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Top 11 Websites Like Soundcloud for Music Streaming

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SoundCloud is a well-known music sharing website, where users can listen to a wide range of songs. Most music-loving people have encountered the name SoundCloud on their search for the best website to stream music. That is why aside from being a website, it also launched a mobile application with the same name. This contributed a lot to the popularity of SoundCloud as people can now listen to music, anytime, anywhere. However, there are times that SoundCloud is not working due to different reasons. Here are some of the best sites like SoundCloud which you can also try on your mobile devices.

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sites like soundcloud 2This site is a nice alternative for SoundCloud. The popularity of Audiomack over the years have been increasing since it went into partnership with four years. You will find all the basic SoundCloud features on this platform, like the favorite/like, share/repost, and more. However, Audiomack has more features compared to SoundCloud, a balanced layout with an organized streaming system, community, and network, and the interface is very clean and professional. This platform allows users to embed videos alongside their tracks, which can be viewed on the website. It features a song banner that has all information about the song which is connected to relevant pages. If your track gets featured on it, your profile will be linked by Audiomack right beneath the track info. Audiomack also features a ranking system that allows users to find treading songs easily and allow artist on the site to know how their track is performing on the list. The ranking occurs continuously.

Tips for streaming Audiomack on mobile:

On your iPhone, open the App Store and search for Audiomack. Click the “Get” button and install its mobile version. When the app is installed completely, open it and start streaming music. From the main interface of the app, there is a selection of songs you can play. Click on the song that you like, and the playback will start automatically.


sites like soundcloud 4This platform is similar to SoundCloud, and some people prefer this site more. However, Mixcloud is different from SoundCloud, even though it is similar. It focuses more on mixes and podcast than single tracks. You can upload mixtapes to this site and browse to discover different music genres. The site’s standard requires uploading content as a single track (although as mixtapes). One interesting feature about this site is that it is ideal for real music lovers seeking an intimate or personal experience; Mixcloud wants users on the platform to find music that will suit their taste and also creates a listening experience. Most contents on this platform are talk shows in the form of radio shows or podcasts where users upload their track mix. Since it only permits single track, it may not be a nice option since most people do not like to listen to a large single mix track which can be time-consuming.

Tips on how to stream Mixcloud on mobile

For iPhone users, you can get the app by going to App Store. Search for Mixcloud and click the “Get” button to install. From the main panel, click the channel of your choice. Then, select the playlist that you wish to play from the chosen channel.

mobile interface mixcloud


sites like soundcloud 5This site is very popular and is very similar to SoundCloud. Reverbnation was dominating at first, but this diminished after the launching of SoundCloud. One of the things that made the site very popular is that it is well endowed with lots of amazing features for both music lovers and artists. Features that are useful to artist include social syncing, electronic press kits, digital distribution, email marketing, and more. Reverbnation has a user-friendly interface, and the platform is focused on providing for local indie artists. The platform has a show feature, listing all music shows happening close to you, and it helps connect the local artists with their fans. The discovery feature of Reverbnation is top-notch, making it super easy for music lovers to find the music of their choice.

How to stream Reverbnation on mobile

On your iOS device, Open the App Store. Type in “Reverbnation” on the search box and from the search results, click the “Get” button beside Reverbnation. Upon opening Reverbnation, it will let you choose the mix or genre that you like to play. After choosing a track, click the “Play” button at the bottom of your screen to start streaming music.

play music on reverbnation


sites like soundcloud 3This platform was specifically designed to address the issue of producers not earning money and gaining recognition for their work in the music industry. BeatStars, however, comes with amazing features that can help a passionate beat maker excel in the music industry; thus, this platform is ideal for beat makers who want their creations to be famous or beat lovers searching for dope beats. This platform also makes it easy for beat makers registered on the website to connect easily to other artists who want to buy their creations, beats or recordings. Producers can record and upload their beats with BeatStars and assign a price to their creation, which can be sold with non-exclusive; this means the producer still remains the sole owner of the neat and has the right to sell to other interested artists. Another interesting feature of this platform is that it is endowed with content for users that can be filtered, such as most popular, recently published and under popular with a song reference track, chorus, popular collaborations and more. BeatStars also features chat rooms that allow artist communicate and share contents with producers; this chat feature is only available as an app called Beatstars Chat which is available for download on most mobile devices to keep like-minded individuals connected at all time.


