Top 10 Awesome Sites Like Pandora for Free Music Streaming

The Top 10 Sites Like Pandora for Music Streaming

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Adding up to the excellent audio quality of Pandora and the free music listening services, Pandora also has its own disadvantages. The first is that you can only access Pandora within the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand due to strict license restrictions. Plus, with Pandora, you cannot fast forward and rewind songs, and skip songs. You can also play only one song per album at a time. For these reasons, more and more people are looking for sites like Pandora that offers similar or better services. In recent years, numerous online music websites like Pandora have grown rapidly, attracting users from around the world. They are not only compatible with computer operating system, but also offer support to mobile OS such as iOS and Android devices. Here we have listed the best 10 ones for your reference according to our research.

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SpotifySpotify is the very first Pandora alternative on our list. It began operation as a Swedish music streaming website in 2008; however, this platform has expanded to other regions like the United States, Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and more. Most devices (like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows) can be used to access this music streaming website. Users can use Spotify to browse music by genre, artist, album, record label as well as other search filters that makes finding your favorite songs easy.

To remove restrictions just like most websites, Pandora, for instance, Spotify offers subscription memberships. Also, Spotify focuses on social media and integration, this makes sharing and tracking music easy for users. Spotify is the most popular music streaming site in Sweden, with a vast collection of tracks (about 20 million or more) depending on your location. As long as the music streaming industry is concerned, Spotify is absolutely a healthy competition.

Tips on streaming Spotify on mobile:

To stream music on Spotify, you need to install the app on your mobile phone first. We will use iOS device as an example. Go to the App Store then search for the app. Click on the “Get” button and download Spotify. Next, launch the app and you will be welcomed with a lot music genres. Select the genre that you like to listen to. Then, click the “Play” button to start streaming music.


JangoJust like Pandora, Jango is another unique site that allows users to create a custom radio station. Users can create a radio station for themselves and share with other users on the platform without stress. To use this service, users get to select a particular song or artist and Jango fills the blanks with related music and artist. After that, users can rate artists and songs as they play to impact the frequency that they play.

Also, Jango has an interesting social network feature that gives its users the ability to find other users on the platform based on music preferences. Jango, similar to Pandora, is one of few platforms that don’t offer premium membership, instead, rely mainly on music sales and advertising.

Tips on mobile streaming on Jango:

We will be using Android device to demonstrate the process. Launch your Google Play Store app and type in Jango on the search bar of the app. From the results, select Jango and click on the “Install” button. From the list of music genres, select the genre you like the most and click the “Play” button at the bottom right corner to start streaming music.


DeezerDeezer is definitely one of the top Pandora alternatives. This library of Deezer has more than 40 million songs, leaving most of its competitors out of the water, including Pandora. But while Deezer’s user interface does not go wrong, there is nothing special about it and it can be a bit difficult to navigate. But as soon as you navigate it first and second times it will be easier for you out there. The site has lots of public playlists in more than 24 genres. Actively generated great mixes based on musicians as well as genres. A growing flood playlist that adapts to your taste and your favorite! For you to stream music using its mobile app, take a look at the steps below.

How to stream music on Deezer on mobile devices:

As an example, we will be using Android device. From the Play Store search for Deezer app. Then, click the “Install” button to get the mobile app and have it installed on your smartphone. Once the app completely installed, run it and start streaming music. From the main interface, choose the theme of music you like to play. In the album, click the “SHUFFLE PLAY” button and listen to your favorite songs.


GroovesharkGrooveshark is also a popular music streaming website like Pandora. This amazing streaming platform also offers all exciting features (like songs, playlist, user followings) found in other websites that permit music streaming. However, GrooveShark offers a music upload option; a feature not offered by its competitors, creating a lot of controversy. The music upload feature was created for users to upload their music creation, but it’s experiencing copyright abuse (GrooveShark is currently working on this).

If you’re searching for a platform like Pandora because you want to showcase your music career or give your band more exposure, GrooveShark is a nice option.

Google Play Music

google play musicGoogle Play Music is one of the leading sites like Pandora. It offers the most elegant and clean interface of any modern music streaming service. It also provides access to over 35 million songs, both on-demand and on-air. Google Play Music offers virtually everything Pandora does, and a little more. Google has purchased the incredible Songza engine that auto recommends good songs mixes based on time of the day, mood, and even activity. In advantage to your very regular streaming, you can actually upload your music as well as stream the songs from anywhere. You can give Google Play Music a try if you are looking for a good alternative to Pandora.


SlackerSlacker is one of the top online radio stations on the planet. This platform gives users the ability to create their own radio station by artist, genre or personal songs, giving room for customization. Slacker is fun and unique because the radio stations (about 100) were created by experts (DJs, experts in the music industry, and so on).

Just like Pandora, Slacker is available for use on most devices, including Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry. This site has licensing deals with almost all the major label and the platform is accessed by more than 25 million listeners regularly. Slacker has 3 accounts levels; a free version that supports ads, a plus version that’s add-free and permits additional features and finally, the premium version that allows subscribers select songs on demand like an MP3 player.

Last FM

last fmLast FM is very popular and similar to Pandora. This platform can recommend music and also concerts depending on the type of music you find interesting. has a large collection of music and offers users both free and paid accounts (paid accounts comes with extra features and benefits). Users can easily create a music profile when they listen to their song collection from their device or when they use the internet radio service. This process, which involves music tracking and log creation, is referred to as scrobbling.

Another thing about is that it offers groups and recommendations that allows users to find music and connect to people with a similar taste for music without difficulty. Xbox users with Xbox Live subscription have access to premium features. You should consider if you are looking for a platform that offers online radio site and nice music streaming.


iHeartRadioiHeartRadio is a popular online radio site and has been operating since 2008. This platform offers users music recommendation and a radio network aggregator that brings together content from different radio stations. Users can access iHeartRadio using the internet through their site, mobile device, and even some game consoles.

Besides, users can create personalized radio stations by choosing from a large collection of songs and artists (more than 10 million). iHeartRadio also integrates social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, improving user’s listening and sharing experience. If you love listening to music on the radio and you reside in the United States, then iHeartRadio is a great Pandora alternative.

Amazon Music

Amazon MusicAre you aware that with Amazon Prime Subscription, you have complete access to music tracks (more than one million) without ads? Besides the 2 days shipping on Amazon items that comes with Amazon Prime service, it also offers a huge movie collection, TV shows, and music streaming.

If you are still skeptic about subscribing for Amazon Prime – which cost $99 per year – but also searching for top-notch offers to stream moves, then this package is a good fit. Amazon Prime program also offers a 30-day free trial which gives you access to different music available in their database, so you can give this a try if you still have doubts, then come to a final decision.


MusicoveryMusicovery is also a custom web radio platform that focuses on individual song choices instead of artists and genres as the basis to discover music. Users on this site are likely to find more music compared to platforms that are focused on matching artist.

Musicovery operates in a similar way like Pandora, where users on the site listen and rate tracks to personalize their listening experience. This platform, which is available on iOS devices and mobile phones, allows users to browse the site by date range and also get rid of genres they have no interest for.


Though Pandora is a great site for music and internet radio entertainment, there are many drawbacks. Unfortunately, with the development of the Internet, now there are numerous websites like Pandora you can switch to. What do you love or hate regarding Pandora? What exactly is your preferred Pandora alternative? And again, what do you truly love about this service? Is there a free music streaming service similar to Pandora that you don’t see on our list? Please tell us in the comments box below, thank you.

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The Top 10 Sites Like Pandora for Music Streaming

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