How to Cut PDF Pages on Both Desktop and Mobile

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When doing research, people use a lot of reference which are often-times in PDF formats. Most e-books contain hundreds of pages which most of the time does not contain the information needed, which makes it a waste of time to browse. That is the reason why it is essential to compile all pages needed for the research into a single file. On that note, there are a lot of PDF page cutter tools that can efficiently extract PDF pages so that they can be compiled into a single file later on. To learn more about some of these tools, and how to use them to cut PDF pages, continue reading below.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerAmong exceptional PDF page cutters in existence, Acethinker PDF Writer is probably the most praise-worthy. The reason is that the tool is capable of cutting PDF pages and then separating that part from the source page. Also, the software supports both Windows and Mac devices. This is an efficient way to remove an unwanted portion on a PDF page and make it into a separate PDF page. This gives the document more clarity because the information is organized and does not cause confusion. Aside from being able to cut PDF pages into portions, it can also convert PDF documents into other formats. Above all, this is a great PDF editor with lots of options available for use anytime. This and other premium features are found on Acethinker PDF Writer, and to learn how to use it to cut PDF pages, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

Download the installer of Acethinker PDF Writer by clicking one of the buttons below. Once the installer is downloaded, run it from the PC and then follow the instructions that will appear from the setup wizard.

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Step2 Cut the PDF page with Acethinker PDF Writer

After a successful installation, launch Acethinker PDF Writer, and from the main interface, click the “Open files” button. Select the PDF document that needs to be edited and open it with the tool. Click the “Pages” tab and then select “Split Document” from the set of options at the right-hand side of the window. From the window that will appear, enter the page number that should be extracted from the PDF document and then click “OK.”

split document

Step3 Apply the changes made

Once done with PDF page cutter feature, apply the changes made to the PDF by saving it. Click the “File” tab and then select “Save” and choose where to store the file.

print the pdf

Preview for Mac

preview logoMac users also have an excellent PDF page cutter within their reach, and that is by using the Preview for Mac. Preview is the built-in image and PDF viewer for Mac devices. Aside from that, it is also capable of doing essential PDF editing functions, like adding text and highlighting. Preview is also an excellent PDF page cutter that can be used even without further experience. To cut pages out of a PDF using Preview, launch the app and then open a PDF using it. Once the PDF is opened, click the “Show Markup Toolbar” button which is represented by the “Toolbox” icon. From the set of options that will appear, select the “Extract” icon, and then cover the part of the page to be cut. Save the changes made by clicking the “File” tab from the toolbar and select the “Save” option.

edit pdf

Soda PDF

soda pdf logoSoda PDF is a versatile PDF reader and editor. Being an excellent PDF page cutter is also one of its features that others fail to notice. Since the tool is slightly similar to the interface of Microsoft Word, people often use it to add text and images. On the other hand, Soda PDF is available on both a desktop version that can work even without the presence of the internet and the ever-dependable online version. The desktop version, however, is the one with the PDF cutter feature. To do so, open a PDF document using Soda PDF and then click the “Pages” tab then select the “Extract” icon from the set of options available. Choose which part of the page to cut by entering the page number. Repeat the process till all pages that need to be cut are covered. Apply the changes made by clicking the “File” tab and then choose the “Save” option.

extract pdf page

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF ReaderNitro PDF is a premium application that is part of the Nitro PDF suite. These are a set of PDF-related tools from the company of the same name. The tool has similarities with Soda PDF when it comes to their own interface. However, that is the only thing that they seem to have similarities because Nitro Pro has much more to offer. Nitro Pro requires to be purchased first before being usable, but it provides a free trial for those who want to test the water first. This means that for a limited duration, users have unlimited access to all of the features that the tool has to offer. One of these features is the PDF cutter and many more. To use the said feature, open a PDF document using Nitro Pro, and then from the toolbar, click “Page layout.” Select “Extract” from the set of options that are present, and then choose the pages to extract from the window that will appear. Once done, apply the changes made by clicking the “Save” button of Nitro Pro.

extract pages

PDF Utils for Android

pdf utils logoPDF Utils is an Android application that makes an excellent PDF page cutter. PDF Utils makes PDF editing more portable because it gives users the option to edit their PDF documents anywhere. The tool is available from the Google Play Store from any Android device. Tap the “Install” button from the Google Play Store, and then wait for the download and installation to finish. Launch the application and then from the main interface, tap the “Cut Page” option. Choose which PDF document to edit and then cover the parts of the page that needs to be cut. After doing the necessary page cutting, save the changes from the tool itself by hitting the “Save” button.

pdf utils

PDF page cutters are some of the more unusual and rarely used PDF tools on the internet. Due to its rarity, only a few handful know what purpose these tools serve, and know how to use them. In reality, using PDF page cutters to extract PDF pages is not a hard thing to do, especially when using the right tool. Take AceThinker PDF Writer for instance, not only can it edit PDF documents, but it can also convert the extracted PDF pages into various formats. This feature, is not something a common PDF editor is capable of, which makes this tool special in many ways.

acethinker pdf writer

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