soundcloud alternative 1Bandcamp is the one of the best SoundCloud alternatives for upcoming audio artists and musicians. This platform has a lot of interesting features, and they have been operating for a long time. Bandcamp is ideal for upcoming artists hoping to build a strong fan base and publish their music. Artists get to decide the amount they charge for their song, Bandcamp takes a little percent from this money, and the rest goes to the artist. This deal is great since most artist hardly makes money off their songs due to the many parties and middle-men involved. Also, artists can use this platform in selling physical merchandise like album copies, t-shirts, and so on. Users can lead people to their page to purchase merchandise owned by the artists or browse through their tracks by creating a domain name to their names; thus, making the platform a one-stop site for musicians and fans alike. Bandcamp is a nice platform that connects fans directly to their favorite musicians and connects artists directly to their fans.


pandora playlists

Pandora is a music portal where you can listen to music on different genres. You can start streaming your favorite music from different countries without paying for a premium account. Actually, Pandora has two kinds of subscription. One of which is free-based streaming that comes with ads, yet with fee-based subscription, you will get to enjoy streaming having no ads or interruption. You can download and use the app for free on your computer and your phone. What is right about this tool is that you can download on your Android and Apple device for free. However, open access has some restrictions. Unlike if you have a premium account; you can stream without ads, Create a playlist, unlimited skips and replays.



The next one is Spotify. It is a music streaming site similarly to Pandora. It is an app that you can download on your PC and mobile device. You can download this app for free. However, you have to register by using an active email account to access the app. Though you can access the app without paying, there are just some limitations on usage. Primarily personalization features are not supported to free access. Ads are also on or before the songs starts to play. You may not be able to skip when you please. You have to register for a premium account first. This app is widely known for it’s immersing catalog of music. You can find almost all popular music here. is similar to SoundCloud with a large source of content, but this site is not that popular. All features found in SoundCloud are available on, it contains feed, profile pages, comment, and share features; see this platform as a steroid version of SoundCloud. also has a similar appearance with SoundCloud. This platform, however, has some extra features like “Maps,” which allows users to discover music in their location by showing artist nearby who uploaded music tracks. also have an interesting feature that allows users to sort their feed by genre, track length, and upload time. Users can choose to show or hide details such as track plays, shares, number of tracks; this is also applicable to popular tracks that appear on the feed. It also comes with a group feature (this feature was removed from SoundCloud) which is like a public playlist that allows users to share their favorite music and tracks.

Clyp.itJust like SoundCloud, is a site that allows artists to upload music. This platform allows users to upload and share tracks, it operates like Google Drive or a storage account, but only for audio. is more focused on the music than the artist and has basic features like comments, sharing, and more. However, is not a popular platform, and it has poor discoverability and community. is suitable for people searching for random music; you may not be lucky if you are looking for a particular artist or a specific music type. But if you are just concerned about sharing your music quickly, this platform is a nice option.


YouTube MusicThis platform is already popular, and aspiring musicians can utilize it the same way they do with SoundCloud. You may be thinking YouTube is only suitable for videos alone, that was then. Users can now share offbeat and unconventional tracks on the site using still images as the video. YouTube is the best place to reach a large audience and discover undiscovered music. The good thing about this platform is that it has a huge customer base, which allows artists to increase their fan base and the platform is user-friendly. All you need to do to build your fan is upload your song on the platform using all relevant description and branding information. You can now create good videos that will suit your music when you have a huge fan base. Exploiting this platform the right way can propel you to success.


SoundclickSoundclick is one of the oldest streaming sites and music distribution platforms. This site has been operating since 1997; it’s likely the oldest music streaming site. Soundclick is similar to SoundCloud, but the interface is not appealing; however, it has an extensive collection of content that users may find interesting. You can search for cool songs from a particular artist or genre at ease. The main advantage of SoundCloud is that is has a robust community and users/artist get to interact with one another; this is so because the platform has been operating for a very long time. Artist can sell their songs on the platform, and most beat producers are fond of using the site as it allows them to sell their beats to rap artists. SoundCloud is more of a social hub for song artist than music fans; it is a nice platform to try out if you are into music creation.

How to Record from Music Streaming Sites

The sites mentioned above all require Internet connectivity to access. However, there are times when Internet connection is not available, and you want to hear your favorite songs. When this happens, you can just save the songs directly on your device. You can do that by using Acethinker Music Recorder. This tool can record songs and other system audio in high quality without background noises. To know how to record your favorite songs, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download the tool

Get the installer by clicking the download buttons below and run it on your PC device.

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Step2 Start Recording the Song

Once installation is successful, launch the tool and from the home screen, select “Record”. Go to the music streaming site, and play the song to record. Go back to the tool immediately and click the “Record” button.

set up music recorder

Step3 Save the Recording

Once the song is finished, click the “Stop” button on the tool to end the recording, and the file will be saved. The file is available for playing on the “Library” tab. Select the song file and click the “Play” button, to open the folder where the audio file is saved, click the “Folder” icon.

stop the recording

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