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How to Highlight Text in PDF File

Last updated on June 1, 2017 by Cindy Smith

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How to Highlight Text in PDF File

Portable Document Files (PDF) format is the standard for book reading on electronic devices, somehow few amazing features are still anonymous to most of us. By simply using the built-in commands and buttons provided by most PDF viewer tools and software similar to what we can do in Microsoft Word, you can edit, replace, add, or remove files or a part of a text in any PDF file.

Sometimes it’s necessary to highlight text in PDF. For students and businessmen, highlighting portions of a project manual, book or proposal is essential. For bloggers, it would be impossible without the PDF markers and highlighters to find any key text or paragraph from a 50,000-word document without marking it in the midst of writing a blog post or an eBook. Here are few essential and easy-to-use PDF viewer and editor tools with the highlighting function.

Highlight Text in PDF with PDF Writer

PDF Writer is second to none when it comes to editing PDF books. It is light and fast with dozens of features. A good thing about this PDF highlight tool is that it supports Windows and Mac with all its utilities. Here are three quick steps of how to highlight any text with this PDF editor.

  • 1. Open the required PDF and select Highlight Text button from Comments > Annotations at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • 2. Drag down your cursor and hold the mouse button until all the needed text is selected, release it upon completion of selection.
  • 3. The highlighted text will then be saved for future use.

highlight pdf text

Highlight PDF Text Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe is the most used PDF viewer in the world, it is the easiest one too. You can highlight any text, add comments, or take a screenshot of the required text with built-in Adobe keys. There are three simple steps to highlight any text:

  • 1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Viewer, go to Tools > Select Commenting and Markup > and press Highlight Text button.
  • adobe highlight pdf text

  • 2. Choose the suitable marker color or use the default yellow marker, then from your cursor, select the required text by dragging the pointer around it and release it after all the text is marked.
  • 3. For Windows users, the marker tool also works by holding the Ctrl button for highlighting any portion, Mac users press Options button to use the similar feature. The above method only works if commenting is enabled on the PDF file.

Highlight in PDF with Mac Preview App

If commenting is turned off by the data provider, the Preview App is handy for Mac users.

  • 1. In the Preview App for Macintosh, open the file and go to Tools > Annotate > Highlight Text.
  • 2. Drag your cursor over the area to be highlighted and release it when finished selecting it.

Preview PDF highlight text


PDF Writer is a definite winner of all the PDF viewer apps for text highlighter task. As for Adobe Reader, the highlight function doesn’t work unless the PDF has commenting disabled by default. The Preview app only serves Macintosh users while the PDF editor supports all the PDF documents and can be installed on both Windows and Mac Operating systems. It has the simplest interface alike for beginners and pros, which makes it a clear winner.

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February 10, 2017

Post By Cindy Smith to PDF Writer

Last updated on June 1, 2017

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