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How to Separate PDF Pages on Different Platforms

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How to Separate PDF Pages on Different Platforms

When you want to email only some parts of a PDF document instead of sending the entire file, you will think about how to split PDF pages, right? By splitting PDF into multiple files, you can save space to upload it faster and send it to your colleagues or boss. This method can also help you if your school projects are in PDF file, and needed to print a portion of it. Also, you can separate the PDF pages and use it as a bookmark, and it can help you to track the pages that you are reading. However, breaking the pages of PDF files is not an easy task, because you might lose some of the pages. Here we will show you the methods tocut pages of PDF documents on different platforms.

AceThinker PDF Writer

One of the best tools to split PDF is AceThinker PDF Writer. With it, you can easily separate PDF pages to delete unwanted pages and keep only needed ones. This tool also allows you to do various things like combining many PDF files to one. Also, you can put annotations, comments and highlights, set a password to protect your PDF file, and put signature. In fact, you can add PDF files or delete some to organize your library. With PDF Editor, enhancing your PDF files will be much easier. To understand more about this tool, follow the instructions below.

Step1 Download the app

First, download the app in AceThinker PDF Writer official website, or click one of the “Download” buttons below to get the installer.

Try It for Free

Step2 Launch the app and open the PDF file

Once you installed the app, click the “File” menu, and choose “Open” then choose the PDF file that you want to edit. You can also click the “CTRL+O” of your keyboard to locate the PDF quickly.

split pdf pages step2

Step3 Go to the Pages section

To start splitting the PDF pages, click the “Pages” option, and it will show you the pages option that you can use on editing PDF files on the rightmost part of the tool.

step 3 split

Step4 Start splitting PDF

Next, click the “Split Document” under the pages option, and set the number of pages of your document. After that, click the “OK” button to start splitting the PDF pages.

pages step 4


If you are looking for a free PDF splitter for the Mac platform, Preview can do the job for you. This app is the primary tool for reviewing images and edtting PDF files on Mac. In fact, Preview allows you to split the pages of your PDF file, put highlights and add images. With its easy-to-use interface, you can cut the pages with few simple clicks. For more information about this tool, below are the steps on how to use it.

Step1 Open the PDF using Preview

To start splitting the PDF pages, launch the Preview first on Mac. Then, double-click the PDF file that you wish to edit. It will instantly open in Preview since it is a built-in PDF editor in Mac OS.

mac preview step 1

Step2 Drag the pages to desktop

Next, to split the pages of the PDF in Preview, just drag the page that you want to cut, and drop it to the desktop.

mac preview step 2

After putting the PDF pages to the desktop, you can open it in a different tab from Preview. From there, you can individually edit those separated pages, and email those to your friends or colleagues.

Split PDF Pages on iOS Devices with Power PDF

Power PDF is an editor tool that can edit, enhance, and view PDF files on iOS devices. Also, this app can easily separate PDF pages with a few touches. It can also combine, scan a PDF using your camera, re-arrange pages, and more. You can download this tool for free in the App store. Furthermore, we will show you the steps on how to use this tool below.

Step1 Get the Power PDF app

Go to App Store from your iOS device, then search and download the Power PDF app.

powerpdf download

Step2 Run the app

Next, choose the PDF file that you want to edit, the tool will automatically scan, and show all the available PDF on your iOS device. Then, click the “Edit” button located at the upper rightmost part of the tool’s interface.

powerpdf step 2

Step3 Start splitting pages

From there, click the “Split” button to start cutting the PDF pages. It will bring you to the “Split” section from where you can start cutting pages.

powerpdf step 3

Step4 Finish splitting PDF pages

Choose the pages that you want to cut. You will see a scissor icon when you chose a page, then click “Done” from the upper rightmost part of the interface to start splitting the PDF pages.

powerpdf step 4

Separate PDF on Android with PDF Utility Lite

Android devices also have a PDF editor that you can use to split the pages on your PDF file, and it is called PDF Utility Lite. This tool can not only break the pages of your PDF documents, but it can also merge multiple files into one file. Also, this app allows you to extract images from your PDF file. Furthermore, it supports various languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more. This app for Android devices is your best choice, especially when you need to send some part of the PDF files using your smartphone. Below are the instructions on how to use PDF Utility Lite.

Step1 Install the app

Using your Android device, visit Google Play and search for PDF Utility Lite. Then download and install the app.

download the app

Step2 Launch the app

Once you installed the app, launch it, and from its main interface, click the “Split” option. After that, you can start splitting PDF pages.

pdf utility lite step 2

Step3 Search file

To locate the PDF file, click the “Select File” button, and select the PDF file that you want to edit. Then, put the number of the page that you want to split, and click the “Split File” button to start cutting the PDF pages.

pdf utililty lite step 3

Step4 Done splitting pages

Finally, after you split the pages of your desired PDF file, put a name on it, then click the diskette icon to save your file. Be aware that your split PDF file will be saved from where you located the default file.

pdf utility lite step 4


All of the provided tools in this article can help to split PDF into multiple files. Not only that, but they can also edit, put highlights and comments to enhance your PDF file, merge multiple PDF files into one, and more. From different devices like Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, you can save the effort on cutting the pages of any PDF files you desired. It doesn’t matter if it is a school project, business proposal, novel, etc. As long as it’s a PDF file, you can always split all of their pages with the said tools. Plus, all of them so easy to use, and you can download them for free. This method can help you especially when all of your important files are in PDF documents, and needed to email some portion or pages of it online.

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