How to Combine PDF Files into One

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How to Combine PDF Files into One

combine pdf files

Having a PDF file is nice and all, but it can also make the experience a little hard if you are uncertain whether you should keep a lot of info into a single or split it in multiple other files. The option is there for you to make and you can get some great results this way. What you need to do here is to understand that PDF files can be combined within a larger file at a later time, so having them split at first is not a problem.

There are many times when you might need to combine PDF in the first place. Either you are writing an ebook and you wrote the chapters into separate PDF files or you want to arrange your documents, this option can be great. It can also be better if you have a presentation on multiple chapters and you want to print it out as a single file instead of multiple smaller ones. These are all great options that will help offer you value and outstanding experiences. With that in mind, here are the best 3 solutions that you can use in this regard.

Use AceThinker PDF Writer

With help from Acethinker PDF Writer you have the ability to combine multiple PDF files in order to create a larger file from them. It’s a very interesting and useful ability that will help in all those situations when you do need to form a larger PDF file from a smaller one. Obviously there’s always a lot of value to be had here and all you have to do is to unlock it.

You should know that the entire process of merging 2 PDF files with Acethinker PDF Writer is actually very simple and you are definitely going to enjoy doing such a thing. The steps you need to go through are:

Step 1. Open the original PDF

Step 2. Enter VIEW/EDITING TOOLS/PAGES and then select the Insert From File option from the Pages menu.

Step 3. You will be able to choose where you can add the second PDF and also modify a few important features at your own convenience.

combine pdf files

The entire process is very simple and designed to offer all the value and attention to detail that you always wanted. It’s fast, professional and very convenient which does help you get the outcome you need without using convoluted and unprofessional tools. Once you use Acethinker PDF Writer you will be able to make the initial PDF longer and you do have the necessary options to customize your experience as you see fit.

In case you need, the app also allows you to delete portions of the initial PDF file, replace them as well as split the document, crop or rotate them. These are vital options for some and they do manage to bring you a very good value and experience at all times which is why you should consider giving them a shot right away.


– Very easy to use, great features to work with and it allows you to modify the way you add the PDF. You have the ultimate convenience in your own hands.


– You can’t see a preview of the result.

Use PDF Joiner Online

PDF Joiner is one of those online apps that you use once and which does a good job. It requires you to either drag and drop or download the files and the results you get a nice. The app is designed to be minimalist so you don’t really get to choose how the merging process takes place. This can be a bad thing if you want more control over the entire experience.

Also, with PDF joiner you don’t really have the ability to do anything else other than download the final result. There is no way to modify it so the feature set is rather limited here which might be a downside for some. On the other hand if you are a fan of PDF tools then you will certainly appreciate the great quality and results offered here, you can rest assured of that. It’s a simple tool that you can use online and while it’s a minimalist tool, it does wonders with the stuff it sets to do in the first place. Overall, a great tool and a refined app for sure.


– Simple and easy to use


– The minimalist design doesn’t offer any features other than a merging process on which you do not have that much of a control.

Use Mac Preview

If you are on a Mac, then using Preview can be a good idea. What you have to do here is to select the documents that you have either on your desktop or in the Finder, and then you have to group all those documents together. Load all the PDF files and then enable the sidebar from Preview so that you can see them properly. You will need to arrange them in the desired order. Once you do that, you can press File and then choose Save As then the new PDF file will be created as per your instructions.

mac preview


The entire process of combining and using PDF files here is not as hard as you would expect and it can provide you with a very good value in the end. It all comes down to you to try out all of these solutions in order to see which one works great for you. But as you can expect, not all manage to provide you with the ultimate value.

Out of the entire bunch, Acethinker PDF Writer manages to offer you all the features and attention to detail that you might need. It’s great to use, manages to offer you a very good value and at the same time it has a very simplistic interface. Acethinker PDF Writer offers all the tools you need in order to work with a PDF file the right way and it will work very well. All you have to do is to try it out and the end results will be nothing short of amazing all the time. Remember that a good attention to detail does pay off and with these tools you do get it so check them out and see which one suits your needs!

October 25, 2016
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Last updated on June 1, 2017

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