How to Use the Best Nuance Power PDF Alternative

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How to Use the Best Nuance Power PDF Alternative

Nuance Power PDF is one of the most prominent PDF viewers and editors in the market. The key features of this tool include creation of PDF, basic editing, PDF conversion, PDF signing, etc. And it comes with a relatively friendly interface, which help to make all the work easier. However, the program currently doesn’t work well on in Windows 10. If you want an advanced Nuance Power PDF alternative that is highly compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, you can simply turn to AceThinker PDF Writer. Read on to learn more about this alternative PDF viewer and editor to Nuance Power PDF.

Acethinker PDF Writer – Great Nuance Power PDF Alternative

Acethinker PDF Writer is a tool similar to Nuance Power PDF. However, being similar to the latter is not the defining feature of Acethinker PDF Writer, because it is more than a basic PDF editor. This tool has a lot of other features like the OCR feature, which is an advanced technology that can edit printed PDF documents online. This is a new technology that is not yet present on many other PDF editors, even on Nuance Power PDF. Also, the tool is very cost-efficient because it does not require any individual purchase for its features like most tools. With just a single purchase, the users will have unlimited access to all its premium features. Another good thing about Acethinker PDF Writer, is that it allows free trial users to have access to all its features for a limited time.

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How to use Nuance Power PDF Alternative

1. Create a PDF with Acethinker PDF Writer
As a great Nuance PDF program alternative, Acethinker PDF Writer is capable of basic things like creating a PDF document from scratch. This is a feature that is present even under the free trial version, and is not always present on a plain PDF viewing tool. This is essential for people who wants to directly create a secured file document, in this case PDF, right-away. To learn how to use this function and create a new PDF effectively, follow these steps.

Step1 Select PDF Type

From the main interface of the tool, click the “Create” tab, which is the first among the different features from the toolbar. From the drop-down menu that will appear, select from between “Blank Document” or “From file.”

click the create button

Step2 Select the orientation of the blank PDF

By clicking the “Blank Document” option, the setup window will appear. From there, select the orientation and size of the PDF page. Once done with the initial settings, click “Ok” to create the PDF.

create the pdf file

2. Edit a PDF with Acethinker PDF Writer

Acethinker PDF Writer is an editor with lots of different features. However, the most used editing feature on any tool is its text editing feature. This tool can edit text smoothly and efficiently without having to convert the file into a different format just to be able to edit the text content. As mentioned, the tool allows direct PDF editing, smooth and fast. To learn how to edit a PDF with this amazing Nuance Power PDF alternative, do the steps provided.

Step1 Open the document on Acethinker PDF Writer

To open the PDF document on the editor, click the “File” option from the main interface. On the drop-down menu, select “Open” and browse for the PDF that needs to be edited. From the file explorer window, select the document and then click the “Open” button.

open the pdf

Step2 Edit the PDF document

Once the PDF document is opened, click the “Edit” tab from the toolbar. Next, select which type of editing to do from the right-hand side of the window. Select between text and image editing, and choose from the different editing options available. To apply the changes made on the PDF, click the “File” tab again and select “Save.”

edit the pdf

3. Convert with Acethinker PDF Writer
As an added feature, Acethinker PDF Writer is also capable of converting PDF into different file formats. The tool can convert the file without compromising the content quality fast, and smoothly. There are no pre-requisite things that needs to be done first to be able to convert a PDF. That is one of the reasons why it is one of the most easy to use Nuance Power PDF alternative. Listed below are the steps how to convert PDF with Acethinker PDF Writer.

Step1 Locate the PDF to convert

To open the PDF that needs conversion, click the “Open Files” button from the main-interface of the tool. Then from the window that will appear, look for the PDF document and click the “Open” button.

open the pdf file

Step2 Convert the PDF file

Once the PDF appears on the viewing panel, click the “Convert” tab and the different format will appear. Select one of the formats and then the conversion will automatically commence. Depending on the size of the PDF, the conversion process might take some time. The file will be automatically saved on the PC after conversion.

convert the file


Nuance Power PDF is indeed a decent PDF editor. That is a reason why most people prefer to use it than other tools. However, it is not the only PDF editing application out there in the market. As a matter of fact, Acethinker PDF Writer can go toe to toe with the Nuance PDF program in terms of functionality. On a personal note, Acethinker PDF Writer is a tool that has far more applications than Nuance PDF editor. That is why it fits as an excellent Nuance Power PDF alternative. Overall, Acethinker PDF Writer live up to its reputation and can surely provide fast and efficient PDF editing solutions every time.

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