5 Methods to Redact Text in PDF in Windows/Mac

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5 Methods to Redact Text in PDF in Windows/Mac

There must be some situations when you need to redact PDF before distributing it. It may be a text or even a picture you want to redact. This is true especially if the PDF file you are about to share contains confidential and sensitive information. For this reason, you might need a PDF redaction tool to get this job done. It is better and safer to redact sensitive text and image to prevent compromised confidentiality. In this way, you can also avoid unauthorized users to access your PDF file. If you read through this article, you will learn the 5 best PDF editing applications which can certainly help you redact PDF files securely.

Acethinker PDF Editor

The easiest and safest way to redact PDF is through the use of Acethinker PDF Editor. This well-featured app offers you a lot of PDF options to meet user’s requirements. This tool has the ability to redact text, image, and other sensitive information that your PDF file contains. In this way, you will be able to prevent your confidentiality from being compromised. For added security, the tool enables you to encrypt your PDF file with a password. You can also choose from the algorithm available in the app. This includes RC4, AES with 128 and 256 bit. To know what this app is more capable of, check out the below steps to start using Acethinker PDF Editor.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

First off, you need to download Acethinker PDF Writer on your computer. Once the download is complete, open the installer of the app and be sure to follow the instructions of the installation process accordingly. After that, launch the tool on your PC to get started.

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Step2 Redact the PDF

With the tool running on your computer, open your PDF file to procced redacting. To do so, simply click “File” > “Open” and then locate the PDF from the folders on your computer. To redact the PDF, go to “Comment” tab. You will then see an option at the right portion that says “Annotation”. Select the option with yellow shade and start redacting. Just select some part of your content that you wish to redact. To do this, press and hold the left-click of your mouse. Drag the cursor to the selected area then release to highlight and redact.

redact pdf file

Step3 Save the redacted PDF

Once the highlighted part is completely redacted, finalize it by saving the changes you made. Just click “File” button at the top left corner of the interface. Then, select “Save” from the menu to finalize the file.

save redacted pdf


  • Adds extra layer of security by encrypting document with password
  • Offers key features for editing PDF


  • Does not have online version
  • The interface of the app needs improvement

Adobe Acrobat DC

adobe acrobat dc

You can also try redacting PDF by using Adobe Acrobat DC. It also features redaction that can hide confidential information, including text and images. You can choose whether to leave the removed content blank or wish to appear as black colored boxes. It allows you to modify custom text and redaction codes to specify what you want the redaction codes should look like. However, this function is available when you purchase the Pro version of the tool. Aside from its redaction capability, you may also use it to edit, create, and review PDF. If you are interested in using Adobe Acrobat DC, you may refer to the steps given below.


  • Can redact images and text without space limitation
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Only paid users can redact content

Nitro Pro 10

nitro pro 10

Next, we have Nitro Pro 10. This is a PDF editing tool packed with a bunch of features like convert, create, edit, design, as well as Protect PDF documents. It also allows you to get rid of the sensitive information in your PDF file by redacting them so that not everyone can access the content of your file. It works by placing a frame box over the sensitive part of your document you wish to cover with whiteout. Just like Acethinker PDF Editor, users can set permissions to grant only the authorized person access to the document.


  • Redact text, images, and pages within any PDF
  • Unlimited eSigning tools


  • Only compatible with Windows OS

PDF Filler

pdf filler

Another good software to redact or hide confidential information in your PDF document is PDF Filler. This in online tool that lets you redact PDF files on the go. It features a cloud storage letting you upload and save all your documents including PDF with unlimited storage. In addition to that, you can organize your documents by categorizing them in their respective folders to easily access them. On top of that, the tool also integrated extra layer security through the use of two step verification making it harder to get the information in your PDF document.


  • Easy to redact PDF files and forms
  • User-friendly interface


  • Paid version is needed to fully function



If you are looking for a free pdf redactor to redact PDF documents online, you should also consider using PDFescape. It gives you two completely different experiences which are the offline and online versions. The offline version of this app refers to its desktop tool that enables you to redact and edit your file even without using an internet connection. Now if you want to redact PDF without installing any software, you can do so using its online tool. You just need a browser and reliable internet connection for it to work. However, this method comes with some limitations. You can only work with PDF that has 10MB file size or PDF with 100 pages.


  • Online PDF editing for free
  • Supports PDF hundred file types


  • Free version comes with ads


Redaction is a process of covering sensitive content such as text or image from your documents like PDF. We can’t say that this important file may land in the wrong hands, yet it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thus, through the help of the tools provided above, it would be easier for you to hide and redact all the confidential information in your PDF. With these programs, you will be able to redact PDF on both the Windows and Mac systems. You can even redact information in PDF online for free. Just choose the suitable one according to your requirements and start getting the work done!

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