How to Record TeamSpeak Audio with Ease

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How to Record TeamSpeak Audio with Ease

record teamspeakTeamSpeak is a powerful and ideal tool for online gamers, businessmen, a group of friends, or for entrepreneurs to catch up with each other with a shared server sharing ideas, tricks, notes, files, and everything. It allows its users to chat one-on-one with thousands of attendees at the same time. For gamers, TeamSpeak is the smoothest way to create a gaming server for online multiplayer gaming battles. With its secure servers and encrypted channels, TeamSpeak is the first choice for gamers and businessmen.

Most of the TeamSpeak users felt a great need to record the activities ofTeamSpeak, but few companies came up with ideas to record TeamSpeak. The most challenging one was audio recording for gamers, students, and entrepreneurs alike. There are multiple audio recording tools online that are well-equipped and popular to record sounds in high quality with versatile features and simplified UI. We have compiled an article featuring a couple of the best TeamSpeak recorder to capture TeamSpeak audio with ease.

Record TeamSpeak Audio Online for Free

Free Online Audio Recorder is a powerful and enhanced online tool to record voice with no time restrictions. The best thing about Free Online Audio Recorder is that it can record any sound from PC as well as a microphone. Apart from TeamSpeak recording, it can grab any audio activity from any audio format file or live call from the device. The GUI is easy to use and requires no tutorial, just click the recording button, and there you are, live on the recorder. Save any TeamSpeak audio or video call in MP3 format or send instructions or audio messages to the other end along with saving it.

Here is a step-by-step method of how to record TeamSpeak audio with Free Online Audio Recorder.

Step1 Initiate the program launch

Firstly you can just directly visit the official website of Free Online Audio Recorder to use this program, and click on the circled Start button appearing on the front page of the site to directly initiate the program launch.

free audio recorder webpage

Step2 Adjust the options

Before doing the actual recording, select Microphone as the audio input source so as to save TeamSpeak audio. This step is essential as in case of not properly adjusting the audio part, the TeamSpeak session will be recorded incorrectly and you will not be able to listen to it in the right way in the future.

free audio recorder interface

Step3 Perform the recording

Start your TeamSpeak software and make sure that the audio is being recorded as the green button appears on the recording tool when the Start button is pressed. After the recording, press the Stop button to halt the recording, so the program will then save the recorded audio files in .mp3 format.

record audio

Record Audio from TeamSpeak with Streaming Audio Recorder


The audio recorder is a suitable audio recorder for professionals and music lovers. It offers a broad range of sound qualities and formats of the output files. It can record anything that plays on your device. Recording audio from TeamSpeak is one of its most cherished features. Streaming Audio Recorder is fast and diverse than any of the audio recorder. Be it extracting audio from online videos or saving it from radio or TV channels online, Streaming Audio Recorder had never let its customers down with its bombastic output audio quality and efficiency in grabbing the codecs.

Here is a step-by-step method of how to extract audio from TeamSpeak from Streaming Audio Recorder.

Step1 Download the program and adjust the settings

In the very first step of this guide you can download the program from its official website, and after downloading, install it on your computer and then open the tool and click Settings. After selecting the audio source, enable shortcuts from General Settings. Select your desired shortcuts to start instant recordings.

Step2 Perform the TeamSpeak recording

Once you adjusted all the relevant setting to perform your recording, then just you’re your TeamSpeak session and press the designated shortcut key anytime when recording the TeamSpeak activity. This will go on during the whole TeamSpeak session, where in the end once the recording is finished, the Streaming Audio Recorder will automatically save the audio to the default folder.

record with streaming audio recorder


The aforementioned software are very good partners to any sort of recording activities, especially when it comes to recording TeamSpeak audio with convenience for later offline viewing at any time from your computer’s hard disk. Therefore, it is a great choice to try them out to see which one fits the most your recording needs, although in any case we strongly suggest you to try out the AceThinker solution as a great tool to fulfil all your recording needs regarding TeamSpeak sessions.

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