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CutePDF Editor is an online PDF editing tool that lets users edit and modify PDF documents online for free. Originally, CutePDF is a PDF reader that is downloadable but later on decided to add a PDF editor. That being said, instead of launching a desktop PDF editor like the PDF reader, it created an online application. CutePDF is ready to use anytime because it does not require any installation. However, this also serves as a major drawback because there is no way to use the editor if there is no internet connection. On that note, listed below is a great CutePDF Editor alternatives you can use to edit your PDF files.

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Best CutePDF Editor Alternative – Acethinker PDF Writer

acethinker pdf writer AceThinker PDF Writer is a heavy-duty PDF editor that can serve as a great alternative to CutePDF editor. This is a desktop application that can do so much more than basic PDF editing like CutePDF Editor. One feature of Acethinker PDF Writer is that it can directly edit the text, add highlights and even fill in PDF documents. Another thing that makes it an exceptional tool, is its ability to work offline. Unlike CutePDF Editor, Acethinker PDF Writer can be used even without internet network. A handy solution to all PDF concerns, Acethinker PDF Writer is indeed a life saver. To learn how to get and use this tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install Acethinker PDF Writer

To use this tool, one must first get the installer by clicking one of the download buttons below. After download, run the installer on the PC and then follow the instructions that will appear on-screen.

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Step2 Start editing the PDF and Upload PDF to the editor

Once installation is complete, launch the tool and from the main interface, click the “File” tab. From the set of options that will appear, click “Open” and look for the PDF that needs to be edited. Select the editing mode from the list of available options. Choose all the essential options until all parts that needs editing are covered.

edit the pdf

Step3 Finish Editing and Save changes

Once all part that needs to be edited were done, save the newly edited file by clicking the “File” tab. From the menu that will drop-down, select “Save” or “Save as” and select the location where the file will be saved.

finish editing and save changes

Acethinker PDF Writer Key Features

  • PDF editor and converter in one single tool
  • Various essential PDF editing features
  • Easy to remember buttons
  • Works even offline
How to Use CutePDF Editor

icon-cutepdf Like mentioned above CutePDF Editor is an online tool. Therefore, a stable internet network is a top requirement. This is needed, otherwise it will be impossible to access the website of the tool. To learn how to use CutePDF Editor here are the steps how to use CutePDF editor.

CutePDF Editor User Guide

  • From a web-browser, visit the official website of CutePDF Editor to launch the application.
  • From the webpage, click the “Open File” button to upload the PDF document.
  • The uploading time depends on the stability of the internet connection.
  • Depending on the connection, the upload time might take some time.
  • Once the PDF is uploaded, start editing by using the available options from the editing panel.
  • Once done, download the PDF document back to the PC by clicking the “Save” button.

download the file

Drawbacks of using online editors

  • Security issues, since the PDF documents are being uploaded online, they are being stored to the server of the online tool. Therefore, it is not a safe choice for personal and confidential information.
  • Online tools most of the time have limits to their features. Some features are only available for desktop tools.
  • Less customer support experience.
Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

icon-xodo Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is a mobile app that is available for Android smartphones that can edit PDF files quickly. This app is also an all-in-one PDF reader and editor that can manage PDF files without any hassle. To try this app, go to your main menu then find the Google Play Store. Launch the store then type in the app’s name then select it from the results. Tap the “Install” button to save it into your phone. Once installed, launch the app into your phone then let the app load all of the PDF files you have in your phone. Next, select the PDF you wish to edit then tap the “Pencil” icon to make any changes you want.

edit pdf

Adobe Acrobat Reader

adobe reader mobile logo Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS is one of the standard for any PDF software. This mobile app is famous for viewing, signing, commenting, and annotating PDF files. To use this app into your iPhone, go to the main app’s list then launch the App Store. From here, search the app’s name then select it from the list of results. Next, tap the “Get” button to save the app into your iPhone then launch it afterward. Once launched, wait for few minutes to let the app scan all of the PDF files you have in your phone. After that, open the PDF file you wish to edit. To start editing, press the “Pencil-like” icon to access its editing features.

edit pdf in adobe


CutePDF Editor is a helpful PDF editing tool on its own. However, there is still the fact that it has certain limitations that only desktop PDF editors can perform. That is why the list above featured a worthy tool similar to CutePDF Editor, which is Acethinker PDF Writer. This professional desktop PDF editor surpasses all the weak points that an online tool possess while providing greater editing functions. This tool can prove to be more beneficial than using online PDF editors without breaking then bank. Do you know any other CutePDF Editor alternatives that worth trying? If yes, please share it with us by leaving a comment. Thank you!

acethinker pdf writer

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