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How to Rotate PDF Pages Easily and Quickly

Last updated on May 31, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

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How to Rotate PDF Pages Easily and Quickly

rotate pdf pagesPDF is a portable document format which was designed to preserve information, including images, independent of software. PDF is an industry-standard format that can be used to view important documents across multiple platforms, allowing you to easily compile, store and share electronic content. However, PDFs were not made to be edited, so to carry out even some of the most basic PDF management tasks, you will have to make use of some kind of additional software designed specifically for the purpose of editing PDFs. Often you find that certain pages of your PDF has been scanned in the wrong direction, some pages are upside down or there are images that would be more convenient to have in landscape orientation, and thus you need to rotate PDF pages. Here we will present present you 5 excellent tools that will get the job done for you.



LightPDF features some of the best free online PDF management tools and can get virtually any PDF related task done in the cloud. You can convert, merge, compress, add watermark and do many more things with LightPDF’s applications. Among these is the rotation tool that you can use to either rotate individual pages or rotate all the pages in your document with a single click. The service is completely free and you do not need to download any software or add plugins to use is. The simple, user-friendly interface, along with the intuitive drag and drop upload system will make the process of rotating simpler than ever.

Here is a quick guide on how to rotate pages using LightPDF:

Step1 Open the rotate tool

Open LightPDF’s website from any browser and from the drop-down menus across the top, click on “Other tools” where you will find the rotate tool towards the bottom of the list.

lightpdf rotate pdf tool

Step2 Upload your PDF

Upload your PDF by simply dragging and dropping it in the given field or by clicking the Choose file button and selecting the right PDF from your computer’s directory.

Upload your PDF

Step3 Rotate the pages

A thumbnail will be displayed of every single page of your PDF document. To rotate individual pages in PDF, hover your mouse over the page you want to rotate and click the arrow showing the direction you want to rotate the page in. If you want to rotate all the pages in the same direction, you can do this by clicking the right or the left buttons on the bottom of your screen. After applying the changes, you will be able to save your PDF file.

rotate pdf pages


  • No additional software required
  • Rotate all pages at once
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface


  • No offline version of the tool
  • Cannot import files directly from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • No page range selection for rotation

Soda PDF

Soda PDF

With SodaPDF’s online editing tools you will be able to take full control of your documents. The online trial version of the application lets you edit your documents in a full-featured editing environment the look of which might be familiar to you from Microsoft Word’s interface. However, to rotate files you do not need to launch the entire application from your browser as SodaPDF has a seperate little tool for rotating the pages of your PDF. Once you rotate the pages of your PDF, they will be rotated permanently, so whenever you open it again, everything will be in the right orientation.

Below you we have provided a detailed guide on how to use Soda PDF’s rotate tool:

Step1 Open the tool

You can access the tool via the following link: https://www.sodapdf.com/rotate-pdf/. You will be taken to the main interface where you can upload your PDF to be rotated.

Step2 Upload your PDF

You can choose to upload your file from either your computer, from your Dropbox account or from your Google Drive account.

upload pdf to rotate

Step3 Selecting the rotational angle

You can choose from three different rotational angles: 90° clockwise, 180° flip or 90° counterclockwise. Furthermore, you can choose to rotate all pages at once or only rotate a range of pages. Once you are ready setting up the rotation process, click the “Rotate” button on the bottom of the screen.

pdf rotate angle

Step4 Download your file

When your file is ready, you can either email it to yourself or you can view and download it directly in your browser.

download rotated-pdf


  • Quick and easy rotation
  • Import from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Send the ready file directly to your email
  • Rotate one page in PDF or more


  • No thumbnails for pages
  • No preview of the file



Sejda offers a bunch of PDF management tools that have been designed with the aim of providing easily accessible, simple applications to perform simple tasks with your PDFs. All the tool are accessible online, in your browser, but if you prefer working offline, the desktop version also has everything for you. A unique feature of Sejda that must be highlighted is that it also works on phones and tablets in a limited way, which can come handy if you want to edit PDFs on the go. With Sejda’s rotate tool you will be able to rotate the pages of your document permanently with a couple of clicks. Rotate PDF and save, simple as that.

The guidelines below show you how you can use the tool:

Step1 Opening the rotate tool

Visit Sejda’s official website where you will see all of the PDF management tools organized into different categories. Under “EDIT & SIGN” you can find the rotate tool.

