Top 7 PDF Reader Review Including Gaaiho PDF Reader

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Gaaiho PDF Reader is one of the most used PDF tools around the world. However, this tool is not perfect because it still has its shortcomings like not having an option to import a ready-made signature in image format for signing PDF. This is a special trait that is a must for every PDF reader, though Gaaiho surely have their reasons for not including this one. Overall, that still does not deny the fact that it deserves to be one of the best PDF readers. On that note, there are still other worthy PDF tools besides Gaaiho PDF Reader that deserves the spotlight. Luckily, some of these great PDF tools are mentioned below with information about the specific tool. Read on to learn more about these great Gaaiho PDF Reader alternatives and have insights about them.

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AceThinker PDF Writer – The Best Alternative

acethinker pdf writerFirst on the list of great Gaaiho alternative is Acethinker PDF Writer. This is a robust PDF reader and editor which is in essence, superior to Gaaiho. One good thing about Acethinker PDF Writer, is that it has all essential features that a powerful PDF editor should like being able to import signature in image formats and others. The editor cannot only edit plain text PDF, as it can also be used to add images to an existing PDF document. Above all, it is much cheaper compared to Gaaiho, with the benefits and perks that you will get. That is why it is considerably the best among the rest, and is worth a try. To learn how to get Acethinker PDF Writer, and how to use it, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

To get the tool, download the installer and then run it on the PC. The tool works on both Windows and Mac, that is why choose from the buttons below according to the operating system of the PC.

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Step2 Open the PDF editor

After a successful installation, launch the tool and then immediately open the PDF using it. By clicking the “File” tab, and selecting the “Open” button, the file explorer window will appear and from there, choose which PDF to open.

open the pdf

Step3 Save the PDF file

Once all the corrections were made, save the PDF file by clicking the “File” tab and then select “Save.”

save the pdf file

Adobe Acrobat DC

icon-adobe-acrobatAnother tool worth mentioning is Adobe Acrobat DC which is part Adobe Suite. The tool is probably the most recognizable name among all the other tools mentioned below. That is because this is one of the most easy to use and trusted name among PDF tools around the world. However, the editor feature comes with a price, because of its popularity. The tool can be enjoyed under the free version, but with limited functions. The PDF reader comes for free, but most editing features needs to be purchased separately. That is why it is not suitable for people who are looking for a cheaper way to edit their PDF file. However, the price of Adobe Acrobat is understandable because of its high-quality output.


  • Trusted by millions of users around the world
  • Responsive customer-support


  • High-priced application
  • Basic reader feature under the free trial
PDF Gaaiho Reader

Gaaiho PDF ReaderAs mentioned above, Gaaiho PDF reader is a reliable tool for major PDF needs. To get the tool, download its installer from the official website. Open the installer from the PC and the installation wizard will appear, with the instructions how to properly install Gaaiho PDF reader. Make sure to follow these instructions to avoid any errors later on. Open the PDF document using Gaaiho PDF, and start the editing process.


  • Free PDF reader


  • Has less essential features for PDF editing
Foxit PDF Reader

foxit iconFoxit PDF Reader is another tool that is a great alternative to Gaaiho PDF Reader. This is a free to download and use PDF reader. Foxit PDF reader, unlike other PDF tools mentioned here is only capable of viewing PDF documents, and not editing them. In order to do so, one must get the Foxit PhantomPDF, which is a separate PDF editing software from Foxit. To use Foxit PDF Reader, just get it from the official website and install it on the PC. Then open the PDF document and that is it. Read the PDF using Foxit PDF Reader anytime and anywhere.


  • Easy to use PDF reader application


  • Requires a separate software for PDF editing
Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF ReaderLast on the list of desktop applications like Gaaiho PDF Reader is Nitro PDF Reader. Like most of the tools above, this one is a PDF reader, and an editor in one. This is a premium tool that offers basic PDF reader functions on the free version. However, for added editing features, one must have the licensed version. If reluctant to purchase the entire tool, then it’s fine to use the free trial version of the tool, where it will allow unlimited access to all its features for a short period of time. By downloading the installer and launching it on the PC, the user will be asked to avail the free trial version. Now head to the file location where the PDF document is located and open it with Nitro PDF Reader.


  • PDF reader and editor in one


  • Free trial duration is very sshort
PDF Viewer for Andoid – Gaaiho PDF Reader Free Alternative

PDF Viewer for AndoidPDF readers are not exclusive for desktop, because companies have started releasing mobile versions of tools similar to Gaaiho PDF reader. PDF Viewer is an example of these applications that functions just like any other desktop PDF reader. This tool was specially developed for Android devices to provide a quality PDF that is free to download and install. For a lightweight tool, PDF Viewer is pretty decent and can compete with most desktop version PDF readers. To install the tool on an Android device, tap the Google Play Store app and then tap the search bar. From these, look for “PDF Viewer” and then tap the “Install” button to immediately download and install the app. Once installed, it can be used as the default PDF reader of the Android device everytime.

Documents by Readdle – Best Gaaiho Reader Alternative for iOS

Documents by ReaddleiOS devices have a pre-installed PDF application called Preview. However, it is not very reliable because it can only function as a viewer. On the other hand, Documents by Readdle is different from any other PDF readers for iOS. This app is more than just a PDF reader like Gaaiho PDF Reader because it also acts as a file manager, which is a feature not available on iOS until iOS 11. Using Documents by Readdle, users can directly import PDF documents from Mac devices making transferring files easier and more manageable.


Gaaiho PDF Reader is without a doubt an excellent tool. However, with the lack of some essential features, it kinds of put it at a disadvantage against other PDF readers and editors. Luckily, there are other tools worthy to use and even rely on to. The tools mentioned above are all note-worthy and even worth trying because they perform extremely well under any situation and whatever the need is.

acethinker pdf writer

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