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7 Best Cloud Storage Providers Similar to Dropbox

Last updated on September 14, 2018 by Ericson

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7 Best Cloud Storage Providers Similar to Dropbox

Dropbox alternativeDropbox is a cloud storage service. The main advantage of cloud storage services is that you can access and share your files through the internet anywhere. One of the most well known cloud storage service providers is Dropbox. Dropbox is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and it assists you in not only storing your files but also managing them. Users love Dropbox for the fact that it is completely free and easy to use. However, users have been complaining about some data security issues recently regarding Dropbox. Luckily, Dropbox is not the only cloud storage service with such features. Let us take a look at some alternatives to Dropbox that can be used with just as much efficiency. Read on to find out more about the best Dropbox alternatives with a detailed review of each service.

Google Drive

Google DriveGoogle Drive is considered to be one of the most suitable alternatives to Dropbox. I give highly positive comment on it. Frankly speaking, I think Google Drive is better than Dropbox because of several reasons. Moreover, I think many of you have already heard about this tool. Google Drive is a powerful product that is developed by Google. Just like the name, it is a very reliable and distinctive one. Google Drives offers users 15 gigabytes of free storage that is much more than our basic need. Users can enjoy the Google Drive’s good service right away as long as they have Google accounts. Here are Google Drive’s main features.

Main Features:

  • No Storage Limitation – Google Drive supports nearly every type of file format. Such as stories, drawings, videos, photos, designs, recordings and many others.
  • Two optional Plans – Google Drive gives every user 15 GB of free Drive storage space and also other optional paid plans with larger capacity.
  • Best Compatibility – Google Drive offer apps with offline capabilities for every different application, including computers, smartphones and even tablets.
  • Synchronization Service – Google Drive not only enables users to share files privately with others via email of private messages, but also can make these content be synchronous shared with teamworkers.
  • A new way for teams to collaborate – All users are empowered to download, view or edit any particular file you designate at once.
  • Excellent security – Google Drive is a very safe application which is encrypted with SSL and its security protocol is also used by Gmail and other Google applications.
  • Offline capability – The most attractive feature of the offline capabilities. That means there is no need to care about the network condition. You can get access to your files whenever and wherever possible.
  • Multiple file formats – Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Office suite that permits collaborative editing.


Objectively speaking, Google Drive is definitely a good-value product that is far much better than Dropbox and others. The following part is the price list of Google Drive.

  • Free for 15 GB unified storage
  • $1.99 per month for 100 GB
  • $ 9.99 per month for 1 TB
  • $ 99.99 per month for 10 TB

It is much cheaper than its competitors like Dropbox at the time. You can also upgrade your storage capacity to higher pricing scheme which you can find on its website.


BoxdriveAre you still desperately trying to find out a helpful product as Dropbox? Have you even heard about Box? It is really a very suitable Dropbox alternative.Box is created to meet different needs of different people. No matter you are a businessman or a common person. Compared with other applications, Box has many incomparable features. Users are enabled to share files, edit online and even synchronize documents. Besides, its intuitive interface makes it much easier to operate. Box also has many other features that make it different from other competitors. Some of its main features are listed in the following part.

Main Features:

  • 10 GB free cloud storage
  • Highly secure operating system
  • Synchronized access to shared resources among all its applications
  • Wide compatibility with Google Docs, Office 360 and many others.
  • Real-time collaboration on sharing documents
  • Other features like Box Notes, Comments, File Preview, Tasks and many more.


The service plan of Box is very different from all its competitors. Box has made three service plans which includes Platform Plan, Business Plan, and Individual Plan.
Each plan is combined with respective price lists. Apart from the free package, another hot one is Business Plan. Every user can get 10 GB free cloud storage at first. However, it has the restriction of uploading. Users can only upload 250 MB documents at no cost.

Let’s view some detailed information about these plans.

  • $ 4 per month for 100 GB storage and 2 GB for uploading in Starter Plan.
  • $ 12 per month for unlimited storage and 5 GB for uploading in Business

There is also an Enterprise Plan, which is really the best choice for large companies. A lot of additional permissions are supported in this plan, but if you want to use it, you have to get contact with its developers. Plan.

Microsoft OneDrive

microsoftdriveMicrosoft OneDrive is also a popular Dropbox alternative that worth mentioning. It is regarded as a very powerful alternative. The most attractive feature is the multiple functions it provides. Some of its main features are listed below.

Main Features:

  • It provides 5 GB of storage space free of charge.
  • Different from other competitors, OneDrive’s high security enables its users to get access to other shared contents at once.
  • It has wide compatibility with Android Apps, Computers, tablets and many others.
  • It supports offline operations and multi-page scanning function.
  • There are also many other features, such as editing, syncing, searching and discovering files online and others.


The same as Box, Microsoft OneDrive provides three different service plans as well. Free plan ensures its users 5 GB cloud storage at no cost. In addition, there are also another two service plans respectively suitable for personal and commercial purpose. Every scheme is combined with different features. Let’s see the detailed information about charges in these plans.

  • $ 99.99 per year for 5 TB cloud storage which can be divided equally among five uses and 1000 GB for each user.
  • $ 69.99 per year for 1 TB cloud storage and some additional features.
  • $ 1.99 per month for 50 GB in lower plan.


tresoritdrive The main reason why Tresorit can be included in this list is the high security of it. For privacy consideration, Tresorit is really the best one you can choose. It is much more secure than any other competitors. Besides, it also has many other attractive features.

Main Features:

  • It is an enhanced security alternative to Dropbox. Tresorit’s security system is claimed to be tested by more than 1000 hackers around the world.
  • Tresorit’s service is compatible with many devices, including desktop software, web-based application and mobile apps.
  • It supports remote operations on your files.
  • Simple and secure collaboration assurance.


