Top 5 Websites like Soundcloud for Music Streaming

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Top 5 Websites like Soundcloud for Music Streaming

SoundCloud is a well-known music sharing website, where users can listen to a wide range of songs. Most music-loving people have encountered the name SoundCloud on their search for the best website to stream music. That is why aside from being a website, it also launched a mobile application with the same name. This contributed a lot to the popularity of SoundCloud as people can now listen to music, anytime, anywhere. However, there are times that SoundCloud is not working due to different reasons. However, SoundCloud is not the only music sharing site around. Here are some of the best sites like SoundCloud that you must try.


soundcloud alternative 1 Bandcamp is an American music company based in California. Founded in 2008, it gained popularity because of the wide selection of artist and songs in their library. Aside from being a music sharing site, users can also legally purchase music and send them as gifts to someone via Bandcamp. This site also lets people embed their music to their respective social media accounts making it more popular. Uploading a song on Bandcamp is absolutely free, however, you need to sign up for an account to gain full access. Although you can stream music without having to sign in to anything which makes it convenient for people who just want to casually listen to their favorite songs. That is the reason why Bandcamp is a great alternative to Soundcloud.


sites like soundcloud 2 Next to make the list is Audiomack. This site is another great Soundcloud alternative because it is always updated with new tracks. It even features upcoming songs and artist which add a sense of exclusivity, because it gives you early access to future hits. Audiomack also have a mobile app for both Android and Mac device. Like most websites, it requires you to log in to have full access to their service. However, the music are available to listen to even if you don’t have an account with them. This allows people to listen to the newest track whatever time they want.


sites like soundcloud 3 BeatStars is another music streaming site like SoundCloud. Note that this website not only lets you stream music, but also gives you a chance to sell your music to the world and start a career as a musician. BeatStars hosts a lot of tracks for aspiring artist and well-known record labels, making it a venue for people who are looking for a fresh perspective in music. One feature of BeatStars is that it allows you to listen to tracks that can be bought legally at the same time. This is affiliated with many know artist and organizations so you can be sure that all tracks are legitimate.


sites like soundcloud 4 Mixcloud is also a notable site similar to Soundcloud. It is one of the more prominent music streaming website because it is so popular that even a former President of the United States, uses it. Mixcloud is site dedicated to only streaming music, and not allowing download of their content. The music that the site houses are from recommendations of registered users of the site. You can choose from its wide variety of music content and artist. The site also features radio shows and podcast, adding more selection to its content. Thus making it worthy site like Soundcloud in terms of content.


sites like soundcloud 5 Last but not the least is Reverbnation. If independent music is your jam, then this is the site for you. Reverbnation is an open site where aspiring artist can upload and introduce their music to the world. This site has a collection of music from all over the world, which adds to the diversity of its contents. Joining is absolutely free on this site and that is why it is a top choice among a new artist. That is the reason why it makes a great substitute to Soundcloud.



Pandora is a music portal where you can listen to music on different genres. You can start streaming your favorite music from different countries without paying for a premium account. You can download and use the app for free on your computer and your phone. What is right about this tool is that you can download on your Android and Apple device for free. However, open access has some restrictions. Unlike if you have a premium account; you can stream without ads, Create a playlist, unlimited skips and replays.



The next one is Spotify.It is a music streaming site similarly to Pandora. It is an app that you can download on your PC and mobile device. You can download this app for free. However, you have to register by using an active email account to access the app. Though you can access the app without paying, there are just some limitations on usage. Primarily personalization features are not supported to free access. Ads are also on or before the songs starts to play. You may not be able to skip when you please. You have to register for a premium account first. This app is widely known for it’s immersing catalog of music. You can find almost all popular music here.



Jamendo music has more than 500,000 music uploaded by different artist. The site aims to connect musicians from all over the world. Everyone who wants to enjoy listening to musicv online can stream with the highest audio resolution. Whether you are a professional musician or an aspiring one, you can browse thousands of music here. In fact 40,000 artists upload music here from over 150 countries. It is for free so nothing can stop you enjoy music with Jamendo. Also you can download the music you listening to with the use of the built-in downloader from the site. is another music online streaming site where you can listen to your favorite song. With Hearthis, you can upload your videos without limitation. Even the files supported by the site like WMA, FLAC, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV, and MP3. In any case that the video file is not supported by the site you can use a Free online converter . Aside from that, you can also get paid but uploading your music using your PayPal account. To be specific, Urban, Electronic and acoustic are some of the most popular genre being listened to lately.


MixCrate is a music community for those who are music lovers and aspiring to be professional musicians or singers. It is not just a site where you can listen to bunch of music in different genre, you can also upload mixes, build your own Radio station, Podcasts and mixtapes. By Logging in, you can create a playlist on your account and share your master piece to the whole world. That being said, it is considered one of the best alternative sites for Soundcloud.

Download or Record Songs from Music Streaming sites

The sites mentioned above all require Internet connectivity to access. However, there are times when Internet connection is not available, and you want to hear your favorite songs. When this happens, you can just save the songs directly on your device. You can do that by using Acethinker Music Recorder. This tool can record songs and other system audio in high quality without background noises. To know how to record your favorite songs, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download the tool

Get the installer by clicking the download buttons below and run it on your PC device.

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Step2 Launch the application

Once installation is successful, launch the tool and from the home screen, select “Record”.

click the record button

Step3 Start recording the song

Go to the music streaming site, and play the song to record. Go back to the tool immediately and click the “Record” button.

start the recording process

Step4 Stop the recording process

Once the song is finished, click the “Stop” button on the tool to end the recording, and the file will be saved.

finish the recording process

Step5 Play and locate the file

The file is available for playing on the “Library” tab. Select the song file and click the “Play” button, to open the folder where the audio file is saved, click the “Folder” icon.

play and locate the file

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Hearing good music can definitely affect your day in a good way. And having the right application and music sharing site is the key to listen to great tunes. With the websites like Soundcloud mentioned above, you will definitely get the best out of your favorite artist. In the event that you want to record your favorite songs, you can use Acethinker Music Recorder to do the job. Get high quality and clear recording every time with the most robust Music Recorder. By the way, if you know any other great sites that can be used to replace SoundCloud, please do share with us in the comment area. Thank you!

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