How to Print PDF as Image Using the Best PDF Printers

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PDF file is a great document type format because of its unchangeable content. Thus, making it perfect for printing purposes since its format is still the same even though the file is transferred into multiple devices. Additionally, PDF files have followed the trend nowadays, as they are available to print as Image format. Regarding this, it is necessary so users can get all of the graphics and objects from the PDF file with the proper size and resolution. In this article, we will find out how to print PDF as image and determine the best PDF Printer available in the market today.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerThe first tool to print PDF as image is AceThinker PDF Writer. It is an all-in-one PDF software that features all essential features to manage PDF files. Usually, the primary function of this software is to create and edit PDF files. However, due to its Word-like interface, users also have the option to print the PDF files without breaking any sweat. Regarding this, the printed file is ensured to come up with the best quality available. Additionally, users can choose the paper size that will suit with the content itself. Below are the steps on how to print PDF as photo using the AceThinker PDF Writer.

Step1 Install the Software

Click the “Download” button below and wait for the process to finish. Next, open the downloaded file to run the installation process. Once done, launch the software into your computer.

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Step2 Open the PDF File

Now, from the interface of the software, click the “Open Files” button to access a new window. From here, locate and select the PDF file you wish to print. Wait for the file to load or open into the interface.

load the pdf file

Step3 Print PDF as Image

Next, click the “File” button then hit “Print” (you can also press “CTRL + P” as a shortcut). After that, click the “Advanced” button to access a new window. From here, check the little box beside the “Print as Image” option then click “OK”. Identify the pages you want to print and also the size. Once set up, click the “Print” to produce hard copies.

print pdf as image

Adobe Acrobat Reader

adobe reader mobile logo Another PDF printer is the pioneer of the PDF file itself – The Adobe Acrobat Reader. This PDF software also possesses a complete set of tools and functions necessary to create and print PDF files. The drawback of it compared to the PDF Writer is that Adobe Reader costs a whopping $179.88 (1-year license) while the former only cost $29.95 (1-year license). To print PDF as image in Adobe, users have to download and install it first by accessing this website. Then, click the “File” button and “Open” to choose the PDF you wish to print. Next, click the “File” button again and select “Print” (or CTRL + P) to launch its options. Click “Advanced” then check “Print as Image” then hit “OK” to set it up. After that, click the “Print” button to start.

print pdf adobe

Preview for Mac

preview logo The last on the list of PDF software that can print PDF as photo is Preview, which is exclusive for Mac devices. To print PDF as image using Preview, we need to convert first the PDF file into image. Preview can still open and print image files since it is also the default photo viewer for Mac. First, go to the “Application Finder” then search and launch Preview from the list of the apps. Next, click the “File” button then “Export” and select the format type as JPEG to convert the PDF file. After that, click the “File” button again then hit “Open” to access the image file that is converted. Once opened, click “File” then click the “Print” button to set it up and produce the image file.

print pdf for preview


Although we live in an electronic world wherein smartphones and gadgets dominate the paper industry. We still cannot deny the fact that we need hard copies or printed outputs of any documents. Thus, printing PDF files as image has become a norm to ensure high-quality products as they can retain or enhance the color and texture of the file. Regarding this, it is safe to claim that the AceThinker PDF Writer is the best PDF software that can print PDF files as photo. Using this, users would have better options and flexibility to edit and print their PDF files.

acethinker pdf writer

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How to Print PDF as Image Using the Best PDF Printers

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