How to Edit PDF in LibreOffice and Its Top Alternatives

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LibreOffice is one of the most well-known open office suites today. In fact, this tool was forked out by OpenOffice developers, meaning they copy its source code and create a standalone software, which is the LibreOffice. This office suite can also make PDF, create a spreadsheet, word processor, database with a mathematical formula, and presentation that you can use for projects. Furthermore, LibreOffice continues to grow, and its developers made this software applicable on Windows, Mac, and they also made a LibreOffice Viewer for Android. However, even if the LibreOffice is free and can be used like OpenOffice, it has its own disadvantages like it lacks collaboration tools, not usable on mobile devices, and it is not an excellent PDF editor. Therefore, we are going to show the best LibreOffice PDF Editor alternatives below that can do the same task, especially for making PDF files.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerThe first on our list is the AceThinker PDF Writer. Unlike in LibreOffice, this tool specializes in editing PDF files, so making or editing PDF files is just an easy task with this tool. It can merge multiple PDF pages and organize it into a single file, and encrypt the password to protect the PDF file. Also, it allows users to enhance their PDF file by putting annotations and markups. With AceThinker PDF Writer, you can edit any contents of your PDF file, because it allows you to add or delete texts on your file. Since this tool is so simple, even non-techy users can edit their PDF file with just a few clicks. On the other hand, we listed the steps on how to use AceThinker PDF Writer below.

Step1 Download the AceThinker PDF Writer

First, visit the official website of AceThinker PDF Writer and click the “Try It Free” button to get the installer. Then, launch it, and follow the steps on installing the tool on your PC.

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Step2 Launch and use the PDF Writer

After installing, run the AceThinker PDF Writer, and click the “Open Files…” button and a new window will appear. Just choose the PDF file that you wish to edit. You can also drag the PDF file and drop it on PDF Writer to open the PDF immediately.


Step3 Edit the PDF file

Once the PDF is open, you will see the PDF Writer’s function tools, simply go to the “Edit” section to start editing. From there, you can use the editing option that you can see from the rightmost part of the tool. You can edit text & images, put new text, and add new pictures on your PDF file. You can also change the format of the text that you are going to add.


LibreOffice Draw

icon-libreofficeLibreOffice also has a PDF editor that allows users to manipulate PDF files, and it’s called the LibreOffice Draw. It has an option to put annotations like shapes, lines, curved lines, and even add polygons to polish PDF files. However, you can’t expect this tool to creative PDF visuals, but you can use it to create or edit basic PDF files. Also, in LibreOffice draw, your PDF file will become an image temporarily, which allows you to edit and export it back to PDF format once you are done. To understand more about LibreOffice Draw, you can follow the steps below.


How to Edit PDF in LibreOffice Draw

  • Visit the official website of LibreOffice, and click the “Download” button to get the installer.
  • Once done, open it, and follow the installation wizard to install the tool.
  • Next, launch the tool, then click the “Open File” button and go to the file location of the PDF that you want to edit.
  • You can choose the PDF file and click the “Open” button, or you can just double-click the PDF file to open it immediately.
  • Once the PDF is opened, you can start editing a PDF file. Use the editing toolbar at the leftmost part of the tool to add text, images, shapes, and lines.
  • You can also add clip arts, adjust the fonts, and add polygon shapes by using the toolbar at the topmost part of the tool.
  • Then, click the “Save” button once you are done to save your PDF file on your PC.


Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

icon-xodoIn case you are looking for a PDF editor for Android device, then Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is your best choice on our list. This app lets you edit, merge, or split PDF pages, set security, and put annotations on your PDF file. Also, Xodo PDF can use auto-sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive to serve as cloud storage. Another good about this tool is it allows you to sign on your PDF file, which can be helpful when you need to send your signature via email for legal documentaries. To start using this app, visit the Google Play Store on your Android phone, and search Xodo PDF Reader & Editor to install it on your phone. Then, launch it, and the app will scan for available PDF files on your device automatically. After scanning, simply choose the PDF file, then go to the “Edit” section and start using its editing tools. You can draw shapes, lines, and text under the “Edit” tab.


GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer

icon-goodreaderGoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer is one of the best alternatives to LibreOffice that can edit PDF using iOS devices. This ten-year-old app is being used by most professionals that use iPhones or iPads. GoodReader allows you to view and add annotations, add new text and images, set passwords, merge and split pages, and organize files for the better reading experience. Also, you can connect to cloud storage like Google Drive,, Dropbox, and more to have a backup file when saving automatically. You can start using GoodReader PDF Editor & Viewer by downloading it on the App Store using your iOS device. Once installed, launch it, and you can choose your PDF file from your local storage or cloud storage. After you open the PDF file, you can edit while viewing by using the editing toolbar at the rightmost part of the tool. All of the editing options like drawing shapes, lines, and add text are on the editing toolbar. Then click the “Save” button once you are done editing the PDF file.



LibreOffice is really a great open office tool for students, business people, and professionals, though this tool does not have all the features for editing PDF files. In fact, all of the said alternatives within this article, you can create, edit, enhance, and protect your PDF files easily. You can choose one of the tools above if you are using Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device. As one of the best PDF editor, AceThinker PDF Writer, will surely help you manipulate PDF files without fail. This tool is 100% safe, clean, simple, and can try it for free.

acethinker pdf writer

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