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How to Edit a PDF Document

A PDF document is similar to an image file because it locks-in the format and outline of its content. Technically, once a document is made into a PDF file, it will be only available for viewing as it no longer will be editable. However, there are instances where people oversights a typographical error, or any form of inconsistency within the PDF document. When this happens, people tend to delete or replace the PDF file with a new version of the tool, since you can’t directly edit PDF file under normal means. Luckily, there is a way to edit or correct whatever error there is on the PDF file. Specific PDF tools can edit erroneous PDF content with ease. Some of these specialized tools are mentioned in the list below. Read on to learn how to edit a PDF document with some of the best tools that you can use.

Edit PDF Files on Windows with AceThinker PDF Writer

First on the list of excellent PDF editing tools, is Acethinker PDF Writer. This is a premium PDF editor equipped with lots of essential PDF editing features. Some of these features are the text highlight, adding signatures, and more. Together with the mentioned features, is the ability to edit the content of a PDF document directly. What makes the tool stand-out among other PDF editors, is its cost-efficiency. You will get all premium editing features for the price of one. Compared to other PDF editors, Acethinker PDF Writer is a must-have tool for all your PDF needs. Follow the steps below to edit your PDF files with ease.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

Install Acethinker PDF Writer by clicking button below to download the installer program. After that, run the installer on the PC, and then the setup wizard will appear to guide the installation process. Make sure to follow the instructions of the wizard to install the tool and avoid any errors properly.

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Step2 Edit PDF

After installation, open the PDF file that needs to be edited with Acethinker PDF Writer. From the main interface, click the “Edit” tab and then choose from the different editing options at the left-hand side of the tool. Choose from “Font size,” “Font style,” and even “Text alignment.” This keeps on repeating the process until all the errors are covered and fixed.

edit the pdf

Step3 Save edited PDF file

Once done editing the contents of the PDF file, save the changes that were made by exporting the file. To save the newly edited PDF document, click the “File” tab and then select “Save” or “Save as” from the list of options. Next, choose which location to store the PDF document and enter the file name to finalize the saving process.

save the file

Edit PDF Files on Mac with Preview

Preview is the default image and PDF viewer for Mac devices. This comes together with all the exclusive pre-installed applications for Mac when you purchase the device. The good thing about Preview, aside from the fact that it is free, is that it can edit PDF files as well. However, it can only do basic PDF editing like being able to edit PDF documents directly. For those who want to learn how to use Preview to edit their PDF files, the steps are provided below.

Step1 Launch Preview on Mac

From the Mac desktop, open the “Finder” which is located at the “Dock.” From there, click the “Application” section and then search for Preview manually. A faster way to search for Preview is by using the search bar and then type in “Preview.”

launch preview

Step2 Edit the PDF

Once Preview is launched, click the “File” tab from the toolbar, and then select “Open” and choose the PDF that you need to edit. From the viewer, click the “Edit” button and then choose the type of editing option from the available options. Edit the PDF file according to your preference and repeat if necessary.

edit pdf

Step3 Save the edited PDF

Once all changes were applied to the PDF, it is now time to export it to the Mac device. By clicking the “File” tab, a set of options will appear and from there, select “Save.” Enter the information like file name, and the storage location from the window that will appear after and then hit the “Save” button to finalize the save process.

save pdf

Edit PDF File Online with LightPDF

Last on the list of excellent PDF editing tools, is LightPDF. This is an online tool that works on any operating system. LightPDF is always ready to use as long as there is a stable internet connection in the vicinity. Being a web-based tool is all good and great; however, it has its drawbacks, like for instance if the internet speed is slow, then you won’t be able to use the tool properly. That is the only drawback of using online tools, but if the internet speed is excellent, then there is no need to worry. To learn how to edit PDF files for free online using LightPDF, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch LightPDF

Since LightPDF is an online tool, the only wat to access it is with an internet browser. To directly visit the website of LightPDF, click this link here and it will open on a new tab. From the main screen, click the “Edit PDF” option and then click the “Add” button to upload the PDF file that needs to be edited. Depending on the internet speed, the upload might take some time.

add files

Step2 Edit the PDF with LightPDF

Once the PDF is uploaded on the tool, start the editing process. LightPDF has different editing options that are available to use to enhance the PDF document. The tools include the “Drawing tools,” “Add text,” and others. Once done editing with LightPDF, save the changes that were made by clicking the “Save” icon.

edit the pdf

Step3 Download the PDF file back to the PC

The tool will apply the changes that were made after clicking the “Save” button. Once the changes have been applied, the newly converted PDF file will appear with a download button. Click the download button to get the freshly edited PDF file back to your PC.

download the file


You see, you can use different applications to edit the text, images, fonts, pages, etc. in a PDF document. As mentioned above, the primary reason people edit their PDF files is to correct mistakes that were over sighted. That being said, the tools mentioned above are just some of the best PDF editors that can be used. Among the 3 PDF editors, Acethinker PDF Writer is the most versatile and robust because it works on both Windows and Mac. Truly an exceptional tool, Acethinker PDF Writer can truly aid someone in need of professional PDF editors.

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