Best 5 Tools to Remove Password Protection from PDF

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When you are looking for resources from the internet like articles, journals, and other important documents like financial statements and utility bills, there are times that these are presented as Portable Document Format, or in short PDFfiles and you might find most of them are protected with password, with which you need to enter every time you view the file. With this, you cannot also easily copy, edit, or print the file that you want to get details or information from or take as a source for your writing endeavors or personal use. In order to unlock the password from these protected PDF files, you might need to use a PDF password remover. In this article, you will learn the top 5 PDF password remover that we have reviewed and picked to help you do this thing

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LightPDF is a web-based application that provides free tools to manage your PDF files easily. It has various functionalities that give you the ability to convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint as well as PNG and JPG image formats. Aside from that, you can also perform the other way of conversion of files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG and JPG files to PDF documents. It also offers some useful functions such as merge and split PDF, add text, mark with watermark, create, protect, compressed, rotate, and unlock PDF so you can edit or copy the contents. It is a full-packaged toolkit for editing and converting your PDF documents and is available for Android, iPhone, Mac OS X, Win7, and WinXP devices.

How to Use LightPDF

  • There are two ways to upload your files: one is to simply drag and drop your PDF file on the main window or click on the “Choose File” button to locate your file from the computer.
  • The process of uploading your file usually takes less than a minute depending on the content of your file.
  • Once the file is uploaded it will automatically remove the password without verifying it.
  • You can repeat the process of removing your other password-secured PDFs by just clicking the “Start Over” button on your unlocked file.


SodaPDF is another solution to unlock any password-protected PDF files at hand. It is a software that has a wide range of features for your PDF needs. You can freely utilize it by downloading it on your PC or use the browser-based version. But it also comes in three plans that you can choose from Home, Premium, and Business. These plans give you features from basic to advanced depending on your need for your PDF tasks in the most affordable deals. It also supports cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and more to easily connect or sync your PDF to be edited, converted, viewed, protected, unlocked, and more.

How to Use SodaPDF

  • As mentioned above, this software has downloadable as well as online version. Either way, you can use this to remove PDF password. If you want to use their browser-based version, simply go to SodaPDF’s Official Website.
  • You can easily upload your files by using the given buttons in the web interface like “My Computer”, “Dropbox”, and “Google Drive. Click on either cloud storage or the computer where your file is located. Then, click the “Unlock” button to start uploading and unlocking.
  • Once your file is uploaded you have to enter your password to proceed.
  • Once your file has been processed, you will be prompted to choose how you like to save your file. You can choose to receive via email by simply entering your email address in the given field or view and download your file via browser.

soda pdf interface


small PDF

Once you go to the main website of SmallPDF, you will notice rainbow-colored boxes that display the primary tools that this web-based software has to offer. They actually coincide with the main logo of the software. You can use all these tools completely free of charge. Not only that it can remove the password of the encrypted file, it can also do more than that. SmallPDF can help you convert PDF to different MS Office file formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and you can do vice versa. Just a drag and drop process is all you need to accomplish this quickly and with ease. You can also just choose your file stored at Google Drive or Dropbox.

How to Use SmallPDF

  • In the web interface, you will see different colors and the right tool to unlock your PDF file is presented in a pink box. Click on that box to start the initial step and access the SmallPDF Official Website.
  • To upload your file, you can either drag and drop your files to the pink interface. You can also get your file stored in cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • The time it takes to upload your file is only a couple of seconds. Once your file is uploaded, you will need to verify that what you do is legal by clicking on the given box beside your file. Then proceed to unlock the file.
  • Once the password has been removed, you are given the chance to directly download your file, save it to Dropbox or Google Drive, convert it to JPG or Word, and edit it as you can see in the main interface.
  • Simply click on the colored tools that you want to do with your processed file.

small pdf

Instant PDF Unlocker

Obviously, the name shows how this software is meant to use for – to remove PDF password. Instant PDF Password Remover is created to enable you to take away both the security password of the owner and user of PDF documents. Thus, it also removes the need to input the password whenever you open the documents. It has a simple interface and works great when it comes to unlocking encrypted files. Once you have removed the password, you will be able to make some edits or modifications with the file as it also removes all the restrictions included in a PDF file such as copying, printing, and more. Aside from that, this software comes in handy, it only requires a few steps to choosing your PDF file to be decrypted. You can simply drag and drop the file to the main window where you can also set the location of your output file and enter the document password in the given field.

How to Use Instant PDF Locker

  • This one needs to be downloaded and installed first on your computer before you can utilize it. You can get this for free, visit the link above first. Once installed, launch it on your computer system.
  • You can do two things to select your files. First, by clicking the “Browse” button on the main interface. Second, you can just click and drag your file from your computer.
  • In the main interface, you will then see the required field where you should input the password of your file.
  • Then, click on the “Remove Password” button to finally have your file free of the password.

instant pdf password remover interface


If you have forgotten the password of your PDF file and you want to retrieve it as well as the content of the file, you should ask some help from PDFCrack to help you to do what you want. PDFCrack is a PDF password cracker that helps you recover your forgotten password to the protected PDF file. It can crack both passwords from the user and the owner. You do not need to be good at binary codes because this tool will perform that task for you. You only need to do your part.

How to Use PDFCrack

  • The free PDFCrack online presents three buttons get your PDF file from, you can choose “My Computer”, “Dropbox”, or “Google Drive” depending on your file location to input it.
  • After you have selected your file, just click on the “Crack!” button.
  • After clicking the “Crack” button, your file will be uploaded. Once done, you will be asked to enter the password of the PDF document in order to open and start the cracking process.
  • Click Crack to initiate the overide. Once it is finished your file will be automatically saved to “Download”. Once you the cracking process is done, your file will be automatically saved to your computer without a password.

input password


The given free PDF password removers are some of the best applications available online that you can use in times when you need to copy, edit, or modify the content of a password-protected PDF file. You just need to remember that most of them can be used to help you to unlock or remove the known password to avoid the inconvenience of entering it in order to read the file. They help you have a smooth and hassle-free way to accomplish your PDF-related tasks.

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Best 5 Tools to Remove Password Protection from PDF

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