How to Draw on PDF Files

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How to Draw on PDF Files

Undoubtedly, PDF has become the most popular format for storing and transferring files. Have you ever thought of putting drawings on your PDF file so that you can point out all the essential parts of your projects, homework, business proposal, and presentation? That would be possible today because of the PDF tools that are developed and improved. In fact, draw on PDF is a relatively simple task as long as you have a PDF editing tool. Besides drawing shapes, line, etc. on your PDF files, you can also split and merge the PDF pages, put security on it, add comments on texts, and more. Here we will talk about 4 of the most appropriate PDF drawing editor for this job.

Review of Apps

AceThinker PDF Writer

AceThinker PDF Writer is a tool for reading and editing PDF documents. In fact, this tool lets you do anything on your PDF file, like edit, convert, split and merge pages, and more. Also, you can put annotations and highlights on every page of your file. Furthermore, you can put a password, watermarks, and secure permission for your PDF documents safety, this can be helpful whenever you are sending the file to your colleagues. So in case you are looking for a PDF editor that can draw on PDF files in Windows or Mac, this tool is your most excellent choice. On the other hand, below are the steps on how to use this tool.

Step1 Download the app

First, visit the official website of AceThinker PDF Writer, or choose your platform and click one of the “Download” buttons below.

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Step2 Launch the tool and open the PDF

After you install the tool, launch it, then open the PDF file that you wish to edit and draw shapes. To begin, go to the “File” menu, then choose “Open.” From there, select the PDF file that you want to customize and click the “Open” button.

pw open pdf

Step3 Start drawing on your PDF file

Next, once you open the PDF that you want to edit, you can begin drawing by going to the “Comment” section. From there, you can choose “Annotations” for highlighting your text, and the “Drawing Markups” for drawing shapes, lines and arrows. Lastly, when you are done enhancing your PDF, you can save it by going to the “File” menu, then select “Save” or “Save as” to keep your file on your PC.

pw save

Foxit Phantompdf 8 PDF Editor

foxit cover

Foxit Phantompdf 8 PDF Editor is another tool you can use to draw a PDF document, edit and customize your PDF file. With this tool, you can create a new PDF file, edit the existing one, convert any document format to PDF and vice versa, and more. Also, it seems this tool is firmly for enhancing your PDF file, so you can easily put annotations on your file like drawing shapes and lines. Furthermore, if your PDF file contains sensitive information, you can set a password on your record for its security. Those reasons were enough for this tool to be known by professionals.

Nitro Pro 10

nitro cover

Nitro Pro 10 is a tool for making a new PDF, customize, and converting file formats to PDF. In fact, this tool is known as an alternative for Adobe PDF, which is the most popular PDF editor tool, but with a lower price. Also, like the other PDF tools, Nitro Pro can highlight the vital sentence or word on your PDF, it can also set security for your file, draw lines, arrows and shapes, and more. In case you are looking for a PDF tool that can draw on your PDF file, this tool can help you with that because of its editing feature.

Nuance PDF Editor

nuance cover

Nuance PDF Editor is also one of the favorite PDF tools for drawing on your PDF files. Just like Nitro Pro and Foxit PhantomPDF, this tool can put security on your PDF files, and it can also convert various text formats to PDF, and the other way around. Furthermore, this tool supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that allows you to edit scanned files. Moreover, thanks to Nuanceā€™s Dragon Notes, making a record in this tool is easy, because you can dictate your comments into a note instead of manually typing.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat which is the pioneer and creator of the PDF file is also one of the complete PDF software around nowadays. The software allows users to draw several images like boxes, circles, lines, and more. It’s drawing interface is so precise that it also offers a “Pencil” tool that allows users to make free-form drawings accurately. Moreover, users can add or change the colors of the objects or lines being drawn without breaking a sweat. Apart from its drawing functions, it also showcases more services to edit PDF files like adding text and images directly or insert annotations. However, users would need to purchase the licensed version of the software to unlock all of its amazing features.

draw on pdf


Smallpdf is a cross-platform PDF software that is available to almost any device that can access PDF files like computers, mobile phones, and more. Users could choose to download their software or visit their online versions according to their preferences. Regardless, both of these versions allow users to edit PDF like inserting shapes on the PDF file. Additionally, Smallpdf provides a free-drawing tool so they can add lines or forms as if they are doing it with their own hands. Moreover, it lets users choose the thickness of the lines created as they want to. In spite of this, the software only provides limited preset shapes that can be added to the PDF file.

draw on pdf


The next solution that lets users to draw or add objects straight on the PDF file is PDF2GO. This is a web-based app that would not require any installation or registration process to access. Although its primary function is to convert multiple office documents to PDF files, it still possesses a variety of editing functions like to annotate and add drawings to the file. Moreover, it provides several drawing tools to choose, like adding shapes, dashed lines, and arrows. Besides, users could also insert an image directly to the PDF file. One good thing about using PDF2GO is that all of these excellent drawing features are available for free.

draw on pdf

Write on PDF for Android

The last option to draw on a PDF file is Write on PDF, which is available to install for selected Samsung smartphones and tablets. The Samsung phones and tablets that support this app must possess a stylus like Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S7, and more. Using this function it allows subscribers to draw lines or forms instantly as if they are only doing it on a piece of paper. All of the drawn files are also available to send directly through email. Additionally, this pen function even lets users choose from multiple preset types of ball pens and also choose their desired color. Aside from its drawing function, it also enables users to add texts and images into the PDF file.

draw on pdf


All of the tools mentioned above are very useful, especially when you want to draw on your PDF files. Moreoever, with their editing features, you can quickly put an annotation on each PDF file that you want to edit. Furthermore, if you need to split PDF pages and email a piece of it, you can rely on these tools to do those jobs easily. Also, you can merge multiple PDFs into one. Those kinds of features for each tool said above, make them famous and most used, exclusively for professional companies and businesses.

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