How to Use AceThinker Free Audio Recorder

This guide is made users to record the audio from their computer, microphone or both with ease. By making a few clicks, you can easily record the sound into MP3. Find below for detailed instructions.

Due to the main aspect of recording audio online being the fact that no installation is needed, it is one of the most convenient and popular recording methods out there. In the past, in order to create an online recorder, Java has been placed as an essential part of the process. However, over the last few years, there have been several methods made available which allow for online audio recording to become a reality.

Recently, the majority of users have begun to abandon the Java platform and are looking for audio recorders where no Java is necessary, for the following reasons:

  • – Major internet browsers have begun blocking Java web-based applications.
  • – Java is notoriously known for using a lot more RAM than necessary.
  • – Simply put, Java is outdated and can slow computers.
  • – Java often requires updates, which can be inconvenient for the user.
  • – In order for an effective online audio recorder to be produced, the cache must be cleared regularly.

Using the Best Audio Recorder Online without Java

As with all online tools, the Free Online Audio Recorder does not have to be downloaded and installed on your computer system. With this recording tool, you are able to record from both your system sounds or with your microphone.

Furthermore, compatibility isn’t an issue. This recording tool is compatible with both the Windows and Mac platforms as well as all of the major web browsers, so compatibility isn’t something that you have to being worry about.

Considering the Free Online Audio Recorder is free for all to use, you simply can’t go wrong.

How to Use the Tool

1 Activating the Application

Start off by heading over to the tool’s webpage, launching the tool, and click on the “Start Recording” button which is shown. If you haven’t used this tool before now, then it’s important to download and install the provided launcher accordingly. It will only be used for the initial steps and will not be used afterwards.

2. Selecting the Audio Input Source

Once the program is up and running, you have to select the audio input source which you want to have recorded. To record the output audio of your computer, select the “System sound”. To have a connected device’s audio recorded, click on the “Microphone” option. If you’re looking to have all of your audio recorded, from both your computer and microphone, click on the “Both System Sound and Microphone” option.

3. Starting the Recording

Now that you’ve got the program up and running and have the appropriate input devices selected, click on the “Start” button. As soon as you’ve clicked on this button, all of the audio which is detected will be recorded. You are able to pause your recording at any moment and resume when necessary. Once you’ve recorded all that you want to have recorded, click on the “Stop” button.

4. Playing the Audio File

Once you’ve recorded all that you want to have recorded and have stopped the recording process, you can access the recording through your recording library. Simply click on the “Recording list”, select the recording which you want to listen to, and click on the play icon. Alternatively, you can click on the recording and click on the “Open Folder” button.

5. Recording Information

If you want to go above and beyond with your recording, then you are able to add information to your recording. This includes the artists name, song name, ID3 tags, and many other aspects of the recording.

6. Managing the Recording

Once you have a collection of recordings put together, it’s important that you manage them appropriately. Failing to manage your recordings will result in a messy library. Have your recordings named appropriately and delete any files which you have found full use out of.

Unlike other tools, the Free Online Audio Recorder is incredibly effective for recording. Not only is it free, but it provides you with all of the basic recording tools and furthermore, it is an efficient tool to use.

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