Sejda rotate tool

Step2 Uploading your PDF

Drag and drop the PDF you want to rotate to the given area or click the small downward pointing arrow on the green “Upload PDF files” button to access the drop-down menu containing various other methods for importing your document.

Uploading your PDF

Step3 Rotating the pages

Thumbnails will be displayed for each page of your document and you can rotate each page individually via the small arrows on the thumbnails. You can also rotate all the pages at once using the toolbar across the top. Click Apply changes when ready.

rotating pdf

Step4 Downloading your file

After clicking Apply changes, the application will process your document and make it available for downloading, sharing and printing.

download pdf after rotation


  • Stream-lined, simple interface
  • Offline desktop version available
  • Supported by phones and tablets to some extent
  • Documents can be share directly


  • Sejda is limited if you want to carry out more complex PDF editing tasks



PDF2GO is a free online PDF management service offering a wide range of tools for editing, improving and converting PDF files. PDF2GO has a tool dedicated specifically for rotating pages in a PDF, so you will not need to familiarize yourself with a complex program to only rotate pages. The good thing about PDF2GO is that you can rotate pages on the go, you can open the tool from any browser, on any device. The tool is completely secure and safe to use as your uploaded files are not checked and forward to other people.

The guidelines below explain how the tool can be used for rotating pages:

Step1 Access the rotate tool

Open PDF2GO’s official website. On the homepage you will see all the PDF management tools organized into various categories. Under “EDIT A PDF FILE”, in the first column, you can find the Rotate PDF Pages tool. Click on it to open the tool.

Step2 Upload PDF

Upload your PDF file by clicking the “Choose File” button and selecting the PDF you wish to rotate from your computer. If you want to import a PDF from your Dropbox or Google Drive account, use the buttons in the bottom-right corner of the upload interface.

Step3 Rotate the desired pages

Small previews will be displayed of the individuals pages in your PDF and using the small arrow buttons under each page, you can rotate the page either clockwise or counter clockwise. Once you are done, hit “Save Changes” and your PDF will be made available for download.


  • Previews of pages displayed
  • Simple drag and drop system for uploading files
  • PDF can be downloaded as a ZIP file


  • Batch rotating not supported
  • You can only rotate pages individually

PDF Rotator

PDF Rotator

If you prefer working offline, then PDF Rotator is an excellent application for Windows users as it does not takes up very little memory, it is compact and easy to use, but bear in mind that apart from rotating your PDF files, the program is not capable of handling any other PDF management task. The program features a drag and drop system for importing files and you can track the progress of your rotation via the progress bar. PDF Rotator supports batch rotation, meaning that you can rotate multiple files at the same time. Permanently rotate pdf pages with PDF Rotator.

To find out more on how to use PDF Rotator, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Download and install PDF Rotator

You can get the latest copy of PDF Rotator from its official website by clicking the green Download Now! button on their homepage. After downloading the program, install it using the setup wizard, and launch the program if it has not done so automatically.

Step2 Drag and drop your PDF files

Once you have the main interface of the application open, drag and drop one or multiple PDF files into the given field.

add pdf

Step3 Managing rotation settings

Choose the rotation direction for your pages and if you do not want all the pages to be affected, untick the All pages box and define the range of pages you want to rotate.

rotate settings

Step4 Rotating

Once you have the settings configured, hit Rotate PDF Now! and your pages will be rotated and the new PDF will be exported to the defined output folder.

rotating pdf


  • Batch rotation
  • Rotation can be done offline
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Pdf rotate single page or multiple pages


  • No thumbnails for the pages
  • Software needs to be downloaded and installed


Overall, even though PDF documents were not originally designed to be edited easily, nowadays, due to the popularity of PDFs, there are more and more useful tools being developed for editing and converting PDF documents easily and efficiently. Rotating pages, which is considered to be one of the more basic editing tasks related to PDFs, can be carried out using any of the PDF editing tools mentioned above. However, there are minor differences between these tools in terms of performance and functionality so it is worth giving a try to more than just one until you find the one that best matches your needs. Apart from the above mentioned programs, if you are looking for a more sophisticated PDF editing tool that can also rotate pages, check out AceThinker PDF Writer.

May 25, 2017
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