How to Record Voice in Your Computer Easily

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How to Record Voice in Your Computer Easily

With the advancement of the technologies nowadays many computers have high quality and sophisticated audio recording option which created the opportunity for the people to record their sound and voice for various reasons. You might be interested about how to record voice from computer for a large variety of reasons, such as giving an audio based help to your friends to guide them more easily on different issues, record the voice of a professor at a lecture for easier offline study, or capture a part of an ongoing music clip or live performance to create a new ringtone and listen to the captured voice offline later-on when somebody calls. Luckily nowadays there are many highly beneficial solutions that can help you record voice, from which we took the best ones and put into this article for your own benefit.

Record voice online with AceThinker

Free Online Audio Recorder can be considered as one of the most comprehensive tool for voice recording online  without limitation on the recordable time. This tool has many beneficial features among which the most popular is that it can capture the incoming voice from both the PC as well as the user’s microphone. These are great options when it comes to a free tool, especially that it can be done for many different type of sound displaying, such as it is able to capture the audio playing that has been initiated via doing a live call on the PC which you are using. You can directly save on your hard drive any time of sound in the popular MP3 format which can be used on any type of audio player easily afterwards. Anytime when you wonder how to record voice in computer, this tool will come for your help immediately.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to use this software.

Step1 Visit the Website

Visit AceThinker’s Official Website If this is the first time that you are going to use the tool, the website will ask you to install the “Launcher” to use it.

OARofficial site

Step2 Launch the Application

Click “Start” to launch the application. Next, choose yes to install the Launcher. This app works with almost all browsers so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.


Step3 Start Recording

To begin with the recording click the “Red Button “ in the middle of the interface. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Big or the smaller one. The recording then starts. This tool can record system sound so you don’t have to worry about the background noise. But you can choose to enable the microphone to record your voice at the same time.


Step4 Stop the Recording

To end the recording click the same “red button” Then recorded files are saved in the interface. To check the recording, click the “Recorded list” represented by three lateral bars located at the bottom right-hand side of the interface. Then, locate the file name. All files are sorted by track recording sequence of 1 as the oldest recording up to the latest one.



Traverso is an additional tool that works great for audio and voice recording, with possibility of using it on both Windows and Apple’s Mac system, as well as it has Linux compatibility which makes it widely available for many type of devices especially on computers. This tool is a very balanced solution that has all the necessary features that makes users feel comfortable to use this solution which all of their common recording needs are met. Although developers put a lot of effort into making this tool very comprehensive even though it is fee, some users might experience some difficulty as this means that the interface is a bit less straightforward although that is compensated by the available function options.

Windows Sound Recorder

Windows Voice Recorder is another additional alternative free sound and voice recorder application which is also fully packed with important features for the average type of users that can meet this sort of tool for conveniently record their audio related activities. While users are able to record their sounds options generated by their computer, they are also able to record their microphone audio where they are directly speak through their microphone and therefore have instant recording on their voice. Before this tool was very unpopular due to its very strict 1 minute time limitation but however nowadays luckily this limitation has been addressed by the company and has been removed for the joy of the users.  


Another tool to be mentioned as a practical solution for the issue of how to record voice in laptop or PC is the Garageband that is a bit more special as the earlier tools with its availability being limited to only Mac computers. Although on the otherside this solution comes completely free of charge for those who are operating a Macbook or Mac computer, therefore many of the functions are compensated by the lack of price. This tool however is relatively simple and is not able to handle major and more difficult mixing and modification of the recorded voice, so is rather suggested to be used for creating demos and small recordings.


iScream is another free but very promising audio recorder tool which specifically targets the recording of sound coming from the microphone such as our voice narration for a video as well as singing rehearsal. This tool is an offline software specifically created for the enjoyment of Mac users which therefore implies that in case you have a Mac operating system on your computer or laptop, you need to install it after getting it downloaded on your system before you are able to use it anytime and anyplace offline for your new audio creations to come to life. The interface after the installation is straightforward, where you can simply initiate the audio recording via pressing the dock icon on the interface, and hitting it again one more time when the recording is desired to be ended.

Here is guide on how to use this app.

Step1 Visit the Website

Visit Media Human Official Website and follow the set-up wizard until it is launched.

Step2 Launch the Application

Launch the application after following the setup wizard upon installation. Once the application is launched, use a mouse to right-click on “Dock Icon” and adjust the settings depending on your preference. Select your desired settings, format and location where to save the recorded file.

Step3 Start Recording

To start the recording click on the “Dock” to initiate the recording. You can also start the recording by the use of the menu bar or by setting up short keys. If you did not change the save location format by default recorded files are saved by default to “Documents” > “Recorded”.

Step4 Stop the Recording

Press the “Dock” icon again to stop the recording .


When it comes to more professionally addressing how to record voice on computer, Audacity is among the top performers of the list which can be highlighted with its great comprehensive feature offering while still staying completely free of charge for those who wish to use it, let it be either Windows users, Mac OS holders, as well as Linux operators due to this tools universality. This tool is special in comparison with the other mentionable ones in the aspect that this one is an open source application that is designed for voice capturing, meaning that the comprehensive functions are much more elaborated and widely available for this tool which can therefore greatly empower you in case you decide on using it..

Ardour DAW

Ardour is an additional software which is designed for coming to the help of Mac as well as Linux users with its user friendly and understandable interface, as well as promising features which can make it appealing for even some smaller audio recording studios to use it to their benefit as a low money requirement option when they wish to record voice for creating new albums in a more comprehensive and professional manner. Some of the highlighted features include a very highly flexible capability for routing as well as the supporting of a multitude of plugins that makes customizing the possibilities to your exact need fairly easy.


Jokosher is a professional but in the meantime free of charge available program that is on the other hand able to help out only Windows as well as Linux users due to its lack of compatibility with Mac notebooks and computers. This tool does its job of voice recording in a simple manner where the developers put their major emphasis on the easy utilization potential of the program, meaning that there is a lack of advanced features which can help when edition and mixing are needed for the recorded content, while the voice recording itself can be done fairly fast and conveniently with the tool’s to-the-point design.


Last but not least you can have a look at RecordPad that is an additional recording software to capture voice within the frame of a simple program that is designed for sound recording universally on both Windows PCs and Mac computers. This tool can be described as a fast software with a smooth and easy to use interface that is able to be ideally used for recording rather simple audio content via your microphone for more easier type of audiovisual creations such as a presentation, as the software is a small and flexible tool that can be installed and put in use very quickly.


As you can see many solutions are available to record your voice with a multitude of them are specifically designed to either an operation system such as a Windows or Mac computer or both of them while the alternative options can provide additional functions or value for the users who choose them. Therefore it is advisable that you try out which solutions from our list fits you the most, while we definitely suggest you the AceThinker solution that will surely satisfy all your needs when it comes to how to record voice on PC.

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