How to Make a Fillable PDF Form Without Adobe Acrobat

Top Ways to Make Fillable PDF without Acrobat

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a powerful PDF utility tool that can be used to create fillable PDF forms. However, the price of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can be a problem because it is more expensive compared to other PDF tools that also have the same features. It is recommended that before diving in and paying for Adobe Acrobat to be able to create fillable PDF forms, it is to look for cheaper yet effective alternatives. Read on to learn more information about these tools, and how to make a fillable PDF form without Acrobat.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerAcethinker PDF Writer is yet another efficient PDF utility tool that is not as costly as Adobe Acrobat. Using AceThinker PDF Writer, users will be able to make fillable PDF without Acrobat and more. One of the many features of AceThinker PDF Writer is the ability to convert PDF documents into other formats. Editing PDF documents is also one of its capabilities, which is why every penny spent on this tool is sure to be worth it. Creating fillable documents using AceThinker PDF Writer is easy enough that a less-experienced user won’t have any issue using it. To learn how to create editable PDF forms without Acrobat, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Writer

To install Acethinker PDF Writer, download the installer by clicking one of the buttons below. Launch the installer afterwards and then follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

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Step2 Create a fillable document

Once the tool is installed, click the “Create” button from the main interface and then choose the “Blank page.” Set the orientation of the new page from the window that will appear, and click “OK.” After the page creation, click the “Forms” tab and then select which option to add to create the PDF form.

create fillable form

Step3 Save the created PDF form

Once the fillable PDF form is finished, save it on the PC by clicking the “File” tab, and then select “Save” and then choose where to keep the document.

save the pdf file

JotForm for Mac

JotForm for MacMac users can also use their devices to make fillable PDF without Acrobat. This is possible by using Jotform on Mac. This is yet another reliable PDF tool that supports Mac devices and can create editable PDF forms without Acrobat. Jotform is a safe online fillable PDF creator that works on any Mac browser. This online tool is pretty straightforward as it does not require any manual labor to those who are in a hurry. Using its premade fillable templates, users can definitely save a lot of time creating fillable PDF without Acrobat. Just visit the official website of Jotform and from the homepage, click the “Create Form” button and select which template to use. From there, click the “Use Template” button to be able to access the pre-made template. To download the fillable form in PDF format, click the “Publish” tab and then select “PDF” from the left-hand side of the screen.

jotform interface

Soda PDF

soda pdf logoSoda PDF is a desktop PDF software which is able to create new PDF documents from scratch. Creating fillable PDF without Acrobat is also possible using Soda PDF. That is why it is one of the most used PDF editing software around the globe. Also, this tool has an online version which can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, making it very versatile. The main interface of Soda PDF is hugely similar to the Microsoft Word, which is why navigating through is easy. Also, the tool supports converting PDF into various formats, and many more. On the other hand, the tool places watermarks on every PDF documents created if not purchased entirely. For those who are eager to try this tool and its full capabilities, it offers free trial that offers unlimited access to its full features without watermarks for a limited time. This is one way to test if this is the right tool for you. Creating fillable PDF without Acrobat using Soda PDF can be accomplished by clicking the “Create PDF from Blank” option. From the editing panel, click the “Forms” tab and use the different options available from the toolbar to make the fillable PDF form and save it on the PC.

create pdf with soda

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor for Android

xodo pdf editor logoFor Android users, there is also a way to make fillable PDF without Acrobat, and that is by using Xodo PDF Reader & Editor. Xodo is a free Android application available from the Google Play Store which functions as both a PDF reader and editor at the same time. Unlike desktop applications, this mobile app cannot create a blank PDF document. This is the reason why a ready-made blank PDF document must be transferred to the Android device, then open it with Xodo. Create the fillable PDF clicking the “Edit” button and from there, start working on the file. The tool automatically saves any changes made to the PDF document to ensure file protection.

xodo pfd reader

PDF Escape for iOS

pdfescape logoPDF Escape is another online application that works on mobile devices like iOS. The tool is supported by iOS browsers, which makes it very convenient. Similar to Jotform, it does not require any installation, so it will not consume any disk space. On the other hand, if there is no internet network, then this tool won’t work. The difference between PDF Escape and Jotform is that it does not have a fillable PDF template, which means that the file will be made from scratch. To make fillable PDF without acrobat and using PDF Escape instead, visit its official website. From the homepage, tap “Create new PDF Document” and set the orientation of pages from the window that will appear then click “Create.” Work on creating the fillable PDF and then tap the “Save” to download the file on the iOS device.

create pdf form


Adobe Acrobat is without a doubt one of the most powerful PDF reader and editor. However, it is still a fact that it is not very accessible to those who can’t afford its full features because of the steep price. That is why it is essential to learn about safe ways to create fillable PDF without Acrobat, and that is by using one of the tools mentioned above. Tools like Acethinker PDF Writer not only provides fast and efficient PDF solutions, but at the same-time is cost-efficient.

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Top Ways to Make Fillable PDF without Acrobat

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