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10 Best Sites for Downloading PDF Books

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As the technology developed, convenience has became the first priority of many. Most especially when it comes to education. These days we often use the internet as our first-hand source of information. Through the web we can read and download PDF books online. Now you do not need to buy hard copies of the books you need to study about. You just need your mobile phone, tablet or iPad to do so. Plus PDF books are half the price of the actual book. You just need the right sources where to get one. This article collected 10 of the best PDF book sites available for you to use.

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Free Computer Ebooks

free computer books main website

As the word implies, it is a website where you can download free eBooks about Computers, Mathematics, Programming, Technical books, Lecture notes, tutorials and all about the science of life. The site comes with a very well-organized topics with 12 main level categories and more that 150 sub-categories. As soon as you reach the homepage of the website, you will see topics on the screen. You can use the tabs located at the upper left-hand side to the category you needed. You can also use the search bar to directly search for the book title at the upper-right side of the main page. Upon clicking the topic chosen, the information will load right away.

Library Genesis

library genesis webpage

Consider this as your Library at home. This site possesses millions of books and articles published around the globe. Majority of books on this site are in PDF format, but there are some in ePUB. Similarly, if you are looking for a specific book, you just have to search it from the search bar. That way it is faster and easier to sort the file you are looking for. It gives you the access to your favorite ebooks contents including science fiction, romance, thriller, fantasy, academic works and so much more. Aside from that, you can also download the file to read ebooks offline. Just look out for these important things- Language, Extension, and Size. Why? Because if you are using an e-readers such as Kindle and Moon+Reader, you should consider downloading ebooks in epub and mobile format.


bookboon official site

With Over 50 million eBooks, Bookboon became one of the largest and popular publishing companies around the globe. This site is very accessible and very convenient to use. Compared to other first two mentioned sites, this has more categories to offer. Most likely, you can find almost everything here. From IT-related books, practical, business and to literature. In addition to that, if you are a type of reader who is into educational and business books, you will find what exactly you are looking for from this site. Apart from that, Bookboon offers more languages if you are not a native speaker of enlgish language. You can choose from among German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish and many more. Likewise, you can download files for offline reading.


free ebooks net web interface

This site provides the same service as of the mentioned sites above. What makes this site different from the other is the format of eBooks that it supports. This site supports more than just PDF and ePUB. It is also available in Kindle and TXT formats. Hence, PDF is still the most commonly downloaded file in this site. Here you can find categories like non-fiction and fiction audiobooks, children audiobooks, classics, and regular textbooks. Also, if you like to read through your mobile device, you can install its mobile app from the Play Store. Although there’s a limitation when downloading books. You can only download 5 books for free every month. Nevertheless, this is indeed a great alternative.

Many Books

manybooks main page

Giving justice to the name of the website, this is likely to be an upgraded version of Bookboon and Ebooks.net. That’s because this site provides millions of eBooks that can be downloaded on PDF, pkg, ePUB, Mobi, PDB, and a lot more. It supports more formats than all listed sites above. Also, the site is very accessible on mobile devices, iPad, tablets as well as computers. Moreover, if you are looking for classic and contemporary books, this is a recommended site you should consider visiting. When it comes to downloading ebooks, you can choose to grab a book from a zip file to PDF to suit your device.

Internet Archive

internet archive site interface

By far the only non-profit organization on the list. This site stores the ideal books that most likely students and professionals might be searching for. The main page of the website is easier to understand compared to other first ones. The search bar is located where it is visible as soon as you landed on the page. This is what makes this site very user-friendly and in demand. Likewise, Internet Archive offers books in different languages and formats. Furthermore, this is a great site if you are looking for historical and academic books. If you wish, you can also download eBooks here for offline reading.


calameo pdf downloader page interface

Among the sites listed, CALAMEO PDF DOWNLOADER is a little diverse for it offers something the others don’t. This is a simple publishing site and document sharing platform. Through this site, you get a glimpse of entertainment, fashion, cooking, and music. The site is devoted on creating magazine as well as catalogs, and brochure books. And, downloading these magazines is also allowed here. That makes this site very fun to visit. The files you see are in PDF format just like the other sites above. Using just the URL of any work from Calameo and you should be able to save the ebook as PDF document.


feedbooks website

Feedbooks is a digital library and a publishing service. This offers free online library ebooks which interesting to read. It supports most of the portable devices like smartphones PDAs, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. Using your mobile device, you can freely read all the books at your fingertips. As mentioned, Feedbooks also works as online publishing. That means users can also upload their own write-up or stories through this portal. By the way, you may also utilize its functions to turn RSS Feed to PDF file which is available in different kinds of formats.

Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg main site

Just for a record, Project Gutenberg has a huge archive of 59,000 free ebooks that can be downloaded. It offers a lot of diversified collection of reading for different kinds of readers. You can find here epub and Kindle eBooks for online reading. There is also a collection of the world’s great literature featured in this platform. On top of that, the books from this website are diligently proofread by volunteers for education as well as enjoyment purposes. Also, the site neither charge any membership fee nor sign up before reading books.

PDF Books World

pdf books world main page

This web portal is also a good platform to read and download ebooks with no registration required. Like the other sites, this is also a mobile-friendly website. Thus, if you want to enjoy reading ebooks using your portable device while having coffee, this site may be a heaven for you. PDF Books World has an intuitive interface where you can easily find all the books you are interested in reading. The collection of ebooks is categorized into sections, namely fiction, non-fiction, juvenile, academic, and novels. Furthermore, all its ebooks can be downloaded in PDF format and offer a free lifetime membership.

PDF Writer

pdf writer app interfaceThere are times when you found something interesting to edit, and you want to share it with others. And the software that could help get this job done is AceThinker PDF Writer. It’s a fully-functional app that lets read and edit PDF files. By using this tool, you can add sticky notes to insert comments, suggestions, add annotations. There are also options for you to modify the PDF file. You can change the format of the text, font size, add image and text onto the PDF file, as well as put links. Besides, you are also given the option to convert the PDF file to a document or image format. On the other hand, here’s a complete guide on how to use PDF Writer to edit PDF files.

Step1 Download and install the Application

First and foremost, download software on your computer by clicking on one of the download buttons below. Then, have the software installed and launch it.

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Step2 Open the PDF file

Once the tool is launched, open the PDF file you wish to edit. Click the “File” section at the upper portion of the interface, select “Open” from the option list and locate the PDF file. Or, you can simply press “Ctrl+O” on the keyboard to quickly locate the PDF file.

open pdf file step2

Step3 Edit PDF

After opening the file, you should now be able to edit the PDF. Click the “Edit” section then it will pull you into the interface that provides editing tools for content and format. Just select a part of the PDF that you wish to edit and choose from among the editing options provided at the right-hand side of the interface.

edit the pdf using pdf editor

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10 Best Sites for Downloading PDF Books

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