How to Insert Images to PDF Pages

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How to Insert Images to PDF Pages

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PDF or Portable Document Format is the standard for all types of documents all over the digital world. Every time someone says that he or she is sending you an important document, you can bet on the fact that it will be in the PDF format- unless the sender does not really consider it as important! PDF files give you a range of advantages that other file formats do not- including security, better formatting, digitally signing documents and a lot more.

With all these advantages, there is a certain limitation to using PDF files as well. Editing or modifying a PDF file is not as easy as a word file. And when it comes to adding or editing images, charts or any graphical content in the PDF document, the challenge is only greater. However- you do not need to worry about that. As you read ahead, you will come across some of the best methods that you can use for inserting images in PDF documents.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat reader is the most widely used of all PDF viewers in the market. It offers you a simple yet highly functional UI, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. While it does not give you many options when it comes to editing PDF documents, it does let you add images to them. To do this, follow the simple steps highlighted below:

Step 1. Open the PDF file that you want to edit using Acrobat Reader.Go to the ‘Document’ option located in the Menu tab, and select the button that says ‘Insert Pages’.

Step 2. Once you click on ‘Insert Pages’, it will ask you to browse to the gif/tiff/jpeg image that you want to insert from your computer to the PDF file.After navigating to the specific image file, you can insert it in the starting of the PDF document or on the end of it.

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Step 3. After inserting the image, you can modify the order of the page as well to bring it to the specific position.

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Use AceThinker PDF Writer

If you are searching for a better and more sophisticated method to add images to PDF files, then the AceThinker PDF writer is what you need. An easy to use tool lets you perform a range of editing functions on PDF files. To add an image to your PDF document using AceThinker PDF writer, follow the steps highlighted below:


Step 1. Download and install the tool from the above button.

Step 2. Double click on the ‘pen’ icon to open it. In the startup screen, go to File and browse to the PDF document that you want to add images to. You can also drag and drop the PDF file in this interface.

Step 3. Click on the Edit Tool tab if it is not already open, then on Content Editing. On the add image tab, browse and select the image that you want to insert, adjust its position in the document and that is it!

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