How to Delete Pages from PDF Documents

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PDF files are designed to store and share content in a universal format that preserves formatting settings no matter what device the file is opened on. For this reason, editing a PDF can be difficult and requires an additional tool to get even the most basic editing tasks done. Luckily, as PDFs are becoming more and more common, there are more and more PDF editors available on the market, a large number of which are free. Having the ability to delete pages from PDF can be useful when you have redundant or no longer needed content in your PDFs or you want to extract certain pages from for example a book or even if you want to remove blank pages from PDF. There are both online and offline tools for deleting pages and here we will introduce you to some of the best ones available. Read on to find out how to remove pages from your PDF.

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icon-lightpdfLightPDF offers a range of different useful online tools for managing your PDF files. LightPDF is completely free and all you need for it is a browser and internet connection. LightPDF is 100% safe and secure as it removes your uploaded files right after you are done editing them. LightPDF has a PDF split tool that can be used to extract the pages from your PDF that you want to keep and discard the rest. The program features an easy to use drag and drop interface for uploading your PDF file. You can select the pages to be deleted by typing in the exact page numbers or a range of pages. To learn more about how to use LightPDF’s Split tool, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Open the Split PDF tool

Open the Split PDF tool by navigating to LightPDF’s official website and scrolling down to the last set of tools named “Other PDF Tools” where you will find Split PDF, the last item in the first row. Click on the green icon to open it.

Step2 Drag and drop your PDF

Select the PDF you want to split from your computer, and upload it either by dragging the file to the given field in the upload interface or by clicking “Choose File” and selecting the file manually from your system.

Drag and drop your PDF

Step3 Selecting pages to extract

Once the upload has finished, click on “Select pages to extract”. With this you will be able to pick out the pages you want to keep from your PDF file, while discarding the rest. In the given field enter the range of pages or the page number of a single page you want to keep and hit “Split PDF”. After this your PDF will be ready for download.

select pages to delete


  • No additional software needs to be downloaded
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface


  • You cannot convert offline
  • `You can only split PDFs one at a time

sejda logoSejda features arguably the most complete set of PDF related tools. From conversion to editing, they have a tool from every single PDF management task you can think of. The good thing about Sejda is that you can work both online and offline since Sejda has its very own desktop version as well if you are concerned about online security. The free version of the program does have some limitations though such as a limit on file size and the number of documents you can work with. Sejda’s dedicated PDF page delete tool is very user-friendly and easy to use as the pages of your PDF are individually displayed and with a single click you can select which ones you want to discard. Remove pages from pdf online easily and quickly with Sejda. Here we show how you can use Sejda to delete pages from your PDF:

Step1 Open Sejda from you browser

Open Sejda’s official website and on the homepage, under “Edit & Sign” you will find the page deleter tool. Click on it to open it.

Step2 Upload your PDF

Drag and drop your PDF you wish to delete pages from to the given field or if you want to import a PDF from your Dropbox or Google Drive account or from a URL address, click the green upload button to select the files.

Upload your PDF

Step3 Delete PDF pages

Once your document has been processed, he program will display all the pages of your PDF individually. You can remove pages from pdf either by clicking the small cross in the top-right corner of a page or by entering the page number in the field at the bottom of the interface. After you have finished selecting the pages, click “Apply changes” and your file will be made ready to download and share.

delete pdf pages online


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Completely ad-free
  • Files can be uploaded directly from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Desktop version also available


  • Free version has some limitations

icon-online2pdfOnline2PDF is yet another online tool that can come handy if you want to remove pages from a PDF file. The layout of this site is not as clear-cut as the ones mentioned above and figuring out how to do certain tasks might take a bit more time but nevertheless it is a useful site when it comes to converting, compressing and protecting your PDFs. The website supports multiple file upload at the same time, which significantly speeds up your tasks if you want to work with more than one PDF at a time. The website is available in 6 different languages. The guidelines below provide information on how to use the tool:

Step1 Open Online PDF Converter

Open the page from any browser through this link: Upload one or multiple PDFs by dropping the files into the given field. The maximum file size is 100MB and you can upload up to 20 individual files.

