How to Edit PDF with Microsoft PDF Editor and Its Alternatives

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PDF files are widely-used nowadays because of its stable format. These files are shared without any hassle since users can print multiple copies without altering any of its content. Regarding this, Microsoft Office Word is one of the most famous word processors that allows its content to be converted into a PDF file. However, there are instances users would want to change the contents of its PDF file. For example, students may need to answer questionnaires or fill out any forms for their daily tasks. In this article, you will see how to use Microsoft PDF Editor to edit PDF and also some Microsoft PDF Editor alternatives are introduced for you to do more with PDF.

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PDF Writer – Microsoft Office PDF Editor Alternative

acethinker pdf writer There is a reason why AceThinker PDF Writer is the best PDF editor. This app is an all-in-one PDF editing tool that looks like a word processor. Hence, with its similarities, users can edit texts, and even change the font size and color of the content. Additionally, the PDF Writer allows users to modify and replace images from the file. Moreover, the tool offers an annotation function to spice up your content. The main difference is that unlike MS Word, the PDF Writer can edit a PDF file on its interface without leaving the PDF file.

How to Edit PDF files easily and quickly with Microsoft PDF Editor Alternative

Step1 Download and Install the App

First, click the button below to activate the Microsoft office pdf editor free download. Once downloaded, run the installation process with a few clicks. After installing, the tool will launch on your screen automatically.

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Step2 Open the PDF

Once the tool is launched, click the “Open Files” button then search and select for the PDF file you want to edit. From the target folder, click “Open” to launch the PDF file into the app. Then, scroll down from the pages and determine the areas you want to edit.

search the pdf file

Step3 Edit the File

Now, click the “Edit” button located at the top part of the interface. From here, a new section will appear indicating you can edit the content. Users can either select “Edit Text & Images”, “Add Text”, or “Add Image”. After that, click on the part you want to edit then do any changes you want. Once done, click the “File” button then select “Save” or “Save as” to keep your work.

edit the contents


  • All-in-one office 365 PDF editor
  • Edit PDF files without leaving the file


  • Free trial contains ads
How to Edit PDF in Microsoft Word

Uses can edit PDF files straight into Microsoft Word. First, find and launch the MS Word from the list of your installed programs. From here, click the “File” button then select “Open”. After that, browse for the PDF file you want to edit. Once selected, MS Word will ask permission first to convert the PDF file into a word document file since it cannot edit a pdf directly. Wait until the file is successfully converted. Once done, click “Enable Editing” to start revising the contents of the file. Then, browse into the document and you can now add, remove, or edit texts and images straight from it. After you finished the changes, click the “File” button then select “Save” or “Save as” to keep your edited file.

edit ms word content


  • Most famous word processor software
  • Fast and user-friendly interface


  • PDF file needs to be converted first to a .doc file before editing
Comparison Chart

The AceThinker PDF Writer and Microsoft Office Word allow users to edit the content of a PDF file. Both of the tools mentioned features essential functions. On this chart, it features a comparison between the editing functions, format, and, the availability of each app. Using this, you can decide quickly, which is the better PDF editor from the two. Below are specific comparisons for both PDF file editors.

AceThinker PDF WriterMicrosoft Office Word
Editing FunctionalityAcethinker PDF Writer provides complete editing features. This include: adding, removing, and changing texts and images from the entire document without compromising the format.Microsoft Word needs to convert the PDF first into a .doc file since it cannot directly edit the existing PDF file
FormatWith only one click, PDF Writer can change the entire PDF file into an editable format. Regarding this, users will take control of editing the content without leaving the entire file.There is a great possibility that the format would change especially if the PDF file consists a lot of graphic images and texts.
AvailabilitySince the release of PDF Writer, it already features its all-in-one editing function.The convert and editing function of MS Word only works with its latest version. Specifically for Microsoft Version 2013 and 2016
Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for Android

icon-foxit Luckily, PDF editors are not only limited to desktop computers. Multiple mobile apps have pop up offering pdf editing services. One of the tops of the list of a Microsoft PDF editor is Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for Android which is available for Android smartphones. One of the main functions of the app is it allows users to add, remove, and even change the contents and images on a PDF file. Additionally, users can even create and convert their PDF files using the app. It also adds annotations to make the contents of the document mode understandable. Aside from that, Foxit PDF Reader also protects your finished product by adopting Microsoft Information Protection. This allows users to block any undesired attempts of access by untrusted people.

edit pdf with fox it android app


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Can scan documents and convert to PDF file


  • Needs to subscribe to enjoy full features
WPS Office for iOS

wps office logo For iPhone users, WPS Office is considered as one of the best office apps for mobile with fantastic ratings and reviews. Aside from being an all-in-one word processor app and reader, it also allows users to edit, and add texts and images to its content. Moreover, WPS Office automatically saves the document or PDF file you edited, keeping your files safe if there are any unnecessary things happen or in case the app crashes. Additionally, it also features an annotation tool to spice up the content of your PDF file. WPS Office is easy-to-use, even beginners will enjoy using it. Lastly, this iOS Microsoft Office PDF editor app supports content encryption making your documents and data safe.

edit pdf with wps office


  • One of the easiest Word Processor on iPhone
  • Adjusts special night mode depending on the situation


  • Provides free-trial, but needs to purchase it afterward to unlock the editing feature


Editing the contents of PDF files is too hard before because of their secured format. Luckily, PDF editors were launched nowadays making this task a piece of cake. Regarding this, Microsoft Word is a great word processor software but still lacks some crucial features to effectively edit a PDF file. Another is that it is a hassle converting the files first. Therefore, it is highly recommended to utilize the AceThinker PDF Writer as a great alternative Microsoft pdf editor. Notably, this tool possesses all essential functions users to need to edit any PDF file quickly.

acethinker pdf writer

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