How to Merge Multiple Audio Files into One

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How to Merge Multiple Audio Files into One

There will be several occasions, where you would need to merge audio files. It can be for an event, or you want to organize your songs in a way that they will play non-stop. In order to merge audio files in high quality, the right tools are necessary. This is important because the clarity of the output depends on how powerful the tool was used. Listed below are some of the best tools that, you can use to merge audio files.

Acethinker Audio Recorder Online

One way to merge audio files, is by playing the audio and then record them. This is applicable if you want to create a playlist of songs that plays non-stop without any pause. Acethinker Audio Recorder Online is the best tool that you can use to record system sounds on your PC. The tool is web based and does not need any installation. This is a really simple tool that provides clear and high quality audio recording without the background noise. Below are the steps to use Acethinker Audio Recorder Online.

Step1 Launch the tool

Launch the audio recorder by clicking the button below, for first time users, they will be asked to install the launcher first. Once installed, the tool will be available anytime.


Step2 Start recording

Play the audio that you want to record consecutively, and go back to the tool, and click the “Record” button located at the lower part of the interface to start recording. Click the “Pause” button located at the center of the tool, and move to the next audio and start recording again, to avoid dead air on the recording.

start recording

Step3 Stop the recording

When all the audio or songs have been recorded, save the file by clicking the “Stop” button.

stop the recording

Step4 Listen to the merged audio

To listen to the newly created audio file, click the “Recording List” button and look for the file. Select the file and click the “Play” button to listen.

locate and play the file

Acethinker Music Recorder

For a more professional way to merge audio files, use Acethinker Music Recorder. As the name suggest, it is intended for recording audio from the system. However, it has another function which is to merge multiple audio files. This is a multi-functional tool that can do many things, from recording, downloading and merging audio files. The best thing about it is that it is easy to use because of the user-friendly interface. To learn how to use Music Recorder, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install

Click the buttons below to getet the installer and run it on the PC, then follow the setup wizard to install it properly.

Try It for Free

Step2 Launch the tool

Open the tool and from the home screen, click the “More” button and select “Audio Editor.”

audio editor

Step3 Add the files to merge

On the “Audio Editor,” click the “File” tab and select “Load files.” From the window that will appear, select the audio files to merge and click “Open.”

load the audio files

Step4 Edit the file and save

Edit the audio files according to your preference and click “File” again and then select “Save as” to export the file.

play and save the file

Freemake Audio Converter

Another tool that is worth trying is Freemake Audio Converter. This is another tool that can merge audio files into a new one. The tool is originally a file format converter, but it has a function to merge audio files too. The process is simple and does not require much time because all it takes is just a few clicks and you are done. The tool however, does not have an audio editor, so you cannot edit the audio file. If you want to try it, here are the steps to use Freemake Audio Converter.

Step1 Get Freemake Audio Converter

Download the tool by clicking the link here and install it properly on the PC.

download the tool

Step2 Run the tool

Once installed, open the tool and click the “Add Audio” tab and select the audio files to merge in order.

add audio files

Step3 Enable the merge option

Make sure to turn the “Joiner” option on from the left side of the window.

enable to join files

Step4 Select the format and convert the files

Lastly, select which file format to take, and click “Convert” to combine the audio files and convert them to the selected file format. The file will be saved to the specific folder of the tool afterwards.

convert the files


Fission is a Mac based application that allows you to edit audio files. What it does is it extracts the audio from a video and it can merge it with other audios. What is good about it, is the editor window that lets you trim, and arrange the audio you want to merge. The only downside is that it is only available on Mac. For those who wants to learn how to use it, here are the steps.

Step1 Install Fission on Mac

Download the installer of Fission from the link here. Run it on the PC and follow the setup wizard.

download the file

Step2 Import the files to merge

Open the tool and click the “Add files” button, or drag the audio files that you want to combine.

add the files to merge

Step3 Trim the audio files

Edit the files by trimming out unnecessary parts.

trim the parts

Step4 Save the file

Click the “File” tab and select “Export” from the options to save the file.

save the files


There are many tools that can merge audio files in high quality. The tools that were mentioned above can all provide great results when it comes to joining audio files together. For more great results however, use Music Recorder by Acethinker to get the best out of every audio files you merge.

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