The Best OpenOffice PDF Editor Alternative on Desktop and Mobile

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OpenOffice PDF Editor is an open-sourced PDF Editor by Apache. Being open-sourced means that the tool is free to download and use, and can be modified by its users to suit their preferences. This is one thing that makes OpenOffice PDF Editor desirable and frequently downloaded. However, the tool also has drawbacks on its own, because people can freely alter its composition, then it is safe to say that a new update comes out every now and then. This is a reason why it is still recommended to use licensed software because it is handled by a group of experts and gets the right updates every time. On that note, there is a great OpenOffice PDF Editor alternative which can take its place completely. The name of the tool is AceThinker PDF Writer. This is a premium tool that can not only edit PDF, but can also convert, scan and protect from unwanted access and more. To learn more about this great OpenOffice alternative, continue reading below.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

AceThinker PDF Writer is a great alternative to OpenOffice PDF Editor because it has advanced features that are not yet included on OpenOffice. That is why it is highly-recommended as a replacement to OpenOffice PDF Editor. Also, using the tool has many advantages, like aside from basic PDF text editing, it can also add and extract images from PDF documents. Also, the tool costs less than other main-stream PDF Editors like Nuance PowerPDF. This is the reason why AceThinker PDF Writer is the practical yet, efficient choice for great PDF editing solutions. On that note, there are many ways AceThinker PDF Writer can perform better than OpenOffice PDF Editor. However, the main purpose of PDF editors, is to edit PDF documents. And what better way to test out the functionality of AceThinker PDF Writer, than putting it to the test by using its PDF editing features. Listed below are the steps to edit PDF with AceThinker PDF Writer.

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Step1 Launch the tool

Launch AceThinker PDF Writer, and from the home screen, click the “File” tab and from the drop-down menu, select “Open.” From the file explorer window that will appear, search for the PDF document and click “Open” to upload it to the tool.

open the pdf

Step2 Edit the PDF document

Once the PDF document is opened on the tool, click the “Edit” tab from the toolbar. From there, select “Edit text” or “Edit image,” even adding “Links” is possible from the options and then start the editing process. Use the different editing options that are present on the right side of the screen.

edit the pdf

Step3 Apply the changes that were made

After editing content of the PDF document, permanently apply the changes made by saving them. From the “File” tab, select the “Save” or “Save as” options to keep the edited PDF document.

print the pdf

How to Use OpenOffice PDF Editor

Like any other PDF editors, OpenOffice PDF Editor is pretty simple to use because of its similarities to a Microsoft office application. However, the interface has a lot of small buttons crammed into it, making it a little confusing. That is why to avoid confusion whenever using the tool, follow these steps.

  • First, download the OpenOffice suite installer.
  • Initially, the suite does not include a PDF editor, that is why an extension is needed and that is the “Oracle PDF import extension.”
  • Download the extension as well and then run it on the OpenOffice tool.
  • Once the extension is installed, run the tool and start editing the PDF using it.
  • Open the PDF document from the file location where it is saved and make all the necessary revisions and editing using OpenOffice PDF Editor.

Use OpenOffice PDF Editor

PDF Text Editor for Android

PDF Text Editor is a mobile PDF solution for Android devices. This handy tool is capable of editing plain text on a PDF documents from any Android mobile device. Aside from that, it can also convert plain word text into PDF format which is really efficient. The tool is easy to install, because it is available from the Google Play Store. By searching for the term “PDF Text Editor,” the top suggestion will appear. From the product page, click the install button to download the app on the Android device. After installation, launch the app by tapping the app icon and start editing from there. Once done with the PDF document, save the changes that were made to apply them permanently.

PDF Text Editor for Android

iAnnotate4 for iOS device

iAnnotate 4 is an iOS PDF editing application that allows users to edit PDF documents on their iOS device. Also, this is available from the Apple App Store for $9.99, which is a hefty-price to be fair with other PDF editors. Get the tool from the Apple App Store by tapping the “Get” button and choose the payment method. After that, the installation will begin and once done, launch the app. Use the built in editing options to edit the PDF document from the iOS device and then save them on the device.



OpenOffice PDF Writer is indeed a helpful tool for many users. The reason is because it is free, and is an open source application. This is a big deal since most applications needs to be purchased for a price. However, the fact can’t be denied that it does not have all the essential features that a tool must possess. On that note, AceThinker PDF Writer, which is a great OpenOffice alternative, fills in the gap that the tool leaves as a PDF editor. It can perform way better than OpenOffice, and is a lot cheaper compared to other mainstream PDF editing tools. Thus, making this tool a must-have for any workplace PC.

acethinker pdf writer

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The Best OpenOffice PDF Editor Alternative on Desktop and Mobile

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