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Top 6 Open Source PDF Editor

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Top 6 Open Source PDF Editor

PDF format makes reading books easier, especially for those who can’t afford to buy a physical copy of it, because there are lots of PDF tools that you can use for reading and editing PDF files. Take, for instance, using an open source PDF editor allows you to add or modify your PDF file. Also, with open source PDF software, you can save your cost by using it for free. It can be helpful when you need to enhance your PDF, split or merge its pages, set a password, and more. Moreover, you can put highlights and comment on each sentence, whenever you want to point out the essential parts of its content. On the other hand, below are the list of the top 6 open source PDF editors.

AceThinker PDF Writer

In case you are looking for an all-in-one open source PDF editor, we offer you the AceThiner PDF Writer. This tool allows you to do almost anything on your PDF file because you can split and merge pages, add annotations, put highlights and comments, and convert PDF to a different file format, set images, and lots more for free. In addition, this tool is so easy to navigate, because it only requires you a few clicks to do whatever you want on your PDF, and it already shows the editing tools needed for customizing your PDF file on the main interface of the tool. Moreover, you can put security on your self-made PDF, and put permission whenever you want someone to open your file, and it is useful, mainly when the record contains confidential information. To know how to use this tool, below are the easy steps on how to use it.

Step1 Get the PDF Writer installer

Go to the official website of AceThinker PDF Writer to download the app. Also, you can use the “Download” buttons to get the app quickly. Then, install the tool by following its provided steps for the installation.

Try It for Free

Step2 Launch the app and open a PDF

Next, after you install the tool, launch it and open the PDF file by going to the “File” menu, and choose “Open” and choose the PDF file that you want to edit.

pw step 2

Step3 Start customizing your PDF file

To start editing your PDF file, select the “Edit” section, then go to the “Content Editing” on the rightmost part of the tool where you can edit the text of your PDF files. From there, you can change the format, font size, and colors, also the alignment of the text.

open source pdf editor step 3

Step4 Finish editing PDF

Once you are done, you can end editing your PDF file by saving it. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Save” or “Save as,” then select the file location for your PDF.

pw save file

LibreOffice Draw

libre office draw Libre Office is a well-known open source PDF editor because of its versatility to any Microsoft Office formats like DOCX, PPT, PPTX documents, and more. This tool is a graphical editor that can draw shapes, straight and curved objects, and polygons because of its editing tools. Also, Libre Office can not only edit your PDF file, but also allows you to create informative flowcharts, photos albums, and brochures. To understand more about this tool, see the steps below on how to use this tool.

Step1 Download the tool

First, visit the Libre Office official website, and click “Download” to get the app’s installer. Then, proceed on installing the tool by following the installation guide.

download libre office

Step2 Load the PDF file

Next, run the tool, and open the PDF file by clicking the “Open File” button. Then, go to the file location of the PDF and click “Open” to start editing your PDF file.

libre office step 1

Step3 Edit your PDF document

Once you open the file, you can start editing your PDF file by using the enhancement tool that you can see from the leftmost part of the tool’s interface. Also, you can add images and text by using the tool from the upper part of the interface.

editting tool


  • It supports Microsoft Office formats
  • You can add annotations on your PDF file


  • There is no cloud storage


inkscape Inkscape is a graphical vector editor that can also use for editing PDF files. This open source software is a powerful text tool that you can use for enhancing PDF documents, especially when you want to split pages, put annotations, add comments, and more. Also, you can also insert images if you wish your PDF file to look more informative and more precise. See the guidelines below to know how to use the tool.

Step1 Get the installer

To start using the tool, go to the official site of Inkscape and click the “Download” button. Then, choose the platform that you are using if it is Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. After that, proceed on installing by following the installation wizard.

inkscape download

Step2 Launch the tool and open the PDF file

After installation, launch it, and go to the “File” menu and select “Open.” From there, locate and open the file that you want to edit.

inkscape step 2

Step3 Start editing your PDF

You can start enhancing your PDF by using the editing tools from the leftmost part of the tool. You can draw lines, shapes, change colors, put 3D objects, and more.

inkscape edit

Step4 Keep your PDF file

Lastly, you can save your edited PDF file by clicking the diskette icon, which is the “Save” button. Then choose the file location from where you want to keep your file.

inkscape save


  • It is free to use PDF editor
  • Lots of editing features that you can use to enhance PDF file


  • The tool’s design looks old


pdfedit coverPDFedit is an open source PDF editor and library that you can strongly use for enhancing your PDF documents, and it can also be used as a PDF reader. Also, while you are editing your PDF, this tool knows what precisely the sections, phrases, or words that you want to change. Furthermore, you can put images, add texts, and also delete information from your PDF file. For more understanding, keep on reading below to see the steps on how to use PDFedit.

