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online voice recorder Imagine recording and sharing voice clips with friends and family members so you can play them later whenever you wish. Do you wish to recall any special guidelines from VoIP communication with your manager? Or even record an entire voice meeting with your employees so you keep track of all stated info and details. And in case your a new artist, there is nothing more fun than recording your voice while singing your favorite track. These are only a few of the reasons people use online voice recorders nowadays. With the help of a voice recording app, you can record virtually anything you wish from your computer and microphone. This may include voice talks, calls, scripts, and others. The program basically allows you to record and store voice clips straight in your PC. However, not all tools are created equal. If you wish to know which tool seems to work the best on free audio recorder online, read the rest of this report…

Acethinker Web-Based Audio Recorder

In case you are seeking a free yet robust program that can record any type of voice clip, you should definitely try AceThinker’s Audio Recorder. This online tool doesn’t require any prior installation on your P.C registration or subscription fees. With the help of this tool, you can record premium quality voice clips from your sound card or external means e.g. your mic.

Step1 Launch the App to start recording

To start recording, You need to click the API below. Then, you can start doing your recordings now.

Click to Start

Step3 Start to record voice clip

Have the audio you wish to record ready. Once everything is settled, hit "Start" and start to record your voice clip.

start your recording

Step4 Browse the library to play

Browse through the library of clips if you wish to change or play the recorded voice track.

play your recording

Advantages: They give you a download link of the recorded audio so you can save it for future use.

Disadvantage: Unrestricted recording capability that is suitable for Windows or Mac O.S.

Overview of RecordMP3Online

recorder online An extra program that lets you record audio online is RecordMP3Online. In addition to recording audios via your microphone, this tool lets you store files in MP3 form. Furthermore, you can upload the recorded audio directly to your Dropbox. The program is compatible with smartphone and tablet devices as well.

Advantages: Comes with advanced options e.g. audio gain.

Disadvantage: Audio balance is decreased when recording longer voice tracks.

Speakpipe Overview

SpeakPipe is an additional online voice recording tool that works with Windows, iOS, and Android. You need to have Adobe Flash Player already in your computer before running this tool.

Step1 Start your Recording

Link your mic with your computer and press on "Start Recording." Then, click on "Allow" when a Flash notice appears on your screen. Lastly, the recording process will begin right after and you can use the mic to record your voice. If you want to stop this, simply hit "Stop".

start your recording

Step2 Store Audio file

Store the audio file on the Speakpipe's own server and wait for an email to be delivered to your inbox which features the link to download the recorded voice track.

store audio file

Advantages: They give you a download link of the recorded audio so you can save it for future use.

Disadvantage: The loading speed is not fast.

Toolster Online Audio recorder

timeline editing Backed-up by its ability to record audio via mic or even a webcam, Toolster is a great web-based recorder that you can try out. Besides recording voice clips, the user can make edits to the file or even download it as an MP3. Like the majority of web-based audio recorders, it is very user-friendly. To use it, simply open its official website first. Have the audio that you wish to the recordset and turn on the Flash player by clicking on the "Allow" notice appearing on your screen. Then, press the red icon to begin and stop the recording. Edit the audio file if necessary and keep it stored to your system’s hard drive.

Advantages: It has a very user-friendly screen.

Disadvantage: It doesn't work well in certain browsers like Safari and IE.

Audio Pal Overview

AudioPal can effectively record audio via mic or a smartphone device. It is armed with additional features like TTS (in multiple languages) and the uploading of personal messages so they can be shared with others. Despite allowing many input audio methods, the most widely used is "Record by Mic" option.

Step1 Record Audio

To use this, click on the third icon "Record by Mic" and hit "Allow" button once a notice appears on a screen. Next, click "Record" and set a maximum duration up to 60 secs. Then, pre-listen the recording and insert your email in the respective field. Lastly, access the recorded audio file by clicking on the link sent to your email.

record audio


There are several audio recording tools on the web that are free of charge, and each has its own features. When you pick one of these tools, make sure that it works according to your requirements. Also, choose a tool that doesn't require any tedious tasks like registration or complex downloads.

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