How to Remove Watermarks from PDF Documents

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How to Remove Watermarks from PDF Documents

PDF is one of the most secured file formats in existence. A PDF file can be protected by placing a password on it, or by placing a watermark. On that note, watermarks serve a noble purpose, but most of the time can become annoying and distracting. Most users don’t mind the presence of watermarks, but some want to remove these annoying marks for peace of mind. Luckily, there are ways to remove watermark from PDF without distorting the actual file. Here we will show you 3 ways to remove PDF watermarks on both the Windows and Mac systems. Check and free yourself from those annoying watermarks!

Acethinker PDF Writer

Acethinker PDF Writer is a professional PDF editor that can help you remove watermark from PDF files flawlessly. The tool has a lot of premium PDF editing functions for different needs. Aside from being able to remove watermarks, it can also do other stuff like add watermarks, highlight PDF, and even edit the text of PDF. These are all but part of the many functions of this exceptional PDF editor. The tool features a very intuitive interface, which makes it very user-friendly. To learn how to use Acethinker PDF Writer to delete PDF watermark, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

Download the installer of Acethinker PDF Writer by clicking one of the buttons below. Next, run the installer on the PC and do the instructions that will be provided by the setup wizard. Make sure to follow the steps accordingly to avoid any errors when launching the tool.

Try It for Free

Step2 Open the watermarked PDF

Once the tool is installed, open the PDF document using it. From the main interface of the tool, click the “Pages” tab, and from the set of options that will appear on the left-side panel of the tool, select “Watermark.”

click watermark option

Step3 Remove the watermark

Go to the page where the watermark is located then from the options under “Watermark,” select “Remove.” The tool will then detect the watermark from the page and will remove it for you. You can then save the newly edited file by clicking the “File” tab and choosing “Save.” Select the file location and then finalize the saving process by clicking the “Save” button.

save the file


  • User-friendly interface
  • Very cost efficient


  • PDF files have watermark under the free trial

Google Drive

If you want to remove watermark from PDF online, then you can use Google Drive. Although Google Drive is an online storage service, it can also be used to erase watermarks from PDF documents. This is a safe and efficient way because no software is needed to be installed. Also, almost anyone these days have a Google Drive account, making it a convenient tool. The only downside is that there must be an internet connection for it to work correctly. To learn how to use Google drive to remove a watermark from PDF, follow these steps.

How to Use Google Drive

  • Sign-in to your Google Drive and then from the main interface, click the “New” button then select “File upload.” From the file explorer, find the watermarked PDF document and then click “Open.”
  • After the PDF document is uploaded to Google Drive, select it, and then right-click to open the menu option.
  • From the set of options available, select “Open with” and then choose “Google Docs.” This way, the PDF file will be exported as a word document file, and the watermark will be removed.
  • open pdf as word

  • You can now download the word document as a PDF file without the watermark by clicking the “File” tab.
  • From there, select “Download as” and choose “PDF document.” This step will download the file as a PDF file, not as a word document.

download as pdf


  • Internet based and does not need to be installed
  • Almost anyone can use it


  • Does not work without internet

Acethinker Free PDF to Word Converter

Last on the list, is an online tool which is Acethinker Free PDF to Word Converter. Acethinker Free PDF to Word Converter is a tool that is dedicated to editing PDF files for people who are always on the go. What’s best about this tool is that its features are all free to use. One of these tools is the watermark remover, which is a premium feature among other PDF editors. This is one of the many reasons why people use it. To learn how to use LightPDF to remove watermarks from PDF, follow the steps here.

Step1 Launch the free converter

Open Acethinker Free PDF to Word Converter from a web-browser by visiting its official website. From the homepage, click the “Add” button then select the PDF document from the file explorer and upload it to the tool. Note that the PDF file will be converted while being uploaded to the tool.

click the add button

Step2 Download the newly converted file

Once the conversion process is done, the converted file thumbnail will appear together with its download button. Click the download button to save the word file to the PC. After the download, open the PDF file and then remove the watermark manually by clicking the “Delete” button and then save the file.

down;load the file

Step3 Export the file back to PDF

You can now turn the file back into a PDF file clicking the “File” tab and then selecting “Save as.” From the options that will appear select “PDF” as the export format.

save as pdf


  • Does not require installation
  • Free to use


  • Does not work without internet connection


There are a lot of watermark removers that work perfectly. However, most of them are common for image files and not for PDF documents. That is why with the help of the list above, you got to know some of the best PDF watermark removers there are. On that note, Acethinker PDF Writer is best suited for heavy-duty PDF editing because of its multiple editing functions. One proof is its ability to flawlessly remove the watermark from PDF without leaving any distortions to the page.

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