Music Recorder is perfect for this job as it can record the system sounds on your PC in high quality. To know how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

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User Guide

  • Download and run the installer: To get the driver, simply click the download buttons below, and run it on the PC. Follow the set-up wizard to install the software properly.
  • access interface

  • Run the tool and start the recording: Once the installation is finished, open the tool to reach the home screen. From the list of options, click the “Record” tab. Once the tool is ready, play the song that you want to record and click the “Record” button in the tool.
  • start the recording process

  • End the recording: Once the song is finished, click the “Stop” button to end the recording process and save the file. To listen to the recorded song, click the “Library” tab and select the recorded file from the list and click the “Play” button. To open the file folder that contains the recording, click the “Folder” icon.
  • finish the recording process

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With all of these music players on our list, you can listen to your favorite music online. Even if you don’t have a Spotify, you can still be updated with the new songs of your favorite artists or bands. Also, with AceThinker Music Recorder, you can record all the songs you like for free. You can have your most frequently music for free, and you can listen to them anytime and anywhere. Also, you can look for different genres whenever you want to discover new artists around the world. Do not hesitate to use these awesome music streaming tools/sites on our list.

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