Bullzip PDF Printer and Alternative – Review with Tips

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Bullzip PDF Printer is like an extension that allows users to use almost any Microsoft application into a PDF creator and printer. This is a reliable tool that enables users to immediately create PDF documents which is like taking a screenshot. The tool is free to download and use, but has its limitations like only allowing ten users for the business version of the tool. On that note, despite being free, there are features that can be obtained by purchasing a licensed version of the tool. This is troublesome because it means that some essential features are not included on the free version of the tool. And there is no Bullzip PDF Printer Mac version. Luckily, there are some great Bullzip PDF Printer alternatives for both Mac and Windows. Read on to learn more about its alternative, and how to use Bullzip PDF Printer to print PDf files.

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AceThinker PDF Writer

Mentioned first is a great alternative to Bullzip PDF Printer, which is AceThinker PDF Writer. This is a tool that is free to use like Bullzip PDF Printer, but with more features. One feature that it possess that it is able to create PDF forms easily and efficiently. That is what makes AceThinker PDF Writer a great alternative to Bullzip PDF Printer. However, the tool also has its limitations for its free use but that is only about the duration of the free version. The thing with this tool, is that it allows the users to have access to all its features under the free version for a certain period of time. Once the free trial is over, some features will still be available, therefore not majorly affecting any previous work. On that note, below are the steps how to use AceThinker PDF Writer.

Step1 Install AceThinker PDF Writer

To install AceThinker PDF Writer, click one of the download buttons below to download its installer. Shortly after that, launch the installer and the setup wizard will appear. From there, proceed to the installation by following the instructions that will appear from the wizard.

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win xp win7810

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Step2 Open the PDF document

Once AceThinker PDF Writer is installed, use it to open an existing PDF. Another way to use it is to create a new PDF document from scratch. This feature is included in the free version of the tool.

launch the app

Step3 Save and print the PDF document

After using the tool, save the changes made to a PDF or the created PDF as a new document by clicking the “File” tab and then selecting “Save.” On the other hand, to have a hard copy of the PDF document, directly print the file by selecting “Print” instead.

print the pdf

AceThinker PDF Writer VS Bullzip PDF Printer

AceThinker PDF Writer and Bullzip PDF Printer may be able to print out PDF documents, but the similarity stops there. The thing is, AceThinker PDF Writer is more than just a PDF printing tool, unlike Bullzip PDF Printer. AceThinker PDF Writer is a PDF converter, editor and printer in one making it a very efficient tool. Shown below is a detailed chart about the differences between AceThinker PDF Writer and Bullzip PDF Printer to provide more insights about each tools.

AceThinker PDF WriterBullzip PDF Printer
Supported PlatformsWindows & MacOnly Windows
Price$29.95Free but ask for donation
FunctionalityPrint PDF, Convert PDF and Edit PDFPrint PDF
InterfaceSimple, smooth and easy to understandIt’s an extension, therefore it does not have an interface
Other improvementsRegularly updated to keep it working fineUpdates are rather slow, left-behind
Bullzip PDF Printer on Windows

As mentioned above, Bullzip PDF Printer is a decent tool that turns almost every Microsoft application into a PDF printer. Also, it can edit out PDF documents with ease using its PDF editing features. You can follow the steps below to use it to print PDF.

prnt pdf with bullzip

How to use Bullzip PDF Printer

  • Download the installer of the application from its official website, the tool will be ready for installation after that.
  • Once the installer is launched, follow what the installation wizard will instruct and then proceed accordingly.
  • After installation, the tool will automatically open in the background and will add another option to the Microsoft applications.
Lets Print PDF for Android

Advanced smartphones are now capable of reading and even editing PDF documents. Android devices are no exception, because they are the most used mobile operating system. On the Google Play store, which is where Android users mostly get the applications for their mobile device. PDF printers are part of these apps that are supported by Android devices, and Lets Print PDF is the perfect example for these apps. This tool is a PDF reader, editor, and printer all in one amazing tool, specially developed for the Android operating system. Install the app by visiting the Google Play Store and then tap the search bar and search for the term “Lets print PDF.” The top suggestion is the one that is needed, therefore selecting it will unveil the “Install” button which is needed to be tapped to download the tool and install it at the same time. Once the app is installed on the Android device, tap its icon to launch it. From there, select the PDF that needs to be printed out and from the list of available options, choose “Print.”

lets print pdf android

PDF Printer for iOS

Last but not the least, is a tool for iOS device, which is PDF Printer for iOS. This is a tool that is exclusive for iOS device users like iPhones, and iPads. The tool is available from the iOS App Store for a cheap price. PDF Printer, offers mobile PDF solutions like editing, viewing and even printing. This is a wonderful tool to have, for people who are always on the go and uses PDF frequently. To download and install this app on iOS, go to the App Store and then look for PDF Printer. From there, tap the download button of the tool and wait for it to be installed. Once installation is finished, launch it and then open the PDF document using the tool. Then print the PDF using PDF Printer via AirPrint application.

ios pdf printer


There are PDF tools that allows users to print out PDF documents anytime. However, not every tool is capable of doing so for free. That is why featured above are some of the best PDF Printer. One of these apps is called Bullzip PDF Printer which is a decent tool on its own. On the other hand, there are still other worthy tools besides Bullzip like AceThinker PDF Writer which is also featured above. Aside from that, mentioned also are some mobile applications that can do the same job of printing PDF effortlessly.

acethinker pdf writer

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