The Top 8 Sites Like Pandora for Music Streaming

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The Top 8 Sites Like Pandora for Music Streaming

Adding up to the excellent audio quality of Pandora and the free music listening services, Pandora also has its own disadvantages. The first is that you can only access Pandora within the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand due to strict license restrictions. Plus, with Pandora, you cannot fast forward and rewind songs, and skip songs. You can also play only one song per album at a time. For these reasons, more and more people are looking for sites like Pandora that offers similar or better services. In recent years, numerous online music websites like Pandora have grown rapidly, attracting users from around the world. Here we have listed the best 8 ones for your referene according to our research.


spotify imageSpotify is the very first Pandora alternative on our list. This site has a lot to offer, including its huge music library and widespread acceptance. And again, the web interface leaves something to be desired. We’ve as well found that this internet radio website can be more enjoyable than some of its rivals. Do you want to stream as needed? Spotify is one of the best. Would you like to expand your taste? Take a look at their music discovery tools. You’ll also find a lot of non-music content, including comedy and podcasts.


jango image Jango is a great online radio service allows easy access to users, regardless of your geographic location. Founded in November 2007, this free music site is known for its extensive music collection and hands-on social networking services. With it, you can create customizable stations, skip songs without restrictions and have many other benefits. The site contains some ads. Banner advertising is very common but does not bother with correct placement of the ad. Each entry displays related tweets, texts, biographies of the artist, pictures, and videos. We consider it one among the sites like Pandora for it easy formula.


grooveshark imageAnother popular music streaming website like Pandora is Grooveshark. This site offers all the stuff of some other websites with music, user tags, and playlists. One very great feature Grooveshark offers above its contenders, which has also led to controversy, is the ability to upload music. This feature is designed to enable music fans to straightforwardly upload their very own music creations. However, some copyright infringements have been identified (a problem where Grooveshark still works). If you are looking for a Pandora alternative because you want to pay extra attention to your musical career or band, Grooveshark is the perfect match and even excelled Pandora in some areas.

Google Play Music

google play musicGoogle Play Music (GPM) is one of the leading sites like Pandora. It offers the most elegant and clean interface of any modern music streaming service. It also provides access to over 35 million songs, both on-demand and on-air. Google Play Music offers virtually everything Pandora does, and a little more. Google has purchased the incredible Songza engine that auto recommends good songs mixes based on time of the day, mood, and even activity. In advantage to your very regular streaming, you can actually upload your music as well as stream the songs from anywhere.


slacker imageSlacker is another Pandora alternative and probably reminds you of Pandora due to its simple interface. The website is much liked by lots of fans out there, as we hear a slogan often “There’s nothing much more than the Slacker Specials”, the Slacker also features weekly and monthly episodes on Gender Countdown, Album of the Week, Slacker Top 40, and more. Slacker is an ingenious way to see what’s popular and maybe discover something new.

Last FM

lastfm imageLast FM is also among the websites similar to Pandora. It offers free and paid accounts to unlock extra features and benefits (just as most sites like Pandora). has a large collection of music that allows users to easily create a music profile by listening to their music collection from a computer, an iPod, or Internet radio Last FM service. The site offers recommendations and groups so you can easily find music and connect with people who have a similar taste in music. Users who have an Xbox LIVE subscription can also access the premium features of through their Xbox.


deezer imageDeezer is definitely one of the top Pandora alternatives. This library of Deezer has more than 40 million songs, leaving most of its competitors out of the water, including Pandora. But while Deezer’s user interface does not go wrong, there is nothing special about it and it can be a bit difficult to navigate. But as soon as you navigate it first and second times it will be easier for you out there. The site has lots of public playlists in more than 24 genres. Actively generated great mixes based on musicians as well as genres. A growing flood playlist that adapts to your taste and your favorite!


iheartradio imageThe last recommended service like Pandora is iHeartRadio. This site was founded in 2008 with various radio stations in the United States. In fact, iHeartRadio is one of the largest platforms known to online radio stations. This alternative to Pandora offers quality music and special radio programs. You can create your own radio playlist, search for songs by artist, play music according to your mood, and listen to live radio stations. Iheartradio is one of the sites like Pandora, and it prohibits users from fast rewinding or forwarding songs.


Though Pandora is a great site for music and internet radio entertainment, there are many drawbacks. Unfortunately, with the development of the Internet, now there are numerous websites like Pandora you can switch to. What do you love or hate regarding Pandora? What exactly is your preferred Pandora alternative? And again, what do you truly love about this service? Is there a free music streaming service similar to Pandora that you don’t see on our list? Please tell us in the comments box below, thank you.

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