5 Excellent Inflix PDF Editor Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile

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Inflix PDF Editor is a premium PDF editing software which allows users to edit plain PDF text and images from a desktop. Also, the tool is capable of translating PDF documents in foreign language with high-accuracy. Inflix PDF Editor was designed to look like a word processor, so that people who are familiar with such tools won’t have any issues getting used to it. For those who are keen to try Inflix PDF Editor, then use the free trial version and see if it’s a tool worthy. However, once the free trial expires, then it will require the licensed version to be purchased for continued usage, which is expensive. On the other hand, there are other Inflix PDF editor alternatives that are not as expensive but works, if not the same, better. Continue reading to learn more about some of these alternatives, and how to use them.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerAceThinker PDF Writer is one of the most excellent alternatives to Inflix PDF Editor. Unlike the former, AceThinker PDF Writer has its unique interface that is much simpler compared to Inflix PDF Editor. Also, the tool offers free trial version to users like Inflix, but without an expiration. The only difference is that the free trial version of AceThinker PDF Writer has certain limitations to its features. However, that is still a good thing, instead of not being able to use the tool at all once the free trial ends. The tool is capable of editing both text and images, convert PDF into other formats, and organize pages and even add passwords to PDF documents. To learn the steps on how to use AceThinker PDF Writer, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install AceThinker PDF Writer

Get the installer of AceThinker PDF Writer by clicking one of the buttons below. Wait for the download process to finish and then once it is done, launch the installer on the PC. Follow the instructions from the setup wizard to make sure that the tool is properly installed.

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Step2 Edit the PDF

After installation, launch the tool and from the main-interface, click the “Open files” button and choose the PDF document from the file explorer window that will appear. Once the PDF is on the tool, click the “Edit” tab from the toolbar, and then select which editing options to use.

edit the pdf using pdf editor

Step3 Apply the changes made to the file

Once done editing the PDF documents, permanently apply the changes made by clicking the “File” tab and then select “Save” from the drop-down menu. Choose the file location of the edited PDF document from the file explorer window and then click the “Save” button. Shortly after that, view the PDF using the default PDF viewer of the PC from the folder where it was saved.

print the pdf

Adobe Acrobat

icon-adobe-acrobatMany PDF users will instantly recognize Adobe Acrobat because it is one of the most popular PDF tool around. Adobe Corporation is credited as the one who invented the PDF format, which is why when the topic is about PDF, then the name Adobe is sure to come up. Adobe Acrobat works on both Windows and Mac as a PDF reader and editor. A few of the things that it can do as an editor, includes text and images editing, PDF commenting, and digital PDF signing. However, not all features mentioned are included in the free version, as Adobe Acrobat locks some of its essential features if the tool on-hand is not activated with a license. On the other hand, one cannot deny that it is a remarkable Inflix PDF Editor alternative because of the functionality and its reputation. To use the tool, simply download its installer and then launch it on the PC. Once the tool is installed, run it and from the main interface click the “File” tab and then choose “Open.” Select which PDF document to edit and then click the “Edit” button then choose from the wide-range of editing options that will appear. Apply the changes by clicking the “File” tab again and then clicking the “Save” button.

download the tool

Preview for Mac

Preview is an exclusive program for Mac devices. The tool is able to open and do basic editing to images and PDF documents. As a PDF reader, the tool is decent enough, but as an editor, it does not even compare to Adobe Acrobat but can fair enough to make it a worthy Inflix PDF Editor alternative. Preview has basic PDF editing features like plain text editing, highlighting and comment box. What’s good about this tool, is that Mac users doesn’t have to purchase or install it separately because it’s pre-installed on the device free. To edit a PDF on Preview, click the “Toolbox” icon after opening a file using it. After clicking the said icon, a set of options will appear on the toolbar, and from there choose which option to use. Save the changes by clicking the “File” tab from the taskbar and then choose “Save” from the drop-down menu.

mac preview step 1

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

icon-xodoXodo PDF Reader & Editor as the name suggests, is a reader and editor in one. The tool is supported by Android devices, which makes PDF editing very convenient because it can be done almost anywhere. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor has various PDF editing features that is not present on majority of Android devices. The tool is capable of adding comments, erasing and adding text, cropping a part of the page and more. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is available from the Google Play Store for free. Just launch the Google Play Store from any Android device, and then from the search bar search for “Xodo PDF Reader & Editor” and then tap the “Install” button. After that, launch the app and open the PDF document using it. From the viewing panel, tap the “Pen” icon from the floating toolbar, and then choose among the different PDF editing options available. The app automatically saves any changes made on the PDF documents afterwards.

edit pdf

Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS

icon-adobe-acrobatAside from desktop, Adobe Acrobat Reader also works on mobile devices, particularly on iOS devices. Like the desktop version, the tool is free to download and install on the device as a PDF reader alone. However, for extra features like PDF editor, in-app purchases must be availed. Adobe did not leave anything behind for its iOS version, because everything including high-performance editing options like cropping, comment making, and even image editing are included. Like any other Apple application, the tool is available from the Apple App Store for free. To edit a PDF document on iOS with Adobe Acrobat Reader, launch the app and then open a PDF using it. Tap the “Tool” button next, and then select one of the available options under the tab. The tool automatically saves the changes that are being made on the document.

adobe acrobat ios


Inlix PDF Editor is indeed easier to use compared to other mainstream PDF editing tools. However, ease of use is not the only deciding factor to call the best tool out there. This is proven by the tools that were mentioned above, because not only did they prove to be more straightforward in operation compared to Inflix PDF Editor, but are more efficient and powerful in specs. AceThinker PDF Writer is a good example, because it has an easy to understand interface, but has the power of three Inflix PDF Editor combined, in terms of editing features. Truly a wonderful tool to have, AceThinker PDF Writer will surely benefit a lot of people with PDF editing needs.

acethinker pdf writer

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5 Excellent Inflix PDF Editor Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile

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