Best 6 PDF Cutter to Split PDF Files

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Most people use PDF as a standard format for sharing articles, books, and any electronic documents online. It is considered as the internet’s defining information tool. Thus, if you have come across different PDF documents that contain the information you needed for your presentation or research. You may want to download all the PDF documents you find useful. However, it can be a tedious task to download a too long PDF document. And if there’s a quite number of PDF files you have to download, it can be inconvenient on your part. There the PDF splitter app comes into play. Therefore, in this article, we’ll introduce 6 best PDF cutter available for both desktop and mobile. Read along and learn more about these amazing applications.

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Acethinker PDF Writer

Of all PDF cutters you can find online, AceThinker PDF Writer is one of the most excellent tools to cut PDF pages. Why? That’s because the tool can extract pages from PDF files in seconds without compromising the quality of the document. It lets you select the page that you need to retain and what pages to remove. With it, users will be able to extract the information they needed from the source quickly. Besides, you are given the option to cut PDF pages from multiple PDF documents and merge all cut PDF pages in one document. There’s a lot more that this tool has to offer, this can serve as your great tool for editing your PDF documents. If you want to learn cur PDF pages using this tool, provided below is the list of steps you should follow.

Main Features:

  • Cut PDF pages instantly
  • Split PDF into individual pages
  • Provides useful editing tools
  • Offers protection feature for PDF via password
  • Supports multiple PDF file editing

Step1 Install and run the software

To begin, download the AceThinker PDF Writer on your PC. Select the right platform for your computer and one of the download buttons below. To successfully install the program, a setup wizard will guide you through. Afterwards, run the software on your computer and start cutting page from PDF document.

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Step2 Upload PDF document

At this point, locate the PDF file you want to cut by uploading it into the program. From the buttons above the main interface, click on “File” and select “Open” to find the chosen PDF file. After successfully loading the PDF, click on “Pages” from the above function buttons.

upload pdf document to pdf writer

Step3 Cut PDF and choose which page to keep

After that, a window containing page tools should appear on the right side of the interface. Choose “Split Document” then from appearing panel, set the number of pages you want to cut and finally click the “OK” button to start the processing. In a split-second you should see all the pages of the PDF in a folder. From here you can select which page to be kept and which are the one you no longer need.

cut pdf files with pdf writer


You can also use an online tool if you prefer not to install any program on your computer. You should probably go with PDFResizer. Among other online PDF tools, this is more favorable because of the simplicity that it provides. By using this tool, you can manage to cut pages from a PDF document without any trouble and in an instant. It enables you to cut PDF into multiple page document or split pages individually. All you have to do is upload the file into its website. Select whether to split PDF one page per file or set a specific page to split. What’s left is to press the process button of the app and download the cut PDF.

pdf resizer web interface


  • Loaded with PDF optimizing tools
  • Does not require app installation


  • PDF output needs to be extracted out of a zip
PDF Workshop

Another PDF tool worth considering for cutting PDF files is PDF Workshop. This is a free and powerful utility developed merely for splitting PDF documents. Also, this app works on almost all famous platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, PDF Workshop allows you to merge PDF books, files, or documents for absolutely free. For extra features, the tool comes with PDF Add pages, PDF Delete Pages, and PDF Reorder Pages, which allows you to organize the PDF pages according to your liking. Although its interface is recommended for the novice, the installation might annoy others as it needs a Java installation before you can finally install and use the app.

pdf workshop app interface


  • Can split PDF to several smaller PDF pages
  • Can encrypt PDF documents with a password


  • Installation dependencies are time-consuming
Infix PDF Editor

Next on the list of best PDF cutters is Infix PDF Editor. Packed with premium features, this app is considered as a competitive PDF suite. It also works on every computer supporting both Mac and Windows devices. Well, aside from its ability to split PDF documents, you can also use it edit PDF with the option to change fonts, sizes, color and configure other settings. On top of that, the tool is incorporated with OCR and watermarking features. You will also not be surprised on how to maneuver the program because its layout interface looks identical to Word processor, which is very familiar for everyone.

infix pdf editor app interface


  • Provides useful tools and extra features
  • Supports spell checker, formatting grids for editing document


  • A bit pricy compared to similar premium app
PDF Utils

It is also possible to cut PDF files from your Android device with the help of the tool named PDF Utils. The program is a freeware available for Android devices with a bunch of options for your PDF editing needs. It also provides various ways to modify and create PDFs. This allows you to split PDF into multiple PDF pages and can merge multiple PDF into one document. And one pleasant feature that PDF Utils supports is its ability to remove a page from PDF and recreate the PDF. It can also be used to add text or watermarks to PDF to make your PDF more personalized and appealing. It’s best to have a hands-on experience of this tool if you want to see more of its capabilities.

pdf utils android app


  • Can extract images from PDF
  • Supports viewing document from OneDrive and Google Drive


  • Does not support reading PDF
PDF Splitter

PDF Splitter is another mobile app for cutting PDF files. However, this app is exclusive for Apple devices including iPhone and iPad. Through the help of this tool, users can split PDF files by extracting your selected PDF page from the multi-page PDF and produce new PDF document. In addition to this, it allows you to split PDF document into PDF files with equal number of pages. For extra features, it can help you manage your file giving you option to rename, delete, move, or compress documents. It also supports wireless transfer files in case you need to migrate files between phone and computer.

pdf splitter app for ios


  • Bunch of options for splitting PDF files
  • Can transfer files via USB


  • Takes a little while to get used to its interface


PDF splitting sounds a little complicated when in fact it can be easily done if you only know the right tool to use. Hence, we listed above the best apps you can utilize to meet this kind of need. As you can notice, the content consists of different programs suitable for all types of users. It consists of online and offline programs. Also, apps for both desktop and mobile devices. Meanwhile, if you are to choose the great solution, you should stick to the app that gives you the most benefit. However, if you are non-tech savvy or an intermediate user who needs advanced yet intuitive program, you should go with AceThinker PDF Writer.

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