Tips for Recording Saavn Music and More

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Tips for Recording Saavn Music and More

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As one of the most popular music radio stations over internet, Saavn teems with adequate high-quality songs. It’s extremely suitable for people who’re looking for Hindi music on web. From here you could easily explore into millions of tracks in various genres and alums. If you usually visit Saavn you may wonder the possibilities to record audio streams for future playback. In so doing, you can bring music on-the-go with your portable players, enjoy them on your computer with more control options, etc. Due to the fact that there’s no such privilege available on Saavn (unless you subscribe pro service), a possible way is probably using a third-party audio recorder. In this essay we will discuss practical solutions for recording music streams and enriching Saavn music entertainment.

Record Audio on Webpage

free audio recorder

This is a web-based tool which lets you record sounds along with voice via microphone (if you prefer) online. It works on your browser and is one-click away to run without installation or registration. You could utilize this versatile tool to record any sound you hear on Saavn or other music stations. Just follow the procedure to do the trick:

  • Visit this page to access online audio recorder.
  • Upon clicking “Start Recording” button in the center, opt to “System Sound” and then wait for the app to activate.
  • Take a short while to install the launcher on your computer and you could utilize this app directly in the future.
  • Click “Start Recording” again to run this app. When you see the interface shows up, click that red button to start with recording and then play your favorite song on Saavn.
  • Ensure that there’s no other sounds intervene your recording when the tool is running. You just need to click the stop icon on the bottom when the song is over. And then click the music folder on bottom-right of interface to locate recorded file. That’s it.

Audio Recorder Software


By utilizing a more proficient software audio recorder, you can access more functions in managing your audio clips and also add them with ID3 tags in automatic way. You may just leave the program running when playing the songs, which will be then recorded properly. The program also filters out the ads during recording and gives you the pure song eventually. Moreover, you could personalize your collections by editing tags, splitting audio tracks, syncing them to iTunes, etc.

Try It Free

For using this tool, you also need to download and install the program completely before running it. Once done, activate the recording process by clicking the red icon and then go for streaming a song on Saavn. You could either stay on the music page or switch to other tasks, just guarantee there’s no intermission in playing the music. When it’s done, resume to the program’s interface and hit “Stop” button. You will immediately see the recorded music in file list and readily to use flexibly.

Tips for Streaming Saavn Music on Mobile

Saavn has released official client app for people to stream the music on their mobile with WiFi connection. It’s now available on Google Play and iTunes Store for you to easily install on your mobile. It provides you similar experience of streaming music on computer, you can also check into Hindi, English, Bollywood songs and more. The robust built-in music search engine and abundant music categories should deliver perfect music to suit your needs at different time. With the pro subscription of 3.99$ per month, you could enjoy the downloads of unlimited songs on your mobile.

To sum up, we have elaborated feasible solutions to record music on Saavn either through online app or desktop software. And we have also reveal the way to download music on your mobile. If you prefer, you may also transfer the recorded songs from computer to your mobile. Hope this article helps you collet the music your like from Saavn.

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