Limewire Alternatives for Downloading Music

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With the booming of P2P applications, downloads online have become extraordinarily effortless. As a quick and straightforward P2P file sharing program, Limewire was considered to be the king ruler in this field. However, it is a controversial one. Limewire is a program without payment, with which you can download all of your favorite music and MP3 files from other file sharers across the globe. It was a very convenient tool for downloading music. However, it was officially shut down in 2010, which forces all its users to seek sites like Limewire for free music downloading. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the viruses or common security issues of P2P programs. There are thousands of excellent websites similar to Limewire for music downloading, and they can be used either on Android or iOS phones. Some popular ones are listed here.

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MP3 Ripper

mp3ripper cover . MP3 Ripper is another helpful app like all the Limewire-like sites mentioned above. It is so clean that there is no malware of bundled software. What’s more, MP3 Ripper supports high quality, lossless compression. The quality of downloaded songs is guaranteed. We can download music using MP3 Ripper in two ways. One is depending on the search function, and the other one is using URL. However, not all websites are supported by this site. It is only compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc. Also, if you want to rip music from live streams, a pro version of it needs to be purchased.

TIPS: Even though this tool doesn’t have a mobile, you can still use it on your phone by searching it on a web browser. By doing that, you can directly download mp3 music on your phone. You can collect your favorite songs at ease.

mp3ripper cover


beemp3s cover .Among all the free music downloading websites like Limewire, BeeMP3 is considered to be the simplest one. Unlike the two applications we mentioned above, BeeMP3 offers a powerful search engine. If you want to get MP3s, you can access via various ways, such as artist, song title, album, alphabetically, top searches, and artists. Moreover, the mobile version enables users to download songs by using their smartphones with no trouble. There is also a drawback of BeeMP3. Its online music library is a double-edged sword. For another point, it is convenient for the selection, but it also has the risk of viruses, adware, hoax searches, malware, and sham resource. It will be helpful if it can scrutinize the songs before grabbing.

TIPS: BeeMP3 is one of the most popular mp3 downloaders on the net. However, it doesn’t have an app for you to install on your phone. In that case, you’ll need to search for it using a web browser, and you can start downloading music using your Android or iOS device.

beemp3s cover

AceThinker Music Recorder

music recorderSome people may be searching for a music downloading program which can support Mac OS like Limewire. AceThinker Music Recorder is really a good choice. Every sound or voice from your computer or microphone is able to be recorded. What’s more, you can call conversations as well. Here are the procedures for downloading online.

Step1 Download and activate the tool

Firstly you can click the button below to get the right version of the program and afterwards follow the wizard to install it on your computer. Once the installation has been completed, activate it to continue.

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Step2 Customize the Recording Settings

By default, the format produced by the tool is mp3, thus changing it will be possible. You just have to click the “Gear” icon from the top right side of the interface and choose settings. From there another window pop-ups, click recording settings. From there click the drop down to see more options.

customize settings

Step3 Start the recording

Now you will need to choose the audio source that you would like to record. Simply click the Audio Source icon located at the right bottom and select System Sound as the option so as to record music from the computer. After you click the “start” button to begin the recording. After that, the icon changes into the “stop” button.

Mr start the recording

Step4 Save the recording

To stop the recording, click red squared shape button. Notice above the stop button, a “note” symbol will appear labeled as “track” that represents the recorded file. Double-click it to play.
MR stop the recording

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Limewire Alternatives for Downloading Music

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