Step1 Visit PDFedit site and get the app

First, visit PDFedit website and download the tool by clicking the “Download” button. After download, launch the tool and proceed on installing.

install PDFedit

Step2 Open the file using PDFedit

Once installed, launch the app and open the PDF file by clicking the “File” menu and choosing “Open.” Then, select the file, and click the “Open” button from the new tab.

open pdf file

Step3 Begin editing your PDF file

You can use the editing tools from the upper part of the app’s interface. You can put text, add images, put annotations, and more. You can also highlight the relevant section of the paragraph on your PDF file.

edit PDF

Step4 Save your PDF file

Once you are done editing your PDF file, click on the “Save” button, located at the upper leftmost part of the tool. After you do that, it will show you a new window from where you can save your edited PDF file.

save pdf file


  • You can convert PDF file in this tool
  • It allows you to put password on your PDF


  • Several feature of this tool are not working

Apache OpenOffice

open office coverApache OpenOffice is another open source PDF reader and editor that most companies, businesses are using nowadays. Also, editing your PDF file in this tool becomes more manageable, because it has a built-in spell checker that can detect typographical errors. Furthermore, you can add annotations and comments on your file, especially when you are explaining something and you want to be precise. Besides, you can save your edited PDF file into different available file formats. Moreover, below are the simple steps of this tool.

Step1 Go to OpenOffice website

To get the installer of this app, go to the Apache OpenOffice official website. Then, choose one of the packages of the tool, that also serves as the downloader of the app. After that, continue installing the tool.

download apache

Step2 Open the PDF file

Once installed, launch OpenOffice, and go to the “File” menu and choose “Open.” Then, look for the PDF file that you want to modify and open it.

open pdf file

Step3 Initiate PDF editing

After you open a PDF file to OpenOffice, you can start editing your file like adjusting the size, putting essential images, and you can also use the editing tools from the bottom part of the tool’s interface.

edit PDF file

Step4 Finish editing PDF

When you are done and satisfied on editing your PDF file, go to the “File” menu and click “Save” and choose your preferred desired location to keep the edited PDF. You can also click “CTRL+S” on your keyboard to quickly save it.

save edited pdf


  • You can easily create information charts
  • It has lots of options to do on editing your PDF file


  • It takes a lot of time before it opens a PDF file


pdfsam cover PDFSam is an open source PDF editing tool that specializes in splitting and merging files, that’s also what “Sam” means from the tool’s name. Also, this tool supports converting of PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Image, HTML, and more. Furthermore, this tool lets you put a password, watermark, create a certificate, and other means to secure your PDF file. Moreover, just like the other PDF editor, you can put images on your text file to add a visual explanation of the PDF. However, you need to pay and activate the tool to access its other unique features fully. On the contrary, we will show you the steps on how to use this tool below.

Step1 Download and install the tool

Go to the PDFsam website to download the installer, then proceed on installing by following the installation steps of this tool.

pdfsam download

Step2 Proceed on opening PDF file

After installing the tool, launch it, and click “Open” from the file menu, then locate the PDF file that you desire to edit or customize and click the “Open” button.

pdfsam open

Step3 Commence on customizing PDF file

To modify your PDF file, use the toolbar from the top part of the tool, you can Create, Convert, Edit, Insert, etc. Also, you can use the editing toolbar that you can see under the main toolbar. From there, you can edit your PDF file like putting highlights, and comments per sentences.

edit PDFsam

Step4 Save your edited PDF file

Once you are done customizing your PDf file, go to the file menu and choose “Save as,” and choose where you want to save your PDF.

save pdfsam


  • You can easily split and merge PDF pages
  • It supports lots of editing tools to use for customizing PDF


  • It lacks customer support


All of the said open source PDF editors above are tools that you can use for your PDF file. They can be used as a PDF reader and PDF editor, and you can also use them for editing PDF documents. However, you might have a problem using those because some of them have an outdated interface, the featured are quite limited, and some are not advisable for beginners because of its sophisticated functions. Contrarily, AceThinker PDF Writer lets you customize any PDF you want and is quite easy to operate. If you are unsatisfied with those free open source PDF editing tools, just try AceThinker PDF Writer.

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