How to Make a PDF Form Fillable

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How to Make a PDF Form Fillable

When creating a fillable form or document, the best file format that you can use is PDF. PDF is the safest way to ensure that the file will be opened regardless of the operating system. Also, PDF forms can preserve their structure and contents regardless of the language used by the operating system. The old system of using Word documents have a lot of disadvantages that PDF has overcome. For example, when opening a Word document on a Spanish PC, then the Word editor will translate your file into Spanish automatically. However, this is not the case for PDF forms because it can’t be changed without the permission of the author. There are various ways to create fillable PDF and some of them are featured below.

Acethinker PDF Editor

The first tool you can use to make a PDF form fillable is AceThinker PDF Editor, a powerful PDF editing tool. With it, you will be able to create fillable PDF forms within a few clicks. Moreover, it also allows you to add images to PDF, edit text in PDF, insert pages to PDF, add a digital signature, etc. This is truly an all in one tool that is very efficient and very user-friendly. To learn how to use the tool to make PDF fillable, follow these steps.

Step1 Download and Install PDF Editor

Download the installer from the buttons below. After that, run the installer on your PC and follow the installation wizard.

Try It for Free

Step2 Create a blank PDF file

After installation, launch the tool and from the main interface, click the “Create” tab and select “Blank Document.” From the new window that will appear, select the format of the new document and click “OK.”

create the file

Step3 Create the fillable form

Next step is to click the “Forms” tab and start creating the fillable PDF file from the editor. Use the various option provided at the right-hand side of the tool. Once done with the fillable form, you can now save it as a PFD file by clicking the “File” tab, and select “Save” or “Save as.”

save the file


  • Create fillable PDF easily
  • Can create a new PDF file within an existing PDF file
  • Has many free different PDF templates
  • Can convert PDF into different file formats
  • Equipped with an OCR feature
  • Allows PDF protection by password requirement


  • Limited functions under the free trial version


pdfescape homepage

PDFEscape is another tool that lets you create fillable PDF forms. It is a web-based application that offers various basic PDF related functions. The web version of the tool can provide the most basic functions but needs internet connectivity to work. That is why apart from the online version, it also has a premium desktop version which can be purchased. Aside from being able to make fillable PDF, the premium version of PDFEscape is packed with many extra features. Overall, it is a great tool that deserves commendation and is worth to try.


  • The desktop version does not require internet to work
  • More functions for the premium version
  • The online version is free to use


  • Desktop version needs to be purchased
  • The online version depends on the internet connection

Adobe Acrobat DC

download page

The most downloaded and used PDF reader is probably Adobe Acrobat. This is part of the Adobe Family Suite which is made up of different software for different needs. Aside from being a PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat can also edit PDF with its built-in editor. Also, it has a function where it can create a fillable PDF format. However, for the extra functions of this tool, one must first purchase the licensed version from its official website. Be that as it may, there is still no doubt that it is a great PDF tool.


  • Is an all in one tool with different PDF features
  • Used and trusted worldwide


  • Needs the licensed version for other essential tools to work

Foxit PDF Reader

foxit homepage

The next option is Foxit PDF Reader, which is comparable to Adobe Acrobat in terms of functionality. The tool itself is so efficient that it became a top competitor of one of the best PDF reader. Aside from being a great PDF reader, you can also use Foxit PDF Editor to make fillable PDF forms, annotate and share your PDF documents, protect and sign PDFs, etc. What’s best about it, is that you can download it for free anytime.


  • Free to download and use
  • Can access essential functions for free


  • Used to have malware in its previous versions


formdesk homepage

Lastly, there is Formdesk which is a great online tool. Formdesk not only can create fillable PDF forms online, it can also edit ready-made PDF files. Although the service is not absolutely for free because the free trial lasts for three months only. After that, you must need to choose a plan and subscribe to them. Overall, three months is a long time period and you can maximize the use of the service during that time.


  • The free trial is for three months


  • The free trial is not renewable


The above mentioned tools are all deserving and worthy to try. By being able to know what tools you can use to learn how to create fillable PDF forms, you will be able to maximize the time to create one. This is true especially with Acethinker PDF Editor, which is probably the most robust PDF Editor among the others present on the list. With its premium features, creating an appealing PDF form will be as easy as counting from one to three. If there are tools that you think deserves to be on the list, leave a comment on the comment section.

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