The Best Alternative to Primo PDF – A Review

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Nitro Pro released a stand-alone free PDF software called Primo PDF that can also transform document formats into PDF files. Primo PDF can be considered as one of the world’s most popular free PDF converter. This PDF extension also features one of the most straightforward steps to change any files into a PDF format. Additionally, Primo PDF is a lightweight extension since it only takes almost 30Mb of storage space. Aside from that, users can even choose five default templates (for screen, eBook, printing, prepress, and custom) that suits their needs. However, we could still say that this extension is still not a complete office software as it still lacks essential features for creating PDF. In this article, let us find out the best alternative to Primo PDF.

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AceThinker PDF Writer – The Best Primo PDF Alternative

acethinker pdf writer First, let us already talk about the best Primo PDF alternative – The AceThinker PDF Writer. The main feature of this PDF software is to create and edit all PDF files in a click. Unlike Primo PDF, PDF Writer is an all-in-one PDF software that also allows users to organize, polish, add links, annotate, and manage PDF documents. Additionally, users can finish all of these tasks, even without leaving the interface of the tool. Moreover, it also has the option to add backgrounds to the PDF files to make it look more attractive. Aside from that, it can add watermark into the document in case users want to personalize it. See below the list benefits, and other features PDF Writer offers that Primo PDF does not.

pdf writer interface

Main Features:

  • A powerful PDF software but features a user-friendly Word-like interface.
  • Edit PDF texts by choosing several options like font style, size, color, and more.
  • Edit images by replacing, cropping, or adding picture into the document.
  • Insert links for quick access and navigation.
  • Manage and organize PDF pages.
How to Use AceThinker PDF Writer

Next, we will learn some of the most-used functions of the AceThinker PDF Writer. As mentioned in one of its features. The AceThinker PDF Writer is a robust PDF software but works like the Microsoft Office Word. Regarding this, users will have a sense of familiarity on how to finish essential tasks without any hassle. Regarding this, even beginners would not have any trouble learning this tool because it is designed to create or edit PDF files within few clicks. Here are some steps that you may follow from each feature:

How to Edit PDF Text

Step1 Download and Install the Software

Click this “Download” button below to save it into your computer. Next, run the installation process and wait until it is done. Once finished, the software will launch on your screen automatically.

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Step2 Edit the Text in PDF File

Click the “Open Files” button to browse and transfer the file you wish to edit into the app. Once loaded, click the “Edit” button to open the editing bar in the app. From here, you can add and edit texts with the font style and size you want.

edit text

Step3 Save the PDF File

Finish all of the editings you wish. After that, click the “File” button then “Save As” to keep the changes you made.

save pdf

How to Edit PDF Image

Step1 Open the PDF File

First, launch the software into your computer. Next, click the “Open Files” button to search and load the PDF file you wish to edit the image.

Step2 Edit the Image in PDF File

Wait for few seconds until the entire PDF file is transferred into the app. Once done, click the “Edit” button then select “Edit Text and Images”. From here, users can either replace, crop, rotate, or resize the image.

edit the image

Step3 Save the PDF File

Once you finish editing all of the images you wish, click the “File” button then select “Save As”. From here, you can also rename, and the document is saved as a PDF file automatically.

save pdf

How to Insert Links

Step1 Open the PDF File

Open the PDF Writer to access it. Next, click the “Open Files” button to obtain the PDF file you want to add or edit the links.

Step2 Insert Links in PDF File

Once the PDF file is loaded into the app, click the “Edit” button to launch the editing tab. Then, click the “Links” section to open the “Create Link” window. From here, choose what type of hyperlink you want then save it.

insert the link

Step3 Save the PDF File

Once you finish inserting or editing the links of the PDF document, click the “File” button then select “Save As” to keep the changes made.

save pdf

How to Manage PDF Pages

Step1 Open the PDF File

From the main interface of the software click the “Open Files” button to browse and access the PDF file you want to manage the pages.

Step2 Manage the PDF Pages

Once you opened the document you want to manage, click the “Pages” option to access it. From the Pages tab, you can choose between what function you want to use. Users can either insert, replace, or delete pages from the file.

organize pages

Step3 Save the PDF File

Finish all of the changes you wish to do. Once done, click the “File” button then click “Save As” to keep the pages you saved on the PDF document.

save pdf

Primo PDF & AceThinker PDF Writer Comparison Chart

Now let us compare directly and identify which is better between these 2 PDF software. From here, users can identify the differences between the functions and features of each software. Additionally, users can locate the price, editing feature, availability, and more of each service. With the help of the chart below, users can choose which PDF software is better in finishing such tasks.

AceThinker PDF WriterPrimo PDF
Which is more cost-efficient?Price: $29.95 per year. Just for a cheap price, users can get this all-in-one and powerful PDF software that features several functions.Price: Free but can only convert .doc formats into PDF.
AvailabilityAvailable to download for Windows and Mac OS devices.Only available for Windows users.
Editing FeaturesUsers can edit texts, images and add annotations like using Microsoft Word.Although users can convert some office formats into PDF files, Primo PDF still has no editing features.
Page OrganizerUsers can either combine or split pages from different PDF files and put them together into a single document.It has no page manager option and only allows users to choose the preferred display option.
NavigationIt allows users to insert links for quick navigation.Since it has no editing functions, Primo PDF cannot add or insert links into the document.
File ProtectionOffers password encryption to protect the PDF file with an open password. Once activated, any viewers will require to enter the password first. Additionally, users can also restrict some actions like editing and copying from the PDF file.Password security option can block users from editing the content of the PDF file but others can still view or read its entire content
PDF Reader Pro for Android

pdf reader pro logo First on the list of Primo PDF alternatives for mobile is the PDF Reader Pro. This mobile app is a multipurpose PDF office to comment, sign, edit, fill forms, and share Adobe Reader PDFs using multiple devices. One of its unique features is that PDF Reader Pro is compatible to view and edit PDFs created from other apps. Additionally, users can add texts or copy content then paste it into the PDF file. Moreover, its primary function is to be an excellent PDF reader that features multiple tasks so users can view or check documents without any hassle. Lastly, it provides several display options to adapt it to the reader’s environment.

pdf reader pro edit PDF


  • A great PDF Reader, but also offers editing functions
  • Installed in 60 million devices


  • Contains ads
Foxit PDF Reader for iOS

icon-foxit Last but not the list of alternatives to Primo PDF is the Foxit PDF Reader, which is also available for iOS devices. This mobile PDF app allows users to edit, annotate, and view PDF documents using their iPhone or iPad wherever and whenever they want. Foxit PDF Reader offers a unique Connected PDF technology that commands document accessibility, security, and other services for PDF files. Regarding this, it makes sure that the app can open almost any PDF documents available. Additionally, when users purchased its full subscription, they can even insert audios and videos into the PDF file that makes them exceptional among the others.

foxit edit pdf


  • Fast and lightweight PDF mobile app
  • A powerful but easy-to-use PDF app


  • Provides free trial, but need to purchase license to unlock all features


All of the PDF apps mentioned above are excellent alternatives to Primo PDF. Although Primo PDF features a one-click conversion process, we cannot deny the fact that it still lacks more essential features for PDF software. Luckily, the AceThinker PDF Writer is here to save you from the hassle of dealing with these PDF files. Additionally, the two mobile apps (PDF Reader Pro & Foxit PDF Reader) are best for each of their platforms.

acethinker pdf writer

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