Salesforce Admin Certification Dumps

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Salesforce Admin Certification Dumps

In the modern career world, there are numerous exams that professionals from different sectors will have to sit for. These exams are meant to test one’s skills and expert knowledge in their profession. Many organizations nowadays tend to hire professions with these certifications meaning they are very much highly valued. It now means that specialists will need to undertake these tests so as to at least qualify for the positions.

Furthermore, these exams are usually offered at a fee and it means that if one fails, then he/she will be required to pay again to reseat the exam. So, the candidates need to take them seriously because the certification tests will be a big boost in the career path.


The Salesforce ADM 201 exam which is also referred to as the Salesforce Administrator Certification is a test that is done by professionals who at some stage are part of processes that entail the application of Salesforce. It is a very important tool that helps to manage CRM through to main ways namely marketing andmanagement.

The exam is offered by Salesforce Company, a cloud computing company, based in San Francesco, California. Salesforce exams greatly help in improving project efficiency as well as the professionals’ image. Professionals that are set to benefit include developers, system admins, architects, and sales professionals.

One thing about this certification exam is that it covers or rather tests a lot of areas and this requires proper preparation. With the Salesforce exam is still the same as it covers a wide range of topics. They include: Sharing, Role Hierarchy, Reports and Dashboards, User Configuration, Record Types, Capabilities of Chatter, Native CRM Functionality in terms of Briefing and Defining on Opportunities, Difference between Customized and Standardized Objects, Validation Rules, Page Layouts, andData Loader.

The ADM 201 exam is very comprehensive and the candidates will get to learn a wide range of issues. The course training is designed to achieve several goals that include the following:aid the students to grasp fully the Salesforce platform and learn how to maximize on its efficiency and use, and leverage on the available service to bring about efficiency.

Exam eligibility

The first and important thing to qualify for this certification exam is one must first be an administrative professional since it is an exam for improving management and administration efficiency. Secondly, an individual should have attained one of the following degrees, namely MCA, MBA, BAC, and BSC. Lastly, the potential candidate should have a good knowledge base pertaining Salesforce.

Exam pattern

This Salesforce exam has its own structure and timeframe. The candidates are required to answer 60 questions within a time period of 90 minutes. For the students to be deemed to have passed the exam, he or she will have to attain a score of 65% and above. The ADM 201 test is available in several key languages, such as English, Brazilian, French, Portuguese, German, and Chinese.

Tips for passing

Exams can be really hectic and for you to pass them will mean that you have to put that extra effort. Below are some of the tips on how to pass the ADM 201 certification exam:

  • Start very early preparations. This will allow you to cover all the testable topics.
  • Read through all the course topics as the test will tend to touch on all the taught topics.
  • Try to find a study partner whom you can discuss together and help each other more so on topics you both do not understand.
  • Ensure you get to do numerous practice tests so as to prepare yourself adequately. Most of the practice tests are usually found online.
  • On topics, you do not understand you can inquire from your tutor to assist further. You can also join a discussion group to help you cover much ground within a short time.
  • Try reading different books on the course as this will expose you to new knowledge.

Exam resources

Salesforcethis resource is the official website of the exam. One can register for the test on the site as well as have access to various useful resources pertaining to the Salesforce exam.

Salesforce U- this is a very goodplace that offers you a great platform to train and prepare well for the exam. It contains the varied Salesforce content ranging from videos to test questions. Admin ADM-201 Lead2pass Passleader Actualteststhis is a prominent site as it allows people to share a wide range of training materials so you will definitely find Salesforce related content on this site and you will greatly benefit.

Trifinlabs – this is a perfect resource for you to learn and prepare yourself for the Salesforce exam. It contains very relevant information ranging from blogs, video content, test exams, and quizzes for a student to practice.

Focus on Forcethe site is a good resource link should you want to just immerse yourself in more practice. It has numerous practice exams that one can make use of and learn how to answer the questions.

SimpliLearn- this is a good resource point that will offer you access to different types of contents, including online classrooms and work out how to do video contents. You will be spoilt for choice.

Exam books

There are several books that are available for the candidates to read on Salesforce. They include:

Salesforce Handbook – this is a good guide book for beginners in the Salesforce world. It contains all the fundamental concepts of Salesforce that will offer you a great knowledge base. Fundamentals – this book offers a good starting point for those who want to delve more into the world of cloud computing. It offers a good platform to familiarize oneself in this area.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Developer Guide – for those who wish to build a good foundation on how to build apps on the Salesforce cloud app platform then this book will offer you all the concepts in this area.

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