There is a very big difference between Tresorit and its competitors. Tresorit doesn’t provide any free cloud storage. However, it has a trial version of 14 days, which allows users to try it first. Let’s see some details about other charge plans.

  • It provides two different plans which include a premium one and a solo one. $ 12.50 per month for 200 GB storage in premium plan and the other one is $ 30 per month for 2,000 GB storage which is encrypted in solo plan.
  • There are also three different business plans. They are designed respectively for small business, medium business and enterprise. First, $ 25 per month for 1000 GB cloud storage which is suitable for 2-9 users. Second, $ 15 per month for 1000 GB cloud storage which is suitable for more than ten users. The last enterprise plan is very suitable for more than 100 users. If you want this plan, you need to get in touch with its developers.


spideroacdriveSpiderOak is another great cloud storage for users aside from Dropbox is SpiderOak which was started in 2007. It provides many features, such as a top-notch security of online backup, access, storage, file sharing, device-syncing and others. Some of its main features are listed below.

Main Features:

  • It provides users with top-notch security that will keep the data safe.
  • Users are enabled to have full control over the resource.
  • It is a secure-by-default product.
  • It offers quick and easy online backup.
  • It provides encrypted file-sharing mode.
  • There are many other features which can be found on the website.


As with every cloud storage service, SpiderOak offers numerous plans that you can pick up. First, there is also a basic free plan for users, which means you can get 2GB cloud storage at no cost. Frankly speaking, 2GB is a little bit less than its competitors. If you have higher requirements for capacity, you can choose other subscription plans. Let’s look at some detailed price information about the price plans.

  • $ 5 per month for 100 GB cloud storage
  • $ 9 per month for 250 GB cloud storage/li>
  • $ 12 per month for 1000 GB cloud storage
  • $ 25 per month for 5000 GB cloud storage


syncdriveSync.com is a very good alternative to Dropbox as well. It has many attractive features and a user-friendly interface. The more important point is that it offers more functions than other competitors. Besides, the price of its premium plans is also reasonable. Sync.com is design for all kinds of users, no matter you are a common custom or a business man. It storage plans can meet all your needs. There are a lot of features provided in Sync.com. Some of its main features are listed below.

Main Features:

  • Sync.com provide 5GB free cloud storage for every new user.
  • It supports synchronization, and you can use this feature to sync your files among all devices with its app installed.
  • Its app is compatible with many types of devices, such as iPhone, Android, iPad and others.
  • Sync.com also supports offline operation.
  • Sync.com not only provides users a quick and highly secure sharing system, it also supports multiple file transfer. Any type of file formats can be shared in Sync.com even though the other side may not a member of Sync.com.
  • Users can also choose encrypted protection for sharing, set expiration date and even customize the browse mode like read-only or others.
  • It provides zero-knowledge system and seamless encryption.
  • Sync.com supports real-time backup storing.

There are also much more features available in Sync.com. I am sure this cloud storage tool will never let you down.


Sync.com provides 5GB free cloud storage for every common user. Although many other competitors offer much more cloud storage than it, 5GB is still larger than the one provided by Dropbox and 5GB is enough to meet basic needs for most of common users. If you have more requirements for the storage, there are many other subscription plans for you to pick up.

  • Sync.com offers 5 GB cloud storage at no cost for every user.
  • $ 8 per month for 2 TB encrypted cloud storage which is suitable for individual users. Besides, you can also get contact with its service staff to choose other customized plans.
  • $ 5 per month for 1 TB in business plan which is the most popular subscription plan.

Each plan is not only different in its storage, but also has different features. You can get different features according to the plan you choose. Plans with higher price will be attached with more features. Therefore, please make your choice according to your own needs.


pcloudpCloud is the last alternative to Dropbox in this list. It really worth mentioning. pCloud possessed more than 7 million users and provides tons of attractive features. Besides, it is simple to use and its price is reasonable as well. Some of its main features are listed below.

Main Features:

  • pCloud provides 20 GB cloud storage at no cost for every common user. 20 GB is a larger capacity than the one provided by other competitors.
  • pCloud supports seamless file-sharing.
  • pCloud offers users top-notch security to keep the files safe.
  • pCloud provides encrypted file-syncing and real-time backup.
  • pCloud is compatible with many types of devices, such iOS, Android, PC and many others.

What’s more, pCloud has many more features as well. If you want to learn more details about it, you can visit its official website.


Just like other Dropbox alternatives we mentioned above, pCloud offers a wide range of subscription plans as well. Here are the details about the plans. You can make your choice according to your needs.

  • $ 125 for 500 GB cloud storage
  • $ 250 for 2 TB lifelong cloud storage and it must be paid once.
  • There are also other two annual plans which include a premium plan and a premium plus plan. $ 3.99 per month for 500 GB in the prior plan and $ 7.99 per month for 2 TB storage in the later plan.

Aside from the 7 best alternatives to Dropbox we mentioned in this article, there are also many other alternative tools you can pick up. For example, SugarSync, CloudMe and so on. That’s the end of this article and I help it will be helpful.


To sum up, we have introduced 7 best sites for cloud storage like Dropbox. It doesn’t mean that Dropbox is not good. It is a very helpful tool but it also has its shortcomings. For example, it provides only 2 GB free cloud storage, and it cannot support seamless encryption. All these deficient points make its users go for other powerful sites.

We sincerely hope this article can help you to learn more about these 7 best alternatives to Dropbox and make better use of them. What’s more, you can enjoy a more attentive service with these splendid features, such as multi-file sharing, real-time backup, and seamless encryption etc. Which one you think is the best Dropbox alternative? You can leave a message in the comment box below. Moreover, if you have queries or suggestions, please feel free to tell us. We will be glad if you share your opinions with us.

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