Step2 Select pages to be removed

Once you have uploaded your PDF, click the red scissors icon in the top-right corner which will bring up a field where you can enter the number of the pages you wish to keep. If you want to make page selection easier, click on the magic wand icon which will bring up an interactive interface where you can see a preview of each page and you can manually select the ones you wish to keep.

Select pages to be removed

Step3 Process the file

Once you have selected the pages, click “Convert” and the processing of your PDF will begin automatically. When the processing is done, your new PDF will be downloaded directly to your system.

remove pdf page


  • Batch file handling
  • Available in 6 different languages
  • No additional software required
  • Completely free


  • Can be confusing to use
  • 100MB upload limit

icon-cutepdfCutePDF is an offline tool available for Windows that can easily convert virtually any file format to PDF. It works by adding a virtual printer to your computer. Apart from conversion, it can also be used for getting rid of unnecessary pages in your PDF. There is also a PRO version available of this piece of software, but for our task of deleting a couple of pages, the simple version will also do just fine. The program is under constant development, and is updated with new features regularly. The latest being that Windows 10 support has been added to it. The steps below will explain how CutePDF can be used to remove pages from your PDF:

Step1 Install and use CutePDF

On CutePDF’s website, download CutePDF Writer. Run the .exe file to install the program. After installing it, launch the program from your computer. During installation, if you are given any offers, just skip them. Once done, select and open the PDF from your computer that you wish to remove pages from and click Print under the “File” tab. In the printer selection window, choose CutePDF Writer.

CutePDF Writer

Step2 Select pages to be kept

Enter the page numbers of the pages or give the range of pages you wish to keep. The rest will be discarded. For example, let’s say you have a 5 page long document and you want to get rid of page number 4. In the field you would enter 1-3, 5. Once done, click the “Print” button to select a destination for you newly created PDF to be saved in.

Select pages to be kept


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Ad and watermark free
  • Supports Windows 10


  • The process is slower than with online tools
  • Can be difficult to learn if you are not familiar with the concept of virtual printers

icon-pdf2goPDF2GO offers various online tools for managing your PDF documents. With PDF2GO you can compress, merge, edit and convert your PDF all from your browser, which means you do not need to install any additional software on your computer. The sort and delete tool works by generating thumbnails for the pages of the uploaded document and you can select individually which pages to delete and rearrange them in any order. PDF2GO features a simple drag and drop system for uploading your files which makes the process a lot more hassle free. Below is a short guide on how to delete PDF pages online with PDF2GO.

Step1 Open PDF2GO’s Sort and Delete tool

Visit PDF2GO’s official website and under “EDIT A PDF FILE” you will find the “Sort and delete PDF pages” tool symbolized by a scissor icon. Click on it to open the upload interface.

pdf2go delete pdf pages

Step2 Upload and Edit the PDF

Click “Choose File” to select and upload the PDF file from your computer. Once the program has processed and uploaded your PDF, it will display a thumbnail of each page in your PDF. Click the red cross in the top-right corner of the pages you want to delete. Delete one page from pdf or more and click “Save Changes” once you are ready.

Delete the unwanted pages

Step3 Download your file

When your PDF is ready for download, simply click the green “Download” button to get a copy of your file. You can also download your file as a compressed ZIP file.


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop upload system
  • Apart from deleting pages you can also rearrange them
  • Edit PDF can be downloaded in ZIP format


  • You can only edit one PDF at a time
  • No offline version available of the tool

In conclusion, while you might think PDFs are difficult to edit due to the nature of their format, there are in actual fact a wide range of useful online and offline tools that can be used to manage even the content of your PDF files. Removing pages from your PDF is not a troublesome task, and as you have seen above, you do not need expensive professional tools to get the job done, but you do have to find the one that best matches your needs in terms of performance and usability. Apart from the above mentioned programs, AceThinker has its very own full-featured PDF editor called PDF Writer. If you want to do more with your PDFs than simply just deleting pages, PDF Writer is a nice choice.

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