Ways to Edit PDF with Foxit Reader alternatives

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Foxit Reader is a free PDF text editor that lets you annotate text, add notes, highlight, underline and strikeout text, and more. Besides, you can protect your PDF file by encrypting a password and put your signature in it for legal documents. Also, with Foxit PDF Reader, you can control its pages like combining multiple pages into one or remove unwanted pages. It allows you to add text as comments in PDF documents, but it does not support the ability to edit existing text. In case you want to edit your PDF file with a superior option, we have searched the best Foxit Reader alternatives for PDF editing. Keep on reading below to see how to edit PDF text with the best Foxit Reader alternatives.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writerThe first PDF editor on our list is the AceThinker PDF Writer. This tool allows you to create a new PDF file, edit an existing one, and more. You can also manipulate your PDF like merging multiple pages or split a page into separate ones. Besides, if you need to send your PDF to others, you can polish it before you send it like adding markups and annotations for better viewing. Additionally, you can secure your file by putting a password on it if you are going to send it through email. On top of that, you try the AceThinker PDF Writer for free and start editing it. You can also pay its one year license for a low price to use its unique features fully. To understand more about PDF Writer, see the steps below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Writer

First, download the AceThinker PDF Writer by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Once you download the installer, run it, and follow the steps on installing the tool on your computer.

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Step2 Open PDF file

After you install the PDF Writer on your PC, launch it, and open the file that you want to edit. To begin, click the “Open Files…” button from the lower leftmost part of its interface, and look for the PDF file that you want to edit. You can also drag and drop the PDF file to PDF Writer to open it instantly.


Step3 Edit your PDF file

Once you open the PDF file on the AceThinker PDF Writer, go to the “Edit” section and look at the rightmost part of the interface which is the “Content Editing” tab. From there, you can edit the PDF’s text images, and you can also add text and new pictures on the PDF file. You can also change the font format, font style, and text alignments under that tab. When you are done editing your PDF file, go to the “File” menu, and click the “Save” or “Save As” option to keep the edited file on your PC. You can also click “CTRL + S” or “CTRL + Shift + S” keys on your keyboard to save your data quickly.


Foxit PhantomPDF

foxit reader desktop versionTo introduce Foxit PhantomPDF, it allows you to make a new PDF file with your original content. Of course, you can also read PDF books with this tool easily. Also, you can edit your PDF file, and fill-out forms whenever you need it. Moreover, you can sort the pages of your PDF file, and you can add watermarks, headers, and footers on each PDF file you have to make them more readable. Besides, you can convert digital papers into Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF with Foxit PhantomPDF. In fact, this tool has a feature called ConnectedPDF, which allows users to grant and revoke access to their PDF files. It can also see who opens your document to see if an unauthorized person is messing with your PDF file. For more information about Foxit PhantomPDF, follow the steps below.


  • First, download and install the tool by going to this link.
  • Next, open the PDF file that you want to edit. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Open.” Just look for the data that you want to open.
  • Then, click the “Edit text” button located at the top-center of its interface.
  • To start editing, highlight the word or sentence that you want to change, then type your new text.
  • You can also go to the “Comment” section to put annotations on your PDF file.
  • Once you are done editing your PDF file, go the “File” menu and click “Save” to save your edited PDF to your PC.
AceThinker PDF Writer vs. Foxit PhantomPDF

AceThinker PDF Writer and Foxit PhantomPDF have the same purpose, and it is to read, create, edit, and protect PDF files. They can also control each PDF page from the documents you have. With these tools, you can make your PDF file more attractive and informative by putting annotations. Since these tools are excellent for manipulating your PDF file, you can do whatever you want when it comes to PDF. However, they also have unique features that differ from each other. Also, the price of each of these PDF editors is different. For Foxit PhantomPDF, it will cost you around $128 before you can edit PDF files while AceThinker PDF Writer is only $29.95 for you to start using its unique and advanced features. To see their comparison, you may refer to the chart below.

AceThinker PDF WriterFoxit PhantomPDF
Create and edit PDF file
Fill-out PDF forms
PDF Reflow editing
Compress PDF files
Encrypt a password to PDF
Merge, split, remove PDF page
Xodo PDF

xodo pdf editor logoFor Android users who want to edit their PDF files, Xodo PDF can help you to do it. With this app, you can read PDF files comfortably because you can use your smartphone to do it. Also, Xodo PDF allows users to annotations on their PDF files like adding texts, shapes, lines, and arrows to make their content more informative. Aside from editing PDF files, you can also open MS Office like Word, PPT, and Excel and save them as PDF files. You can also take notes on blanks, fill-out a PDF form, and organize your PDF pages easily. Since Xodo PDF is for Android devices, you can optimize it for tablets and phones to view it correctly. On the other hand, we have listed below the steps on how to use Xodo PDF.


  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Xodo PDF to install it on your Android phone.
  • Then, launch it, and the app will detect all of the PDF files you have on your storage. Just open the data that you want to edit.
  • Once you open the PDF file, click the “Pen” icon button at the upper part of the tool. It will show you its editing tools.
  • From that editing toolbar, you can draw shapes, lines, add text, and images on your PDF file.
  • After you edit your PDF file, click the “Check” icon button that will appear when you edit your PDF file to finish. The edited PDF will be saved on your phone storage automatically.

icon-iannotateIn case you are looking for an iOS PDF editor, then we recommend you to use iAnnotate. From the name itself, this app can edit your file and put annotations like arrows, lines, shapes on your PDF file. You can also share your edited PDF files online. iAnnotate support iPhone, iPad Pro, and it can detect Apple Pencil for you to use. Besides, you can save and create your back-up file on your cloud storage like iCloud Drive, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Since this app is so easy to use, you can just drag and drop the tools you need to its editing toolbar. Also, you can compress the annotating tools to preserve signatures and to prevent accidentally changing it. Furthermore, you can follow the guidelines below to start using iAnnotate on your iOS device.


  • Visit the App Store on your iOS device and search the iAnnotate to install it on your phone.
  • Next, launch the tool, and the app will detect all PDFs on your storage device. Simply open the file that you want to edit.
  • Once you open the file, you will see a toolbar on the rightmost part of its interface. You can use that toolbar for editing PDF.
  • If you wish to edit text, tap the “Highlight” icon from the editing toolbar, and highlight the part that you want to change. Then, type the text that you want to put.
  • You can also use the “Pencil” tool to draw shapes and lines on your PDF.
  • When you are done editing, click the file at the of your screen, and click the “Share” button, and then choose “Upload to Box” as an annotated PDF. The file will be saved automatically from its original file location.


With all of the alternatives of Foxit PDF Reader in this post, you can edit any kind of PDF file you have. No matter if that PDF is a fictional book, educational, or legal documents, you can surely control it with these tools. You can view, create, edit, and protect your PDF documents on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms. Also, if you want to edit your PDF file with lots of advanced options, then AceThinker PDF Writer can provide the best service you seek. Don’t hesitate to try one of the said tools in this article because it will satisfy you when you edit your PDF file.

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