How to Edit PDF Images on Different Platforms

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Extracting images from PDF files is essential if anyone wants to add, edit, or remove something from the picture. This is necessary if users will use these photos on their own needs. For example, students can edit PDF pictures from PDF files if they want to add it to their study researches. However, most PDF files are secured, or the content is fixed, making it hard to grab those pictures out of it. But we don’t have to worry as there are plenty of PDF image editors available nowadays to make the task easy for the users. Scroll down to learn how to edit PDF image with these 8 PDF photo editors applicable for both desktop and mobile devices.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

The first PDF image editor on the list is AceThinker PDF Writer. This is the best among the others since this is an all-in-one PDF editing tool that allows users to edit PDF pictures with a few clicks. Additionally, AceThinker PDF Writer is user-friendly since it has an interface like a word processor. One of its features is that it allows users to replace, extract, or crop an existing picture from the PDF file itself. Lastly, AceThinker PDF Writer can also secure the edited PDF File by putting a password. Regarding this, it limits access to other viewers on some features like editing or printing the PDF image or file. You can follow the steps below to edit PDF image files without losing the quality.

Step1 Download and Install the App

Click the “Download” button below to save and install the app into your computer. Wait for few minutes until the download is finished. Once done, follow the installation process, and afterward, the tool will launch on your screen automatically.

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Step2 Open the PDF file

From the main interface of the tool, click “Open Files” then select the file you want to edit the PDF picture. Next, browse into the PDF file then search for the photo you want to edit. To quickly search for the image you want to edit, click the “Pages” icon located at the left side portion of the tool. This will show the previews of all the pages included on the file.

select pdf file

Step3 Edit PDF Picture

Then, click the “Edit” button to convert the PDF file into an editable format. From here, users can either “crop”, “replace”, “add text”, or “delete” the image. After you edited the image, click the “File” button then choose “Save” or “Save as” to keep the edited pdf file.

browse and edit image


  • User-friendly interface making editing images like MS Word
  • Can merge other PDF files or photos


  • Needs to purchase the package to enjoy complete features

pdfescape logo The next recommended PDF picture editor is PDFescape. This tool can be installed into your Windows computer, or users can utilize its online software. PDFescape allows users to edit pdf pictures and view them right after. Additionally, this tool also can fill out pdf forms if in case users want to put content on a table. Moreover, PDFescape also puts annotations to edit any PDF image. Lastly, the tool can also convert PDF files into various formats, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more.

pdfescape online


  • Can merge PDF Documents
  • Can add watermark if you want to


  • Free trial cannot upload large pdf files

pdf pro logo Another PDF photo editor tool is PDF Pro. This is an online tool that doesn’t need to be installed so it won’t take any of your storage space. One of the main functions of the tool is that it can replace and add images to a specific PDF file. Aside from that, users can add signatures, edit, and highlight texts from the file itself. Additionally, users can also convert PDF files into other formats, especially if they want to turn them into images. Lastly, PDF Pro can secure your edited or saved a PDF file by adding a password to it.

pdf pro editing images


  • Can secure PDF files
  • Free online tool


  • Tool is taking a long time uploading PDF files
Adobe Acrobat PDF Editor

adobe pdf editor logo The next on the list is probably familiar to you. Adobe is one of the leading PDF software tools in the market today. As they go to the trend right now, Adobe also added a PDF Editor into their products. This tool can edit PDF picture without any hassle. Users can even crop or swap a photo into the PDF file if they need to. Additionally, Adobe PDF Editor is also available as a mobile app so users can edit their PDF files anywhere they want.

edit image adobe pdf editor


  • One of the best PDF software tool
  • Can do full-page editing


  • Needs to purchase full version to enjoy all features
Soda PDF Online

soda pdf logoIf you’re looking for online PDF image editing applications, have a look at Soda PDF. Even though it is an online tool accessible to anyone, all files uploaded into it were deleted automatically within 24 hours. One of the main functions of Soda PDF Online can extract, edit, and replace images from any existing PDF files. The best is, users can even create their images for additional appeal. Aside from its editing features, SodaPDF provides a compress function that reduces the file size making it more convenient to share or save. Moreover, the tool allows users to merge or separate different pictures and even PDF files. Also, Soda PDF Online can edit texts, annotations, and page layout.

soda pdf edit image


  • Can save or import PDF files from/into Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Online version is free for all


  • There is a loading time whenever users apply changes

hipdf logo The last PDF image editor tool for PC is HiPDF. This tool also has a desktop version available if in case users need to work offline. Also, the desktop version of the app can upload limitless PDF files into it. HiPDF can add and edit pictures to your existing PDF files. Additionally, the tool features OCR technology which allows users to scan a PDF file making a softcopy out of it. Moreover, HiPDF can add annotations into the images, including text boxes, drawing tools, highlighter to make it more stunning. Aside from that, the online version of the app secures your PDF files making sure that users’ privacy is protected.

edit image hi pdf


  • Free online version but contains no Ads
  • User-friendly interface


  • Online version cannot upload large PDF files
Xodo PDF Reader and Editor for Android

xodo pdf editor logo If you need a PDF image editor on your Android smartphones, Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is the one for you. This app is an all-in-one PDF editor tool that allows users to add annotations, edit pictures, and put a signal into their PDF files. One of the outstanding features of the app is that it will enable users to select an image straight from the phone gallery or by using the camera. Moreover, Xodo PDF can convert and create a blank PDF file for its users. Aside from its editing functions, the app offers a printing function for the PDF files with Android KitKat and Lollipop. To get this app, go to your Google Play Store from the main app’s list. Then, type in the app name and install it into your phone.

xodo pdf image editor


  • Saved files can be synced to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • App is free to install


  • Sometimes the app crashes
PDFelement Pro for iOS

pdfelement logo PDFelement Pro expands its pdf software by adding an iOS mobile app available at the App Store. This app allows users to view, convert, sign, and edit PDF images and files. Additionally, PDF Element Pro can extract a photo directly from the gallery. Moreover, the app can also PDF files into another format, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and more. One of the best features of the app is that it allows users to transfer their edited PDF into different devices via WiFi. Lastly, PDFelement Pro allows can back up and upload the files into your cloud storage for quicker access.

edit image pdfelement ios


  • Can edit texts without losing format
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited photo editing options


Editing PDF pictures are commonly used right now to spice up or make your PDF files more presentable. This is necessary, especially if researchers want to grab a specific picture to make their study more reliable. Luckily, those tools mentioned above are accessible to anyone to do this job. Cropping or editing these images would never be hard by using these tools. Moreover, it is highly recommended to use the AceThinker PDF Writer since it is the most complete and easy-to-use PDF image editing tool from the list.

acethinker pdf writer

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