Top 5 PDFPen Alternatives for Windows

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PDFPen is a premium PDF reader and editor for Mac. Like any other premium PDF editing software, it has all the essential features expected from a PDF editor. These features include text and image editing, highlight, and more. PDFPen is indeed an excellent tool which is available on Mac, but there is no PDFPen Windows version. Although this may look like a bummer, there are still ways to get the same results that PDFPen can provide, even if it’s on Windows. The trick is by using PDFPen alternative tools that are available on Windows devices. On that note, featured below are some of these great PDFPen for Windows alternatives, some of which works on both Mac and Windows devices.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writer When talking about a great PDFPen alternative, then Acethinker PDF Writer is the top choice. Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, it can reach out to more users providing quality PDF solutions to users of each operating system. Aside from the basic PDF editing features that PDFPen possesses, Acethinker PDF Writer also has converter features, and can even create new PDF documents. Also included, is the function to password protect a PDF document, and signing one. A highly-functional tool, but costs less than PDFPen, Acethinker PDF Writer is a must-have tool for all PDF editing needs. To learn how to use this exceptional PDFPen for Windows alternative, follow these steps.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

To download the installer, click one of the buttons below. Wait for the download process to finish and then run it on the PC. Make sure to follow the steps that will appear from the setup wizard to avoid errors later on.

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Step2 Start editing a PDF document

After installation, launch the tool and from the main interface, click the “File” tab and then choose “Open.” Look for the PDF document to edit and upload it on the tool. Once done, click the “Edit” tab and from there, choose the editing options that will appear from the right side of the window.

edit the pdf using pdf editor

Step3 Apply the changes

After editing the PDF document, save the changes made to the PDF by saving it. To do so, click the “File” tab and then select the “Save” button then choose where to save the file. The PDF document will be then downloaded onto the PC, on the specific folder chosen by you. Later on, it will be available for viewing anytime from the same folder where it is saved.

print the pdf

Main Features:

  • Create PDF files from scratch with the PDF Creator feature
  • Edit PDF documents with the text and image editor options
  • Protect important documents by making it a password protected file
  • Add electronic signatures and images using the “Signature” option
  • Convert PDF into other file formats using the converter feature
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

adobe reader mobile logo Next on the list is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is probably the most popular PDF reader on the list. Primarily built as a PDF reader, which is free to download, the tool is also able to write on PDF documents. The tool has various editing features that need to be purchased to use. As a PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is perfect. However, the fact stays that it requires additional purchases to perform basic PDF editing. Also, the price of the tool is not very affordable, which makes it not so cost-efficient. Aside from its steep price, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will be a great PDFPen for Windows alternative to those who have the resources.


  • Makes a great PDF reader and trusted by millions around the world
  • Absolutely free to download


  • Needs separate purchase for the editing features
  • Not very cost-efficient
Nitro Pro

Nitro PDF Reader Nitro Pro is another premium PDF editor that is available on Windows and makes a tremendous PDFPen alternative. Nitro Pro has a lot in common with PDFPen with the only difference it being compatible with both Windows and Mac. The good thing about it is that all its features are included within a one-time purchase, for a much lower price compared to other premium PDF editors. Also, Nitro Pro is considerate enough to give users a free trial period for people to be able to experience its premium features for free. This is indeed a better option for people who are looking for more reliable and free PDF editing solutions. Simply download the installer of Nitro Pro, and then run it on the PC. To avail the free trial version, register an email address from the web-page of Nitro Pro then use it to log-in on Nitro Pro. From there, use the various editing features available from the editing panel.


  • Offers free-trial period to users


  • Once the free-trial ends, the tool will frequently ask for immediate subscription
  • The tool will leave watermarks to files
Soda PDF

soda pdf logo Soda PDF is originally an online PDF editor, but later on, released its desktop version for Windows. This is a tremendous PDFPen alternative because the users will feel familiar with it because of its interface. The tool is highly similar to the Microsoft Word application in-terms of the editor panel. Also, once Soda PDF is installed, it will add its extension to Microsoft Word itself where it can be used to edit PDF documents as well. To edit a PDF document using Soda PDF, download and install the tool by visiting its official website. From the launch screen, click “Open PDF” and then choose the document that is to be edited. All the options from the toolbar can be used depending on the situation. Also, the other features of the tool like PDF converter can be found on the toolbar.


  • Highly-intuitive interface
  • Have an online version for fast access
  • Offers free trial version


  • Leaves watermarks to PDF after free version expires
Foxit Phantom PDF

icon-foxit Foxit Phantom PDF is part of the Foxit PDF Reader suite. Unlike PDFPen, Foxit has two separate software that performs two different functions. The first one is the PDF reader, which is free to download, while the other one is the official PDF editor. As a PDF reader, Foxit is decent enough. However, the idea of downloading a separate PDF editor sounds like a bit of a hassle. Also, Foxit Phantom PDF costs more than other PDF readers and editors in-one, making it not so cost-efficient. Download the Foxit Phantom PDF editor from the same website where the reader can be downloaded. Install it on the PC and then from then open a PDF document using it. Editing with Foxit Phantom PDF is easy because all options are laid-out within a single toolbar. Use whichever option needed to fulfill the editing requirements of the PDF document.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Have a free-trial version


  • Needs a separate software for editing PDF

Most people know that PDFPen is indeed an excellent PDF editor, but is only available on Mac. That is why people who are amazed by the tool try to install it on their Windows but only fail in the process because there is no Windows version of the tool. Luckily, there are other worthy PDFPen alternatives, just like the tools mentioned above. All these tools are worthy of praise, especially Acethinker PDF Writer, with all its premium features that are compatible with both Windows and Mac. Price-wise, the said tool is way less than PDFPen but is comparable in performance.

acethinker pdf writer

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Top 5 PDFPen Alternatives for Windows

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