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Top 5 Spotify Alternatives to Stream Music

Last updated on December 16, 2018 by Bryan

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Top 5 Spotify Alternatives to Stream Music

Spotify is the most popular music streaming application in the world. With Spotify, users have access to more than forty million songs from around the world, and best of all it’s free. Being a free user, many people have experienced ads interrupting their listening moments, which is kind of a letdown. Ads popping out every three to four songs is a bit of a discomfort. However, to remove these ads, you have to option to subscribe as a premium user. This removes all the ads for continuous music streaming, for a price. If you can afford this premium option, it would be fine. Or else, you may need to turn to Spotify alternative sites that are worth trying. Here are some of the best apps like Spotify for you to try.

Pandora Radio

sites like spotify #1 First on the list is Pandora Radio or just simply Pandora. This is an Internet based music streaming application like Spotify. It can be accessed by using its mobile app, or by its website. It’s a free service though not completely because of the ads that pop up after every two songs. As of the moment, this service is only available in United States but who knows, in the future it may expand to other parts of the world. Pandora has premium subscriptions as well, that have it benefits, like ads removal and offline channel playing. This application continues to improve every time it gets an update to improve user experience. These are the reasons why it makes a great Spotify alternative.


sites like spotify #2 Deezer is another site that can compete with Spotify. Deezer was launched in 2007 as a free music streaming website. The only difference with this site is that it requires mandatory user registration in order to use its services. This is being done to get the profile of the listener since Deezer relies on ads to keep them going. In terms of content, Deezer has a total of 53 million licensed tracks in its library and more radio channels. It also offers high-quality music streaming. However, if you are not the type to register your information just to listen to music, Deezer is not for you. If we are talking about quality and content, then it proves to be a good alternative to Spotify.


site like spotify #3 8Tracks is an interesting music streaming website, because it is not only for music. This site fosters interactions between its users by requiring them to create an account and make a playlist of atleast 8 songs to share with other users. This is one thing that sets it apart from other Internet-based music streaming app because not only it has various contents but also fosters friendship. Like any other music streaming sites, it also has premium features. As of the moment, 8Tracks charges $25 for a six-month subscription with its perks and benefits like unlimited and ad-free streaming and more. 8Tracks is still a work in progress but is already a great Spotify alternative on its own.

last fmAnother site worth mentioning is This is a music streaming site that is quite popular, since it’s been around for quite some time now. is a simple site with a lot of music in its library. Furthermore, to help people choose the type of music that they want, has ready-made playlist and music categories for easier browsing. The only downside to this is that, it is only available on PC, as it does not have its mobile application yet. It is highly recommended that a first time user register for an account. This lets you comment on the playlist that you choose and interact with other listeners. However, it’s undeniably a strong candidate among the best sites like Spotify.


site like spotify #5 Last on the list is Accuradio. This is an online radio with lots of music content and playlist. Accuradio does not have a mobile application and is only available on PC, which is not portable. However, in terms of music, it is loaded with the songs from different decades to the latest hits. One downside of the website though, are the ads which are all over the page. But in terms of sound quality, it is good and got a wide range of selection. You can also opt to register for an account which gives you certain privileges and perks. However, over-all, it makes a great alternative to Spotify.

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Music plays an important role in our everyday life. That is why having a good music streaming application is essential. The list of sites like Spotify, that are listed above can provide good-quality music and endless choices. But if you are not subscribed to their respective plans, then ads will always interrupt your fun. For unlimited and ad-free music, without paying for anything, you can just record the songs directly by using Acethinker Music Recorder. This will enable you to save the songs that you like on your device without spending, and play them anytime.

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